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Collection #57

Letters to Ronald L. Baker

Date:1962 - 1963
Size:5 inches


This collection was donated by Alex E. Horton, III. The donor found these letters in an attic and does not know the origin of the letters.

Scope and Content

This collection mostly deals with the relationship between Ronald L.Baker and Edward A.Cofram, Jr. While Mr. Baker travelled during the course of their relationship he received a considerable amount of mail from Mr. Cofram. Mr. Cofram worked in Texas during this time and travelled occasionally to New York to visit Mr. Baker where they had an apartment together.

History or Bio

Ronald L. Baker was born December 6 the year is unknown. Possibly in East Hyde Park, Cinn.,Ohio. He was commissioned as a 2nd Lt. in the Army on August 17, 1942. He worked for a while in Seattle, Washington, Although it is not clear what type of work he did there or for who. What is clear is that he was in a relationship with E. A. Cofram, Jr.

Folder List

Box 1

1. [Correspondence from E. A. Cofram, Jr. – Months of Sept. – Dec. 1962]
2. [Correspondence from E. A. Cofram, Jr. – Month of Aug. 1962]
3. [Correspondence from E. A. Cofram, Jr. – Month of July 1962]
4. [Correspondence from E. A. Cofram, Jr. – Month of June 1962]
5. [Correspondence from E. A. Cofram, Jr. – Month of May 1962]
6. [Correspondence from E. A. Cofram, Jr. – Month of April 1962]
7. [Note written about Ronald L. Baker and a handwritten expense sheet]
8. [Correspondence from other people]
9. [Correspondence from Merrill Wynn]
10. [Correspondence to Messier Baker & Cofram]
11. [Correspondence to Ed Cofram]