1. Rodney Christopher- GLAAD [Flyers, Pamphlets, Correspondence with Christopher, Report on Summer Internship at GLAAD, Records from GLAAD]
2. Rodney [Christopher]’s Research Notes [Disclosure forms, Flyers, Copy of References in Alphabetical Order, Drafts of Thesis Chapters]
3. Interviews for Research [Notes and Transcriptions from Interviews]
4. Gay and Lesbian People of Color [Pamphlets, Correspondence with Christopher, Flyers, and, Newsletters]
5. Gay and Lesbian People of Color 2 [Pamphlets, Records, and Newsletters]
6. Gay People of Color [Pamphlets, Flyers, Records, and, Newsletters]
7. Gay Men of Color [Newsletters, Pamphlets, Flyers, and, Correspondence with Christopher]
8. Gay Men of African Descent [Newsletters, Pamphlets, and, Flyers]
9. Ebony Connection [Pamphlets]
10. Black and White Men Together [Correspondence with Christopher and newsletters