Queer Life In Quarantine Project

Queer Life in Quarantine highlights contributions to The LGBT Community Center National History Archive’s LGBTQuarantine Archive Project, an open call to collect stories, photographs, diary entries, artworks and more representing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine.

COVID-19 reshaped social connections

In response to the particularities of the COVID-19 health crisis, the nature of social interaction and the means through which we experience connection has shifted. Some stay connected with those they live with, some meet loved ones in socially-distanced settings, while others maintain or create relationships through digital means. In a period when physical distance becomes a necessity for public health, social lives are transformed. Nonetheless, connection among our communities continues to be a source of hope and strength for many.

Special thanks to Dante Hussein, Caitlin McCarthy and Avery Novitch—and all of the contributors to the project.

Veena Bobba, Curator

Explore the Entire LGBTQurantine Project

At The Center, there are a trio of exhibits showcasing the LGBTQuarantine project. These exhibits are captured and available for your digital exploration.