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Collection #36

ACT UP/New York Records

Date:1991 - 1991
Size:9 inches


This collection of materials was donated by an unnamed member of ACT UP.

Use Restrictions

No names may be published unless (1) they are publicly known to be gay or lesbian, or (2) their permission has been obtained, or (3) they are deceased. Restrictions are only in regards to publication; any researcher may view or copy any document in the collection.

Scope and Content

In 1990 the Red, Hot & Blue project made an album for AIDS Activist, Research and Relief projects worldwide. This collection documents efforts to equally divide monies raised (ACT UP groups were to receive one-third), including letters of support, flyers, and newspaper articles documenting each ACT UP group’s body of work–documents meant to help groups “claim” their share of the monies.

History or Bio

ACT UP (AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power) is committed to direct action to end the AIDS crisis. The original chapter was founded in New York City in 1987.

Folder List

Box 1

1.  Red, Hot & Blue [Re: Distribution of profits]
2. Correspondence regarding distribution of monies under Red, Hot & Blue
3. Letter to Sam Avrett from Dan Don
4. Xerox copies of newspaper articles about ACT UP activates
5. Letter from ACT UP New Orleans
6. Letter from David A. Lowe ACT UP Atlanta
7. Letter from ACT UP Washington, D.C.
8. Xerox copy of note from Bambi, newspaper clippings and newspaper article from ACT UP (Hadley, Mass)
9. Letter and xerox copies of flyers from ACT UP Youth Chapter of Albany, NY.
10. Letter and xerox copies of flyers from ACT UP Western New York
11. Fax from Scott Nelson (ACT UP Ithaca, New York)
12. Letter from Jim Hull (ACT UP Kansas City, Mo.)
13. Letter from Yvette Larrieu, ACT UP New Haven, Ct.
14. Fax from ACT UP New Orleans, La.
15. Letter and information about ACT UP Oklahoma
16. Letter and information about ACT UP North Carolina
17. Letter and information about STAND UP Harlem, New York

Box 2

18. Mario Cuomo flyer and newspaper article
19. Fax from ACT UP Kansas City, Mo.
20. Letter, flyers and newspaper articles from ACT UP Baltimore, Md.
21. Letter, flyers and newspaper articles from ACT UP Baltimore, Md.
22. Letters from ACT UP groups in the United States; by-laws, newspaper articles and flyers
23. Letter, flyers, newspaper articles from Dallas, Tx
24. Letters, flyers, and newspaper articles from Tallahassee, Fla. ACT UP
25. Letters, newspaper articles, flyers from ACT UP Maine
26. Letters and petitions against ACT UP / Maine
27. Radical Activists Truth Squad / Portland, Oregon
28. Newspaper articles (xeroxed), ATAC2 Congressional election action strategy session update from ACT UP Berkeley, Ca.
29. Notebook from ACT UP Phoenix, Az.
30. Fax, flyers, newspaper articles from ACT UP Philadelphia, Pa.
31. Fax from ACT UP St. Louis, Mo.
32. Fax from Long Island, N.Y. ACT UP
33. Letter, newspaper articles, fax from ACT UP Santa Ana, Ca.
34. Letters, flyers, articles form ACT UP Columbus, Ohio
35. Fax from Gay & Lesbian March Activists, Cincinnati, Ohio
36. Fax from Washington, D.C. “OUT”
37. Letter, flyers, newspaper articles from ACT UP Minnesota
38. Fax from ACT UP Milwaukee
39. Envelope (manila) handwritten with addresses on it