The People's Platform

Community leaders from every region in New York worked in collaboration to develop this inclusive, people-centered plan to advance LGBTQ+ affirming legislation and policies in New York. We also recognize, uplift, and support allied organizations and coalitions that lead on other important community needs that are not specifically addressed on this platform.

Person making a Black Trans Live Matter protest sign

Our Vision

Equity and Inclusion for Transgender, Gender Nonconforming, and Nonbinary (TGNCNB) People

We envision safe, inclusive, and affirming spaces for TGNCNB people that are free from discrimination and violence.

Increased Access to Affirming Mental Health Services

We envision the elimination of barriers to culturally competent and affirming services for LGBTQ+ people living with mental health challenges.

Restorative Justice Principles

We envision accountability through balanced restorative justice practices.

LGBTQ+ Visibility and Affirmation

We envision fair and accurate representation of LGBTQ+ people across their lifespans through consistent data collection and analysis.

Economic Justice

We envision prioritizing the needs of low-income LGBTQ+ people by supporting opportunities that end cycles of poverty, homelessness, and other forms of social and economic marginalization.

What We Advocate For

As we celebrate historic milestones for LGBTQ+ rights in New York since 2016, we continue working toward full equity and justice by advocating for the following policies:

The Gender Identity Respect, Dignity, and Safety Act

New Yorkers who identify across the gender spectrum continue to experience profound barriers to safe environments to be who they are without discrimination and mistreatment. This bill requires state and local correctional facilities to house trans, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary (TGNCNB) people consistently with their gender identities and ensures that correctional officers and staff address people by their correct names and pronouns. It also guarantees access to commissary items, clothing, and other materials that are consistent with gender identities. [A.709 (Rozic)/S.2860 (Salazar)]

TGNCNB Anti-Discrimination Requirements in Schools

Protects TGNCNB kids in New York by ensuring that New York’s public school districts establish anti-discrimination policies and procedures for TGNCNB students. [A.4576 (Simon)/S.1532 (Hoylman-Sigal)]

Our Wins

With support from partners across the state, RiseOut has mobilized thousands of community members and allies to demand that lawmakers advance LGBTQ+ affirming policies.

Passed the LGBTQ+ and HIV Long Term Care Bill of Rights, which ensures that LGBTQ+ elders in long-term care facilities are protected from discrimination by requiring staff who interact with residents to be trained on the best practices for caring for LGBTQ+ older people.

The creation of a Transgender & Gender Nonconforming (TGNC) Wellness and Equity Fund to support organizations led by TGNC individuals and to help foster new leadership through capacity building.

Passed The Gender Recognition Act, reducing the unnecessary barriers and expenses that prevent people from updating New York State-issued birth certificates and driver’s licenses and making legal name changes that further affirm their identities and keep them safe.

Passed The Hate Crimes Analysis and Review Act, which requires New York State to accurately collect and report data on the sexual orientation, gender identity, and racial and ethnic identity of alleged perpetrators and victims of hate crimes.

Prohibited discrimination on the basis of gender identity & expression


Gender identity and expression are now protected classes under our human rights law, and discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, public schools, and other areas is prohibited.

Required all state buildings, including schools, to have gender-neutral single occupancy bathrooms.


All state-owned or operated buildings, including school facilities, are now required to have gender-neutral, single-occupancy bathrooms.

Banned the use of conversion therapy on minors and mental health professionals are now prohibited from using conversion therapy on patients under 18 years old.

Brought state abortion laws up-to-date with Roe v. Wade New York State’s abortion laws now mirror the federal protections outlined by Roe v. Wade, and abortion no longer resides in the criminal code.

Ended the use of the gay/trans “panic” defense in court LGBTQ+ New Yorkers who are victims of hate crimes can no longer be blamed for the violence committed against them.

Protected LGBTQ+ families by legalizing gestational surrogacy. Removed outdated barriers to parenthood, bringing state law in line with modern medical science and legal best practices that have been adopted across the country.

Broadened the accessibility of gender-neutral bathrooms statewide. Ensured all New Yorkers can access public accommodations without fear of discrimination or harassment, regardless of their gender expression or identity.

Repealed the ‘Walking While Trans’ ban. Ended a discriminatory statute used to target, harass, coerce, and arrest cisgender and transgender women of color as well as gender-expansive people for how they dress or for simply existing in public spaces.

Secured funding for the LGBT Health & Human Services Network, which supports 70 organizations that provide free and low-cost, affirming healthcare services to LGBTQ+ people statewide.