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Discrimination places transgender and gender nonconforming communities at high risk of poverty, unemployment, underemployment and homelessness. To directly combat this inequality, The Center offers programs focusing on career exploration, access and advancement, all tailored to the unique needs and challenges of the trans and gender nonconforming community.

We offer:

  • Career Exploration Events
  • Case Management and Client Navigation
  • Legal Workshops
  • Career and Leadership Development Groups
  • Networking Opportunities

To learn more visit or visit our calendar for upcoming TGNC groups and events.

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Women in our communities face serious economic challenges related to gender, gender identity and sexual orientation. While women in the United States who work full time are typically paid only 78 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts, women in the LGBT community face an even greater income gap. This disparity is felt even more acutely for women of color, women of trans experience and those over 40.

The Center offers programs that women in our communities won’t find anywhere else; programs tailored to their unique needs to achieve financial security and explore new opportunities.

We offer:

  • • Connection to women leaders and mentoring
  • • Career trainings and workshops
  • • Promotion of best practices across industries
  • • Networking events
  • • Women-focused programming at our annual LGBT Career Fair

Find out about upcoming groups and events for women by visiting our Community Calendar.

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The Center offers a wide range of services to LGBT immigrants, taking into consideration the unique challenges this community faces. Our free, drop-in support group provides a safe, non-judgmental environment where you can connect with other LGBT immigrants and discuss issues related to living in a new country. We also offer a Social Action Group, through which LGBT immigrants collectively organize events and advocate for the community’s needs and rights. Regardless of your immigration status, our groups are a supportive place to discuss your feelings and experiences.

We offer:

  • Monthly Legal Clinics
  • Support Groups for LGBT Immigrants (English and Spanish speaking groups)
  • Information and Referrals for Legal Assistance, Housing, Education and Job Training
  • Mental Health Assessments and Short-Term Counseling
  • Annual LGBT Immigration Fair and Cultural Event
  • Letters of Support in Asylum Cases
  • Support and Referrals for Immigrants Living with HIV and AIDS

To learn more about our groups and events for LGBT immigrants, check our Community Calendar.

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To help community members achieve financial security and explore new opportunities, The Center also provides extensive resources and referrals for job placement services, vocational and training programs, alternative high school programs and more. Visit our employment resources to learn more.

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