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Collection #35

Richmond Morell Purinton Diaries

Date:1922 - 1927
Size:3 inches


Materials donated by Donald Vining, Life partner for 43 1/2 years to Richmond Morell Purinton. The collection arrived in a manila folder was placed into a Manuscript Box.

Scope and Content

The collection is comprised of three handwritten diaries and one photograph of Richmond Morell Purinton. The diaries start in 1922 when the author was 16 years of age. He speaks of his crush on a young man named Murray R. The diaries have also been transcribed by the donor Donald Vining. They contain day to day events in the author’s life, there are gaps in the date entries.

History or Bio

These diaries were written by Richmond Morell Purinton in the 1920’s. In 1922 Purinton was a student at Cony High School, Augusta, Ga. In 1923 he was a student at nearby Hebron Academy. In 1924 he was a student at an architectural school in Boston, living with his sister Irene and her husband Pete Pierce.In 1927, after one year at architectural school and one at Bentley School of Accounting, he was living at home with his mother, widowed in 1923, having a rather aimless, if very social, existence, eventually ran off to get a job and live in New York. This is all according to Donald Vining’s note attached to the typewritten transcriptions. Richmond Morell Purinton was born 1905 also according to Mr. Vining’s note.

Folder List

Box 1

1. [ Typewritten transcripts of all three (3) diaries ]
2. [ Photograph of Richmond Morell Purinton ]
3. [ Teenage Diary c. 1922 ]
4. [ National Diary 1924, Diary 1927 ]