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At The Center, we believe that any pursuit of equity and justice must include a focus on finances. Discrimination and bias in the workplace and other institutions contribute to marginalizing and oppressing LGBTQ+ individuals. We work to strengthen the personal economies of LGBTQ+ people who have been historically kept from generating wealth.

What to expect

We offer wide-ranging services for LGBTQ+ job seekers, including resume editing, interview preparation, and safe escort to job interviews. Check out our programs and opportunities and level up today!

Start with Center Works

Center Works helps LGBTQ+ young adults (ages 18 -30) achieve professional goals. Confidently enter the job market, advance your career, and become financially stable by working with Center staff to transition from youth into a working professional.

Internships and Professional Trainings

Check out paid internships that are open to youth and young adults ages 13-22 (unless otherwise indicated).