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Navigating insurance is exhausting. Here, you can meet with an Insurance Navigator one on one to find affordable insurance plans that meet your personal health needs. The team at The Center is familiar with private insurance, ACA, NY options and more.

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Kim Morales


NYSOH Insurance Navigator / In-Person Assistor (Se habla español)

Kim has worked in grassroots and mutual aid efforts in New York City for the past ten years: their professional and community organizing work has focused on housing rights, access to education, fair labor practices, and rights for immigrant communities. Their work in migrant mutual aid and with system-involved, t/gnc folks of color has led them to the field of public healthcare; they’re excited to connect folks to tangible benefits that can help support or improve their quality of life.

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Cesar Mendoza Hawkins


NYSOH Insurance Navigator / In-Person Assistor (Se habla español)

En los últimos 4 años, César se ha dedicado a ayudar a personas vulnerables y marginadas, conectando a miembros de la comunidad a diferentes servicios y organizaciones (dependiendo de las necesidades individuales). César ha trabajado como Promotor, Navegador, Educador y Especialista en áreas como: VIH, PrEP y PEP, métodos anticonceptivos y preventivos, otras enfermedades de transmisión sexual, violencia doméstica, servicios legales de inmigración, entre otros. Cesar siente una conexión y compromiso especial con los inmigrantes hispanos, y por eso está aquí en The Center, para ayudarles acudir algún tipo de cobertura de salud en el estado de Nueva York de manera confidencial, gratis y sin importar el estatus migratorio de uno) porque en el estado de Nueva York, el acceso a la salud no es un privilegio, es un derecho.

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Sarah Pomar


NYSOH Insurance Navigator / In-Person Assistor (Se habla español)

Sarah cares deeply about human dignity—and access to healthcare is the first step towards honoring that. She has worked for many years with people from her own LGBTQ+ community, immigrants of any status, people living with HIV/AIDS, domestic violence survivors, and folks who are houseless or with unstable housing. Sarah ensures that anyone she assists leaves their appointment having learned how to use their coverage and who to contact for more specific support. Sarah speaks fluent Spanish and conversational French. She sincerely looks forward to assisting The Center’s LGBTQ+ community members and their loved ones in confidently accessing their healthcare.

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Scottie Roche


NYSOH Insurance Navigator / In-Person Assistor

Scottie Roche has helped New Yorkers access health care and overcome complex barriers to wellness for the past 10 years. They are well versed in New York State of Health marketplace enrollment topics such as projecting and reporting self-employment income, transitioning from marketplace coverage to Medicare, and accessing coverage for PrEP and Gender-Affirming surgery. One of Scottie’s notable accomplishments has been their role in moderating the acclaimed social media group “PrEP Facts: Rethinking HIV Prevention and Sex,” which The World Health Organization included as an important peer resource in its PrEP prescribing guidelines.

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What others are saying:

Access to culturally competent primary care physicians and healthcare providers is often overlooked and needs to be at the forefront of all healthcare providers and facilities. Not having this access creates a barrier to accessing care, especially the type of care certain areas of the community may need, such as HIV services, gender-affirming care, and medications like PrEP and PEP. We take a holistic, affirming approach in partnering with our community members to manage their substance use and sexual health. You can sign up for social groups to build solidarity with your peers, meet one-on-one with our counselors, get connections to medication and health insurance, and more.
Brandy Andrews