1. [Times Squares bylaws and corporate seal]
2. [“Chronological Survey of Actions of the Board of Directors (of the Times Squares) Setting Precedents and Policies,” 1986-1991]
3. [Election procedures and forms (1991); statements of candidates for 1990 Board of Directors]
4. [Treasurer report, 1994; balance sheets for several events, classes, etc., 1992-2002]
5. [Meeting minutes, agendas, notes (from William J. McCarthy’s files), 1985-1999 (Bulk 1986)]
6. [Meeting minutes, agendas, notes (from Mario Gonzalez’s files), 1992-1994]
7. [Correspondence, forms, flyers, etc. (from William J. McCarthy’s files), 1986-2002]
8. [Correspondence, forms, flyers, etc. (from Mario Gonzalez’s files), 1989-1993]
9. [Times Squares membership directories and lists, 1985-2001]
10. [Times Squares’ square dance classes — advertisements, flyers, class rosters, form letters, etc. 1984-1993]
11. [“Fly-in” events sponsored by the Times Squares — registration and housing forms, flyers, brochures, etc. 1985-1997]
12. [Flyers, invitations, etc. for various events (fundraisers, award dinners, etc.), 1984-2001 (Bulk 1987-1997)]
13. [“Peel the Apple” IAGSDC (International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs) annual convention hosted by the Times Squares — final report, registration forms, brochures, etc. 1989]
14. [William J. McCarthy’s square dance awards and diploma]
15. [Newsletter and periodical articles about the Times Squares]
16. [Times Squares members obituaries and memoriams]
17. [Times Squares Pride Day participation — correspondence, forms, etc. 1990-2002 (Bulk 1990-1991)]
18. [Events sponsored by other gay square dance groups — correspondence, registration and housing forms, flyers, etc. 1986-2001]


19. [IAGSDC bylaws and history profiles of member clubs]
20. [IAGSDC minutes of executive board meeting, 1993; agenda for executive board meeting, 1994]
21. [IAGSDC financial reports 1989-1994; correspndence and notes related to the 1993 IAGSDC dues assessment; notated agenda, from Mario Gonzalez’s files, for the 1994 IAGSDC executive board meeting]
22. [IAGSDC reports on annual conventions in 1987 and 1994]
23. [IAGSDC flyers and convention programs, 1985-1999]
24. [IAGSDC directories and events calendar, 1987-1995]
25. [IAGSDC forms]
26. [“Square dance orientation and information for the beginning gay square dance club” by Art Smith, written for the IAGSDC]
27. [General information about square dancing]
28. GFN [Gay Friends and Neighbors — bylaws, notes, flyers, correspondence (from William J. McCarthy’s files) 1985-1986, most undated]
29. Sundance [flyers, notes, forms, clippings, brochures (from William J. McCarthy’s files), 1986-1991, some undated]
30. GVA [Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Veterans of Greater New York (originally Gay Veterans Association) — constitution, meeting agendas and minutes, forms, committee descriptions, short history and member lists]
31. GVA [Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Veterans of Greater New York (originally Gay Veterans Association) — correspondence, flyers, programs, press releases and clippings]