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Fighting for LGBTQ Rights

The RiseOut People’s Platform is a list of legislative priorities created in collaboration with dozens of LGBTQ community leaders across New York State. It is an inclusive, people-centered agenda that reflects our values as a diverse, intersectional community and our goal to create lasting change by fighting to:

  • Advance Equity & Inclusion for Transgender & Gender Nonconforming People
  • Increase Access to Affirming Mental Health Services
  • Promote Restorative Justice Principles
  • Ensure LGBTQ Visibility & Affirmation
  • Demand Economic Justice
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Take Action Now

RiseOut works to mobilize people across New York State to work as change agents, ensuring that the diverse concerns of LGBTQ community members are heard. Find out below how you can participate in RiseOut, so that we are all equipped to be strong advocates for LGBTQ New Yorkers.


Political representation, economic investment and government funding for our communities all rely heavily on 2020 Census data. Sign the pledge to be counted and let’s work together to promote inclusion, visibility and full participation by all who live here.

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RiseOut Partners

RiseOut partners comprise more than 30 LGBTQ and allied organizations from every region of New York State. Our collective work to advance LGBTQ equality statewide is a broad and diverse collaboration—and together we are already making historic progress.

If your organization would like to become a RiseOut partner, please email


The Center is a proud member of Equality Federation, a social justice, advocacy and capacity building organization serving and supporting state-based LGBTQ advocacy organizations. The Center is also a proud member of The New York Civic Engagement Table, a statewide network of organizations working on civic and electoral engagement.

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