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Collection #158

Gotham Records

Date:1965 - 2004 (Bulk 1972 - 2000)
Size:2 feet


Donated by Tom Spahn for the Estate of John Michael Pace.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of audio, video, flyers, posters, publicity materials, photographs and press clippings by and about the musical group Gotham. Also included are photos of Michael Pace as a solo performer and David McDaniel as an actor.

History or Bio

Gotham was formed in 1972 by Gary Herb, Michael Pace and Jonathan Morrow. Morrow left the group in 1975 and was replaced by David McDaniel. They were active as a group for the next 17 years achieving most of their success in Cabarets in the 1970s and ’80s. Along with musical director Tom Spahn, they appeared regularly at Reno Sweeney and the Bottom Line in New York, Studio One in Los Angeles, Charlie’s in Washington DC and toured extensively. They also had success in larger venues such as the Guthrie Theater in Chicago, the Kennedy Center in Washington and Carnegie Hall in New York. In 1977 they appeared on the Merv Griffin Show. Their act combined music from the 20th century with contemporary pop and show tunes performed in three part harmony with an unabashed campy gay sensibility and humor. In later years Michael Pace described Gotham as a cross between the Andrews Sisters and the Marx Brothers. As openly gay performers they appeared on many local TV shows and Merv Griffin, but never made it to prime time. They auditioned for the Dinah Shore show but were passed over. They made two albums: “Gotham” in 1978 with songs from their cabaret act, and “Void Where Prohibited” in 1979, a disco-influenced departure from their usual material. They were not successful as recording artists but their cabaret act continued in its campy outrageousness into the ’80s. They also appeared as backup singers on Bette Midler’s “Songs for the New Depression” album. By the late ’80s Gotham appeared less often as a group, frequently at AIDS benefits. David McDaniel pursued his acting career and Michael Pace performed as a solo act. Gotham disbanded completely in 1992.

Gary Herb was born July 7, 1951 and died of AIDS-related liver failure March 8, 2008. He was survived by his partner of 23 years, Michael Denofrio.

David McDaniel was born June 15, 1948 and died June 29, 2013. Aside from performing with Gotham McDaniel appeared in several Broadway and off-Broadway shows. He was also an accomplished painter whose work is represented in many galleries and collections, including the Museum of the City of New York.

Michael Pace was born August 26, 1949 and died August 24, 2014. He was also a playwright and composer. In 2002 a musical he co-wrote with Rob Preston and Walter Bobbie, “The Road to Hollywood,” was produced at Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam, CT. He was survived by his partner of 25 years, Alan Alpert.

Folder List

Box 1

1. Flyers from Various Cabaret Appearances</o
2. Gotham Productions Letter of Agreement
3. Original Logo Artwork and Publicity Bio London Press Clips
4. Menu, London Supper Club, Postcard to David McDaniel’s Family
5. Press Kit Cover and Review Clips
6. RSVP Cruise Brochure, 1989
7. Scrapbook Pages with Newspaper and Magazine clips
8. Poster for Michael Pace’s Appearance at S.N.A.F.U.
9. Programs form Benefit Appearances
11. Photos [Mostly of David McDaniel’s Stage appearances]
12. Gotham Publicity Photos
13. Photos Michael Pace solo appearance [35 mm slides]
14. Michael Pace Photo with David Bowie


Box 1

1. “Old” Gotham in L.A., 7 Jul 1975
2. Backstage [cabaret] Sep 1986, Clip from Tonite show of Sally Kellerman [mentions Gotham], “Old” Gotham at the Continental Baths [no date]
3. Gotham at Reno Sweeney’s Paradise Room, Clips from The Emerald City TV show 1979 and other unrelated TV clips
4. Gotham at the Guthrie, Tomorrow/Tonight/Live [cut off before Gotham appears]
5. Gotham at the Guthrie, “At the Ballet” [short version same material as DVD 4]
6. BarbaraAnn July 1977, Dinah Shore Talent Test-9 Jul 1976, Newscenter 4 NY interviewed by Bruce Morrow and Bottom Line Clip, WMAL 7:30 Live (Washington D.C.)
7. Back Lot [L.A. Cabaret], Washington D.C. TV show – Panorama 22 Sep 1978
8. Back Lot [L.A. Cabaret]
9. Gotham in Raleigh NC 6 Apr 1980

