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Tommie Saeli was born February 15, 1964 and raised on Long Island where he discovered a passion for music and the theater. He was an accomplished cellist and traveled with the Long Island Youth Orchestra all over the world. He graduated from Boston University. A long-time friend described him as “a Long Island native turned East Village dandy, unorthodox entrepreneur, electric-cello glam-rock god, and lover of wolves.” After moving to New York City in the mid 1980s he worked a variety of jobs including: Barneys New York window display assistant; Pyramid Club go-go dancer; strip club wrestler; fabric designer for Liz Claiborne; and member of various alternative glam rock bands such as Harpies Bizarre, with whom he recorded an album.

Saeli added TV producer and game show host to his resume when he came up with the idea for “The Gay Dating Game Show,” getting it on the air in 1989 with a shoestring budget. His hosting talent and flamboyant costumes also made him a popular guest on other gay public access shows like Linda Simpson’s “Party Talk.”

Saeli died December 5, 2020 in Palm Springs at the age of 56.