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In addition to short-term individual counseling and referral services, The Center hosts a range of support groups for our transgender and gender nonconforming communities. From groups that discuss gender identity and expression, to emotional challenges, to support in Spanish for the TransLatina community and the family and friends of someone who is transgender, The Center has a group for you.

To learn more about our groups, please visit the Community Calendar.

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Despite legal protections in New York State, the effects of discrimination continue to place trans and gender nonconforming communities at extremely high rates of poverty, unemployment, underemployment and homelessness. The Center provides services to directly combat this inequality, including individual career coaching support, case management, events focused on career exploration, legal workshops and networking opportunities.


The Center also offers free trainings to help workforce and educational service providers create safe, affirming spaces for the TGNC community. Please call The Center for more information.

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It was the constant fight of my saying 'there is nothing wrong with being this kind of girl,' as opposed to, 'well, I'm not a girl.'Nico BerettaParticipant in the "Transgender Basics" video
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  • Transgender, at its most basic level, is a word that applies to someone who doesn’t fit within society’s standards of how a woman or a man is supposed to look or act.
  • Transgender may be used to describe someone who was assigned female or male at birth, but later realizes that label doesn’t accurately reflect who they feel are inside.
  • This person may now live life as a man or woman, or may feel that their gender identity can’t be truly summed up by either of the two options we’re usually given (male or female).
  • They might feel like they’re in between those two options; both male and female; or outside the two-gender system entirely—neither male nor female.
  • In this sense, it applies to those who feel they don’t fit within society’s standards of how women and men are supposed to look and act (gender non-conforming).
  • Transgender is a relatively new word, but it’s not a new concept. Gender non-conforming people have existed in many time periods and cultures.
  • A transgender identity is not dependent upon medical procedures.
  • Some transgender people have surgeries, or take hormones, to bring their body into alignment with their gender identity. But, many do not and that doesn’t mean they’re not transgender.
  • You might think someone is transgender, but this is a personal identity that some people claim and others do not.
  • Wait to see how someone self-identifies (or ask, respectfully) before assuming.
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If you have questions about gender identity or you are looking for information about transgender health and legal resources, The Center is here to help. From self-identified, trans-friendly therapists and healthcare providers to legal services and transitional housing, The Center has the resources you need.


It’s not only our transgender community members who have questions and need support, but also friends, families and partners. The Center offers affirming support through group and one-on-one counseling for those looking to better understand the challenges a transgender person may encounter, or to connect with others in the extended transgender community.

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