What is Intersectionality?

Intersectionality is the balance between our merging identities and the singular lived experience that comes as a result.

Two individuals standing together.

“Intersectionality” was coined in 1989 by Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw to refer to the compounding impacts of simultaneous racial and gender discrimination. Now widely applied within many social justice spaces, intersectional theory gives language to the complex layers that make up each of us, uncovers where they intersect, and highlights how we then experience the world as a result. Without it, efforts to address injustice, inequality, and inequity will never fully meet the needs of the people impacted. But how can we implement this more inclusive and accurate view of identity?

At The Center, we empower people to live healthy, successful lives. By supporting our community using intersectional lens, this gives us a framework from which to understand how an individual’s unique identity plays a role in how they experience community, power, work, and beyond so we can support them more fully.

We all deserve to have our voices heard, our experiences understood, and our unique needs addressed through relevant policies and culture change.

Awareness in Action

We can create deeply-felt inclusion through authentic connections in our personal relationships, workplace culture, and daily interactions with others—the work starts with each of us.

Steps You Can Take Today

Make a commitment to understanding what you’re getting right and what you’re getting wrong.

Center other people’s perspectives, how they are directly impacted by your decisions, language, and actions, and how it makes them feel.

Meet individuals at their intersections and be ready to respond with action.

Check-in with yourself on how your actions impact others and if you are being an ally, and adjust as needed.

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