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Collection #4

March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights

Size:1 foot 5 inches


Folders 1 to 24 and 29 to 33 are the financial and organizational records of the New York Organizing Committee for the March on Washington (1987). They were donated by Leslie Cagen in May 1990. She was hired by the Committee to serve as coordinator in May, 1987. As coordinator she retained the records until giving them to the Center Archives.

This remaining folders contain the financial records of the Transportation Committee of the New York Organizing Committee for the March on Washington (1987). They were donated to the Center Archives by David Felstein, a member of the Committee.

Use Restrictions

Names found in unpublished records may be published only if the person is already publicly known to be LGBTQ+, or if the person is deceased. Addresses may not be published.

Scope and Content

Records of the New York Organizing Committee for the 1987 March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. There is considerable material (deposit records, bank statements, fundraising) on the financial records of the committee. In addition, there is material on transportation, housing, speakers and events scheduled. There are endorsements of the March from labor and political figures, as well as minutes from a March on Washington executive board meeting and several steering committees in various cities. There is some correspondence about travel on Amtrak from Congressman Barney Frank, tickets, post cards, and flyers.

History or Bio

The New York City Organizing Committee for the October 11, 1987 March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay rights was formed about a year before the March itself. The national conference that first planned and issued the call for the March was held in New York City in November, 1986. By early 1987 there was a regularly meeting group in New York City to organize a delegation of New Yorkers to join the activities in Washington, DC. This committee continued to function until after the March. The transportation committee was a sub group of the organizing committee.

Folder List

Box 1

1. Petty cash records. 1/8″
2. N.Y. MOW $ (Financial). 1/4″
3. National, $ matters (Financial). 1/8″
4. Gay D.C. March, 10/11/87 #1 (Press releases, transportation schedules, housing, list of endorsing public officials. Minutes of Seattle and Atlanta steering committees and of executive board meeting. Listing of march demands). 3/4″
5. Gay D.C. March, 10/11/87 #2 (Transportation, housing, endorsements, mailing packet sent to individuals and organizations, one poster). 3/4″
6. C.D. (Civil Disobedience). 1/4″
7. Endorsements. 1/4″
8. Fundraising and income. 1/8″
9. Labor. (Endorsers) 1/8″
10. Lesbian/Women’s outreach. 1/8″
11. Mailings, letters. 1/8″
12. Media. 1/2″
13. Names Project. 1/4″
14. Steering comm.; Mtgs. and organizing comm.(minutes) 1/4″

Box 2

15. Wedding; time to shine; other. 1/8″
16. Amtrak. (correspondence) 1/4″
17. Bus information. (pamphlets) 1/4″
18. Transportation and Housing. 1/4″
19. Information packet for The Fairness Fund (Washington-based lobbying group for AIDS funding and gay rights). 1/4″
20. Deposit records. 1/2″
21. Check vouchers. #1001-1100. 1″
22. Check vouchers. #1101-. 3/4″
23. Bank statements. 3/4″
24. Assorted.(Miscellaneous financial). 3/4″

Box 3

25. [Blank checks, check register, agreement, correspondence, checking statements, debit slips, stop payment slips, credit slips, receipts, ticket stubs, memo, financial sheets.]
26. [Correspondence.]
27. 9/27 Preparation [agenda, flyers, photocopies of articles on non-violent civil disobedience.]
28. [Tickets, contact list, postcards, departure location coordinators information sheet, bus passenger sign up sheet, financial report, flyers, correspondence, names project booklet, Out and Outraged program.]
29. [Flyers, notes]
30. [Invoices, financial records]
31. [Flyers, surveys]
32. [Flyers, media articles, committee notes]
33. [Conference participant lists]