About HIV & AIDS

More than one million people in the United States have HIV, and thousands will die from AIDS-related complications this year alone. Since our founding, The Center has been fully committed to providing HIV & AIDS services to our community, 365 days a year.


Sexual health education and counseling


Counseling, group support, and case management

HIV Testing

In-person, on-site testing

Cycle for the Cause

Annual bike ride from Boston to NYC

Free HIV Testing at The Center

As part of The Center’s commitment to the health and wellness of our LGBTQ+ communities, we offer free, rapid HIV testing in-person.

In-person testing is available on a walk-in basis at our building at 208 W 13 Street Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-4:30 p.m. and Wednesdays 12-7 p.m. No appointment is necessary. The HIV testing room is in The Keith Haring Community Wing of The Center. Hepatitis C testing is also available.

Cycle for the Cause

Help end AIDS by joining our annual northeast AIDS bike ride from Boston to New York City. This three-day, 275-mile ride raises millions to fund the fight against AIDS.

HIV & AIDS Support


One-on-one sexual health education and counseling


Group support for people living with HIV


Case management and housing assistance

Get HIV & AIDS Support

Today, we provide one-on-one education and support to help LGBTQ+ people find the prevention methods that work best for them. We also work closely with community partners to provide connection to LGBTQ+-affirming providers where people can access PrEP, PEP, and additional resources needed.

World of Red Ball

The World of Red Ball is The Center's signature World AIDS Day event that uses voguing to honor the perseverance and strength of LGBTQ+ people living with HIV & AIDS. Held annually, the World of Red Ball welcomes hundreds of community members to compete in a variety of categories that underscore our fight to end AIDS.

Anonymous HIV Testing

If you prefer to seek anonymous testing elsewhere, please see our list of anonymous, Department of Health HIV testing sites. Many of these locations also offer free and confidential STD services, although their hours may vary. These testing sites do not require you to give your name or any other identifying information. Therefore, the test results can never be linked to you. If you test positive, they may ask for your name, but you don’t have to provide it.

Partner Notification

At some sites, if you test positive for HIV, you will be asked to give the names of your sexual (and needle sharing) partners over the last 10 years. You do not have to give any names. If you choose to give names, the Department of Health will contact these people to tell them that they have been exposed to the HIV, and urge them to get tested. They will not reveal your name. Individuals are urged to consider their ethical obligation to let others know of their possible exposure to HIV. To facilitate this, the NYC Department of Health offers assistance through its Contact Notification Assistance Program at 212.693.1419.