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LGBT Family Services


The LGBT community is a family unlike any other. Through successes and celebrations, trials and tribulations, we have formed unique bonds that go beyond the traditional definition of “family.” As the needs of our community evolve, The Center’s programming and services evolve as well to help you navigate relationships and parenthood. We’ve supported thousands of LGBT families over the years and we’re here to provide services and support for you, too.

From questions about starting a family, to parenting support and networking, to couples/relationship counseling, legal and medical resources and referrals for LGBT families, we can connect you with the information you need.






To learn more, or to schedule a counseling appointment, please contact The Center at 646.556.9300 or email


At The Center, we provide a wide range of support options for families, both of origin and affinity. We all face challenges in managing our relationships, and The Center is a supportive, uplifting environment where you can find the help and information you need to maintain healthy and happy lives.

We provide counseling services to LGBT couples, families, parents and those seeking information about becoming parents. Our counseling services are by appointment only, and are provided by licensed social workers or social work interns supervised by licensed social workers. In addition, we offer a variety of groups on topics ranging from starting a family, to support and networking for family and friends of transgender and gender non-conforming community members, to parenthood support. In these groups, you will meet others who are traveling the same road, and be able to share information about common experiences and challenges so that you may build your own support network.

Support services include:

  • Group support & networking
  • Couples/relationship counseling
  • Family resource coaching
  • Legal clinics
  • Significant other support for those whose partners struggle with substance use

Couples/relationship counseling and family resource coaching services are offered on a sliding fee scale and are by appointment only.

To find out more about specific upcoming groups and events, please visit our Community Calendar.

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As LGBT community members, we often face unique challenges to family building and parenthood. At The Center, we understand that it can be intimidating to navigate the process of becoming a parent. From surrogacy, to alternative insemination, to foster care and adoption, The Center helps our community members explore all options for becoming a parent while guiding you through the legal and societal challenges that you may face along the way.

Because becoming a parent is a major life change, The Center provides a variety of groups, clinics and workshops designed to support you.

Parenthood support includes:

  • Parenthood planning workshops
  • Networking opportunities
  • Pro-bono legal and tax clinics
  • Adoption, foster care, alternative insemination/IVF and surrogacy referrals
  • Monthly Family Play Days
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As lesbian parents, we are already faced with adversities and knew how important it was to have all the support possible. E&S Center community member

“We did some research for LGBTQ parenting support groups and found The Center's families programming. It was such a huge relief to walk into a room with women who were going through the same thing. The journey is mentally and physically trying, and to be able to vent and hear stories from  

others assured us that we weren't alone or going crazy. Also, it added to our excitement about starting a family because we received such encouragement from the group. Our child, A., was born in October and all of this has been completely and utterly amazing, largely because of The Center.”

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The LGBT Foster Care Project is a collaborative project between The Center and the New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS). The purpose of the project is to partner with New York City foster care agencies and ACS to increase the number of homes for all youth, with a special emphasis on LGBTQ youth.

We provide support and networking opportunities at The Center, and host weekly trainings for current and prospective foster and adoptive parents in collaboration with You Gotta Believe! (YGB), a foster and adoptive parent training and licensing organization. In addition to education and outreach efforts to LGBT families who are considering becoming foster parents, The Center also provides support and advocacy opportunities for LGBT youth such as the Youth Speaker’s Bureau, an internship for young people, 17-24, who have experience with the foster care system. We also offer Circle of Youth, a group which creates a comfortable environment for LGBT youth in foster care, ages 15+, to come together, learn their rights, express their feelings, find support and achieve their goals.

The LGBT Foster Care Projects offers:

  • Support, networking and training for current and prospective foster parents
  • Training for ACS provider agency staff
  • Support and advocacy opportunities for LGBT youth with foster care experience
  • Education and outreach encouraging LGBT families to consider becoming foster parents
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The Center offers both personal and professional family resources, from general information about pregnancy, foster care and marriage to insurance enrollment, internships and professional training.

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