A Safe Haven for Support

Even in New York City, navigating life as an LGBTQ+ identified person can present unique challenges that require specialized support and resources. This can include anything from identifying affirming medical providers to securing legal services. At The Center, we offer these services and more in a safe and supportive environment - helping thousands of people live healthy, successful lives.

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Insurance Enrollment Assistance

Get free assistance navigating health insurance options offering comprehensive benefits and preventive care for happy and healthy lives.

Community Casework

We provide a wide variety of LGBTQ+-affirming services, including access to mental health and trauma counseling, referrals to legal services, and connections to housing assistance.

Social Groups

Connect with a powerful and diverse community by joining one of our many social groups, including LGBTQ+ groups that center immigrants, people with disabilities, and ESL.

Economic Initiatives

We offer a wide variety of services for LGBTQ+ job seekers, including resume editing, interview preparation, and safe escort to job interviews, as well as our Center Works program for young adults.