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RiseOut: Our Vision for LGBTQ Equality

There has been no major legislation advancing LGBTQ equality in New York State since 2011. Our community, more than 1 million of us in New York State, mostly plays defense. A coordinated agenda for the advancement of LGBTQ-affirming policies and protections is absent, and existing protections are inadequately enforced and inaccessible to many.

But just imagine the impact we would make if New York’s LGBTQ community came together, as diverse individuals, organizations and allies, to coordinate our efforts, amplify our voices and articulate our vision of a world defined by equity and justice. The Center is working to make that dream a reality through RiseOut, its statewide advocacy initiative.

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Fighting for LGBTQ Rights

As a founding member and current administrator of the New York State LGBT Health & Human Services Network (70+ nonprofits providing services to LGBTQ community members statewide), we know just how crucial it is to work in collaboration with those who share our values and goals. That’s why, with RiseOut, The Center hosts statewide conversations and town halls with activists, advocates, community members and stakeholders to identify priority issues and reflect diverse perspectives.

RiseOut’s work is grounded in creating a strategic policy agenda with benchmarks for achieving success including policy analysis, forums and enforcement efforts covering the issues that most impact New York’s LGBTQ community. We strive to ensure that current civil rights laws are enforced, that no regressive policies are enacted and that our responsive policy and legislative agenda is advanced.

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RiseOut Bootcamp is a one-stop-shop for advocacy and civic engagement, where people at every level of advocacy expertise can learn strategies, tips and recommendations for how to take action to make a difference for LGBTQ rights statewide.

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