Box 2

10. Animations by very young David McDaniel, 1965 [no sound]
11. “David & Lisa” by James reach, St Ambrose College, WOC-TV, Davenport Iowa 1970 with David McDaniel
12. David McDaniel -Audition Tape 1972, “As the World Turns” Sept 1985 -Feb 1986, Laura Steele phone psychic show 19 Aug 1989
13. TV Appearances Part 1- Cafe Manhattan at BarbaraAnn’s Cabaret, Panorama [local DC show, multiple episodes], Merv Griffin Show 1977 and earlier appearance undated, AM New York 1979
14. Promo Clip for “Before Stonewall” [David McDaniel voiceover at beginning]
15. Institute for Advanced Studies in the Theatre Arts – “All’s Well That Ends Well”, “Duchess of Malfi” with David McDaniel
16. Benefit Concert at Wadsworth Theater L.A. for Bill Hennessy 1 Jun 1987 with Bette Midler, Barry Manilow; Bette Midler at the Continental Baths 1972; Sally Kellerman on Late Night 1987
17. “Greetings from Washington DC”-March on Washington Oct 1979, “Different From the Others” [Silent film by Magnus Hirschfeld w/ Russian titles]
18. The Emerald City (F.O.D. Productions) Clips from Reno Sweeney’s Paradise Room – Gotham, Barbara Cook, Formerly the Harlettes, Tom Cahill, Holly Woodlawn, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Butterfly McQueen, Jessica James, Zora Rassmussen
19. Michael Pace 13 Sep 1982, at home w/ cats watching TV
20. Catherine’s Party – Michael Pace performing at Caroline’s Jan 1983
21. Das Rheingold (finish) – Michael Pace at Caroline’s 25 Jan 1983
22. Gotham – Red Hot Mama Press Night
23. RSVP Cruise Promo 1988 – Clips from Bottom Line Benefit, Mathilde Pincus Memorial, MAC Awards 1988 – Gotham at Charlie’s in Georgetown 23 Sep 1984
24. Gotham Demo Tap #2 [also a brief clip of Jimmy James]
25. Gotham at Charlie’s, Georgetown 20 Sep 1984, Harmony Show
26. Gotham – Backers Presentation 9 Oct 1984; Bottom Line, 8 Mar 1985
27. Gotham – Harmony Show at Charlie’s (Washington D.C.) 9 Sep 1984
28. Gotham – Promotional Compilation 1988, David’s edit
29. Michael Pace performing solo at Caroline’s 12 Jan 1983
30. Bottom Line 1988
31. RSVP Cruise, March 1988, Gotham host Costume Ball on the Dolphin
32. Mathilde Pincus Tribute, leading music-preparation supervisor for the New York theater – 17 May 1988, Gotham, [includes John Kander, Fred Ebb, Jonathan Tunick, Stephen Sondheim and many other Broadway theater musicians, composers and arrangers]
33. William Hennessy Memorial Service 13 Dec 1987
34. NewsCenter 22, Springfield, MA, Stage West production of Dracula with Michael Pace
35. “Deer Rule” a short film by Dominic DeSantis, 6 Apr 1987, with David McDaniel [actor]
36. P.M. Magazine WTTG TV, Washington DC hosted by Maury Povich with guests, Gotham, Tony Randall, Jay North, 1985; International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago [Gotham hosting]
37. Gotham at the Bottom Line, New York City, 8 Mar 1985
38. Reno Sweeney Reunion, an AIDS benefit performed at the Bottom Line, New York City, 8 APR 1988; The performers appeared over four nights and along with Gotham are Janis Ian, David Lasley, Holly Woodlawn, Ken Page, Marilyn Sokal, Formerly the Harlettes, Garret & Barnes, Andre DeShields, Barbara Cook, Novella Nelson, Peter Allen, Karen Akers, Sally Kellerman, Leatta Galloway, Andrea Marcovicci, Leslie Gore, Jimmy Webb, Alaina Reed, Traci Berg & Mary Fullem, Marsha Malamet, Michael Callen, Alan Menken, Phebe Snow, Camille Saviolla, Geraldine Fitzgerald [Recorded from A&E broadcasts, there are blank gaps between some sections, continues on discs #39, #40 & #41 with some duplication]
39. Reno Sweeney Reunion, an AIDS benefit performed at the Bottom Line [see notes #39]
40. Reno Sweeney Reunion, an AIDS benefit performed at the Bottom Line [see notes #39]
41. Reno Sweeney Reunion, an AIDS benefit performed at the Bottom Line [see notes #39]
42. “Wild Blade” film, 6 Nov 1989 [David McDaniel has small part]
43. “Mother Father Lover Man” By Bill Wright, Directed by John McDaniel [David McDaniel performs]
44. David McDaniel interview about his paintings. Video from PWAC Benefit Art Show by Marco Kathuria
45. Michael Pace performs at the Firebird, 2 Mar 2001
46. Michael Pace performs at S.N.A.F.U. [poor quality]
47. Michael Pace performs at the Firebird Cafe 3 Dec 2000 [David McDaniel joins him for one song at the end]
48. Michael Pace greets guests in the dressing room of the Firebird Cafe 3 Dec 2000
49. Duplicate of material on discs #38, #39, #40, #41
50. Duplicate of material on discs #38, #39, #40, #41
51. Duplicate of part of disc #16
52. Gotham receiving MAC Award 1988
53. Gotham at the Guthrie “At the Ballet” [dup;duplicate of disc #5]
54. “Greetings from Washington DC”-March on Washington Oct 1979 [part duplicate of disc #17]
55. RSVP Cruise, March 1988, Gotham host Costume Ball on the Dolphin [duplicate of disc #31]
56. Misc. TV appearances [duplicate of disc #13]
57. Mathilde Pincus Tribute [duplicate of disc #32]
58. Gotham at the Guthrie
59. Harmony, backers audition, 9 Oct 1984
60. Gotham performs “Harmony” at Charlie’s Georgetown, Washington DC 23 Sep 1984
61. Gotham at Backstage Cabaret at Hisae’s, New York City 24 Sep 1986
62. Gotham at the Bottom Line, New York City, 8 Mar 1985
video cassettes U-Matic, not copied to DVD
63. Gotham on A.M. New York, 3 Sep 1979
64. Gotham on The Merv Griffin Show, 8 Nov 1976
65. Gotham demo, 4 Apr 1979


