Box 1

Bobba, Veena
Photos and videos covering a range of topics from personal work including painting, knitting, dancing, and baking to Black Lives Matter protests

Brown, Barry
Photographs and video compilation of daily drag series ‘WERK From Home’

Carmichael, Brian
Photograph of Brian with protest sign, and text “American Perspective” reflecting on personal experiences amidst the pandemic

Clements, Matthew
Photographs highlighting personal experiences and labelled as a “quarantine diary”

Connors, Ruth
Submission form

Costello, Patrick
Video of a stop-motion animation based on “A Apple Pie” by Kate Greenway, made in collaboration with Chenda Cope, Alison Kizu-Blair, and Ben Simon

Duff, S.K.
“Quarantine 2020”: self-published book featuring photos, illustrations, haiku

Edgecomb, Sean
Acrylic painting on cotton board “Mask-4-Masc/Queer Love in the Time of Corona” illustrating folkloric figures social distancing, explores queerness as a surface aesthetic and an encoded narrative

Eklund, Helen
Home video introducing adopted chicks, narrated by Helen

Estrella, Oliver
Photographs of dream-like self-portraits laying in bed, post-surgery and in quarantine

French, Timothy
Photographs for @PlasticsInTheCity on Instagram depicting Barbies wearing masks and protesting throughout NYC; a video dance drag tribute to Paula Abdul

Frisbie, Jake
PDF titled “‘dang’ constant” with photographs, collage, and text reflecting on oppressive structures and the fragility of life

Galletta, Nicholas
Social media posts on topics including: the murder of George Floyd; a tribute to Marie Munoz, principal of PS 20 on Staten Island, lost in August of 2020.

Garmany, Meghann
Poems and journal entries reflecting on personal pandemic experiences, observations about Meghann’s environment, and contemplations about the future

Gordon, Arielle Rebekah
Video time-lapse compilation of Arielle brewing coffee in eight coffee brewing methods as part of her morning routine

Hollonquist, Sarah
Photographs of self portrait and portrait of partner both wearing masks in public spaces

Hernandez, Belize P.
Self-portrait illustrations with handwritten text in pastel, pen, and marker, noting the introduction of masks to the mainstream, a connection with nature, and the lengthening of hair

Hill, Sarah
Paper doll drawing from the film “Goodbye Rebecca & Eileen” related to the experience of top-surgery and navigating the medical industry as a trans person

Holland, Walter
Typed journal entries, texts reflecting on the impacts of the AIDS epidemic and on the COVID pandemic

Johnson, Sarah
Submission form

Kamel, Mena
Tabloid newspaper publication titled Bleach with visual responses by twelve SFSU students to the US government’s treatment of the COVID pandemic

Kargaltsev, Alexander
Portrait photographs with two subjects, sometimes in costume with props such as a bunny costume and holding McDonald’s fries

Katz, Jonathan Ned
Photographs of messages related to Black Lives Matter protests; evidence of a vigil for Marsha P. Johnson at the West Side piers; and a video of a City sign encouraging safety during COVID-19

Kerr, Theodore (ted)
Zine examining the role of a “COVID doula” published by What Would an HIV Doula Do?, and text pamphlet distinguishing COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS

La Raya Fanzine
Illustrated comic strip detailing one of the creator’s dreams about the supermarket and anxiety created by quarantine and the pandemic (in Spanish, English)

Lovendusky, Eugene
Screencap of friends attending Gayme Night on Zoom

Maitri, Jeremiah
Netart website about queer folx accessing information technology communities and responding to the pandemic

Manicato, Chanel
Digital collages of LGBTQ+ flags validating pride with the text “Still Valid With or Without a Parade”

Maynard, Felicita
Self-portrait, tintype photograph in black and white

McCarthy, Caitlin
Photographs taken by cell phone documenting distanced cookie drop-offs with friends

McMullen, Tanner
Print magazine titled Nudie, an intersectional clear-friendly sex-positive smutty art magazine

Meyer, Ainsley
Photographs of a handwritten journal entry expressing anxiety, exhaustion, and hope

Monroe, Bruce
Blog posts reflecting on the pandemic crisis and reminiscing about early experiences in NYC

Myers, Juniper
A self portrait of Juniper in Quarantine

Olsen, Lily
Series of portraits embracing partner in bed, in black and white

Oyler, David
“Mask for Mask.” Collage, 9 x 12 on Black Watercolor paper

Pitkin, Rachel
Painting of a full moon in watercolor

R., Robert
Self portraits, illustrations in pen, and a collage of selfies titled “Slippage”

Robinson, Peter
Digital collage captioned “Love in the Time of COVID-19” consisting of screenshots during Zoom calls with his partner

Robinson, Jordan
Digital illustration of an Ikagi chart and a digital advertisement calling for artist submissions

Ruggiero, Kaitlin
Photograph embracing partner on their couch

Sanchez, Cesar
Collage of photographs depicting the littering of masks and gloves on the streets

Schepper, Peter
Illustrations in pen and marker of performers and characters and a screenshot of a poem about loneliness and isolation typed into the Notes app

Schicker, Matt
Photographs and videos capturing daily life in New York City, along with COVID-related social media content

Setteducate, Tony
Collages covering topics ranging from greed, sexuality, portraiture, among other themes using personal, digital, newspaper, and magazine images

Shapiro, Andrea
Submission form

Snapp, Cassandra
Screenshots of social media content and photographs of moments in daily life

Wickham, Gary
Photographs and video capturing the disruption of normal life during the pandemic in New York City

Wong, Pearl
Photographs of a zine titled “In Quarantine with My Parents and My Partner,” illustrated and written by hand, describing personal coming-out experience

W., Jack
Photograph of self portrait in scuba gear, self portrait post-surgery, and sign mandating mask usage

215-page report using public records to detail legal violations of the Pulse nightclub

Photographs of self portraits in lingerie

Short film (and poster) “Cat Boy and Cheese Girl Shine On.” Created in March, 2020 as “a love letter to Minneapolis art queers”

The LGBTQuarantine Archive Project was inspired by rapid response collecting efforts throughout the library and archival community to document the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on people’s lives. The project was launched in April, 2020, and any LGBTQ-identified person with a connection to New York was invited to contribute. Works submitted were created during the pandemic, many in direct response to it. A trio of online exhibits highlighting select contributions was launched in July, 2020 on The Center’s Google Arts & Culture page, to share the collection and to raise awareness of the project.