1. Letters from R.A. Sullivan to William M. Wynkoop, 1975 to 1981…3/8″.
2. Letters from R.A. Sullivan to William M. Wynkoop, 1982 to 1983..1/2.”
3. Letters from R.A. Sullivan to William M. Wynkoop… 1983…3/8″
4. Notes, addresses, etc. Primarily addresses of publishers of prominent authors, Handwritten notes of Mr. Wynkoops 1977 to 1984…3/8″
5. Letters written by William M. Wynkoop primarily (but not exclusively) to prominent authors in an effort to arouse their interest in the Sullivan case. 1977 to 1984…1/8″
6. Letters to William M.Wynkoop from persons other than R.A.Sullivan. mostly written in response to letters Mr. Wynkoop had written..1977 to 1985. 3/16″
7. Letters neither to nor from William M.Wynkoop.mostly either to or from lawyers or the Legal Defense Fund. 1977 to 1979 1/8″
8. Letters written by Robert A. Sullivan to persons other than William M.Wynkoop, and other writings by Robert A. Sullivan, a letter to a lawyer named Raymond Windsor trying to interest him in the case, and a summary of the case and some of the irregularities of the trial 1973 to 1980. 1/4″
9. Robert A. Sullivan legal defense fund letters 1979 to 1982 1/2″
10. Newspaper clippings from The Belmont Herald, The Boston Globe, Fort Lauderdale News, Rollingstone, Citizen, Fortune News, The Sentinel, The Nation. 1/2″.
11. Miscellaneous. 3/8″