Box 1

1. Cassette tape copy: “Tender is the Night” by Michael Pace, Recorded live at Carnegie Hall, March 1979
2. Cassette tape copy: Gotham recorded at Don’t Tell Mama 9 Sep 1987
3. Cassette tape copy: Demo of songs for new musical, book and lyrics by Walter Bobbie & Michael Pace, music by Rob Preston & Pace “The Road to Hollywood” 8 original songs recorded by Tom Spahn TRA Productions 1985 : song titles “Howdy Folks”, “55 Cities”, “Hey Kid”, Talent”, “The Beast in Me”, “hot Ice”, “When the Right One Comes Along”, “Steppin’-On the Road” [also DAT tape #9]
4. Cassette tape copy: “Road to Hollywood” Act II song titles and singers unknown [side 2 of tape damaged and not recorded]
5. Cassette tape copy: “Road to Hollywood” begins with Lawrence “Larry” Yurman (musical director) singing title song continues with more songs from the show [other singers recorded separately]
6. Cassette tape copy: “Lets Go Shopping” by Michael Pace [work in progress recording]
7. Cassette tape copy: work-in-progress of orchestrations for “The Road to Hollywood”
8. Cassette tape copy: Demo tape of Songs by Rob Preston with Louis Edeiken
9. DAT tape not copied: “Road to Hollywood” 23 Oct 1997
10. CD: Gotham: The First Album, 1978
11. CD: Gotham: Void Where Inhibited, 1979 [second album]
12. CD: Interview with Gotham Broadcast 26 Apr 2004, KPFT 90.1, produced by JD Doyle Queer Music Heritage,
13. CD: Gotham at the Grand Finale, September 1976
14. CD: Radio Interview with Gotham, 1997 WMAL Washington DC with Tom Gauger
15. CD: Gary Herb sing solo [for memorial] “Don’t Misunderstand” Carnegie Hall, 30 Mar 1978; “Don’t Cry Out Loud” Waaay Off Broadway, April 1979
16. 7″ reel audio tape not copied: Gotham 9-85, Android Love


Posters – Drawer D-1
16 mm film reel: Castle Films present Mary’s Little Lamb [animated film]