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Center Youth: ROAR Final Presentation—Advocating for Gender Equality

March 29 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Join us for an event where the spirit of youth empowerment takes center stage, as our youth interns explore the expansive topic of gender. Additionally, there will be a raffle and delicious pizza included.


Breaking Free: Embracing Expression Wellness for All Gender Identities

Join us in this workshop as we explore breaking down the barriers of traditional masculinity and embracing emotional expression for individuals of all gender identities. In this session, we'll delve into empowering individuals to embrace their emotions, discussing crucial topics like mental health, sexual assault awareness, and dismantling harmful gender stereotypes. Let's foster an environment where everyone feels empowered to speak up and address issues affecting them, paving the way for healthier attitudes and relationships.

Healing Wounds: Addressing Racial Disparities in Healthcare

In this workshop, we shine a light on the intersection of gender and race within the medical system. From the forced genital mutilation experienced by some cultures to the systemic neglect faced by Black women during childbirth, we'll confront the inequalities head-on. Together, we'll advocate for equitable healthcare practices and strive to create a system that prioritizes the well-being of all individuals, regardless of race or gender.

Beyond The Binary: Challenging Gender Norms and Upholding Trans Rights

Join us for this workshop of "Stronger Together," where we explore the complexities of gender identity and expression. From deconstructing the gender binary to addressing issues like cissexism and transphobia, we'll work towards fostering a more inclusive society. Let's amplify the voices of transgender and non-binary individuals, advocating for their rights and dismantling the barriers that stand in the way of true gender equality


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Gender Identity, Skill Building, Youth
March 29
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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