Folder 1:

1-25. Pt. Lookout, Long Beach [NY] Late 1940’s [includes same sex dancing on the beach.]

26-55. Atlantic City [NJ], 1950’s [contain some wonderful images of men and women socializing on the beach with the elaborate Atlantic City hotels in the background.]

56-63. Chicago 1950’s [appear to be from a Lake Michigan beach in Chicago (probably Oak Street Beach).]

64-77. Pt. Lookout 1952.

78-110. Riis Park [NY] 1950’s.

111-123. Coney [Island. Also from the 1950’s].

Folder 2:

124-329. Riis [Park. If the chronology of the scrap book is intact, then these photos are from the 1950’s into the 1960’s. Photo 208 shows two men walking arm in arm, which is one of the few overt displays of affection captured in this collection.]

Folder 3:

330-537. 1960’s [these photographs seem to be from the same New York area beaches as previous photos.]

537-574. 1965 1966 1968 1969.

Folder 4:

575-612. 1971-1972

613-646. 1973

647-683. 1974-1975.

684-728. 1976 1977

Folder 5:

728-844. 1978 [the homogeneity of the collection stops at this point, as there are some oversize color prints added to the other photos that are black and white standard snapshots.]

845-857. Old Cruising Areas, Rockefeller Center, Bryant Pk, CPW, Ramble CP [NYC These photos were grouped together with a rubber band and were placed in the book between pages with these headings. The headers appear to be accurate.]

860-876. Old Cruising Areas Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, CPW. [861 and 862 were loose on these pages of the scrap book.]877-919. Ramble CP [chock full of images of men promenading in Central Park.]

920-931. Christopher St. GPD [Gay Pride Day]

932-946. Baths Bars Etc.[appear to be from the earlier years of this collection.]