1. History of Committee for Gay Youth. ( letters from Barney Frank, Gay U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts., flyers for Gay Teenagers, Articles of Organization for C.G.Y., bills, newsletters, organizational records.)

2. MOW Philadelphia Conference (newsletters, notes, C.L.G.R. structural proposal for March on Washington.)

3. Gay Rights Leg (program for Alliance for Gay and Lesbian Artists in the Entertainment Industry Fifth Annual Media Awards, program from Southern California Women for Understanding Lesbian Rights Award Dinner.)

4. National March for Lesbian and Gay Rights (Harvard Alumni Newsletters, March on Washington flyers, stickers, & pamphlets. National Gay Task Force newsletter.)

5. CLAGA (Cambridge Lesbian & Gay Alliance newsletter, Boston Lesbian & Gay Political Alliance newsletter.)

6. Bush Report ( Monthly briefing on gay political issues Jan. to May 1984 , program of mass coalition for National March on Washington for Lesbian & Gay Rights, Oct 14, 1979.)

7. BHB Beacon Hill “Bachelors”(flyers of pot luck supper & newsletters)

8. Publicity & Outreach: for National March for Lesbian and Gay Rights (flyers, stickers.)

9. Nolag Junk II National Conference on Lesbian and Gay Rights( notes, correspondence, envelopes, flyers, newsletters.)

10. Nolag Conference 81 letter I (Correspondence, newsletters, flyers, envelopes.)

11. GRNL Gay Rights National Lobby. (Letters, envelopes, newsletters.)

12. NOLAG Confer ’81 Letter, National Conference of Lesbian and Gay Rights, ( Correspondence flyers, newsletters.)

13. Newsletters for other Gay city political groups. (envelopes, flyers.)

14. NOLAG 81-Oberlin ’80 minutes.(minutes mailings list.)

15. NOLAG Junk-1 (mailgram, correspondence, notes, envelopes, paste-ups, newsletters.)

16. Eric Rofes mementos from National March on Washington. (notes, flyers, informational lit., newsletters.)

17. Miscellaneous 1 (notes, flyers, newsletters, envelopes, catalogs, mailings.)

18. Boston Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance. (notes, correspondence, envelopes, newsletters, catalogs, mailings.)

19. BL/GPA Dinner Forms. (flyer.)

20. BL/GPA- Articles About (photocopies of Radical America.)

21. Back Issues Requests. (correspondence.)

22. 1985 Steering Committee Info. (photocopies of newspaper clippings, correspondence from City of Boston, Gay Pac contact list, BLGPA calendar, Gay & Lesbian issues caucus at the Massachusetts Democratic convention, newsletters.)

23. GLAD(envelopes & stationery & letter.)

24. BL/GPA Breakfast List (Boston Lesbian & Gay Political Alliance AIDS Action Committee mailing list, community breakfast list, AIDS Action Committee Letter from Katherine Triantafillou steering committee info to Cindy Rizzo, Christian Science Church Case.)

25. BL/GPA Newsletter (newsletters.)

26. GCN envelopes, notes, flyers, correspondence

27. Richard (photocopies of news articles, mailing, newsletters, correspondence, note, postal money orders.)

28. GLAD(mailing, newsletters, mailing list, National Gay Task Force board of directors.)

29. GLAD

30. Prisoner Foundation (Prisoner’s Assistance Project, IRS info, Massachusetts, Articles of Organization, By-Laws of Lesbian & Gay Prisoners Education Foundation.)

31. GNC (envelopes.)

32. GCN (envelopes, chart of GCN income.)

33. GCN San Francisco Task Network (notes, flyers, mailing list.)

34. GCN (photos of fire, 2nd Lesbian & Gay catalog, GCN financial report, telegram.)

35. GCN Letterheads (envelopes & stationery.)

36. GCN (statement of income & expenses, leaflets, bank statement of Lesbian & Gay Task Force, GCN accounts receivable, tax forms 1023, correspondence, National Gay News, Inc., proposed ’80-’81 budget, IRS correspondence, newsletters.)

37. GCN Letterheads (envelopes, mailer.)

38. Magic Mill Center (transaction slips, mailing, Burns resume, invoices, envelopes.)

39. Miscellaneous (correspondence, programs, memos, envelopes, flyers, History Project updates, Gay Community News membership list, Gay Community News newsletters, job description memo, photocopies of fire photos, history of Gay Community News.)


Box 2

40. National Lesbian & Gay Attorney’s Referral Directory.

41. Nancy Caplan’s Contact notes

42. Taxes 1978.(notes, IRS publications, W-2 forms.)

43. Taxes 1979(notes, IRS publications W-2 forms receipts.)

44. Taxes 1980(Massachusetts state tax forms.)

45. Law School 1979-80 Rough Draft Essay(notes.)

46. Law School-Applications Xeroxes-January 1980.

47. New England Telephone (personal telephone bills.)

48. Law School Applications 1979-80

49. Law School Application 1979-80

50. Financial Aid.

51. Law School Correspondence 1979-80

52. Law School correspondence ’78.

53. Law School applications 1977-78.

54. Cambridge Law Study Aids Guide.

55. Revere Vs.. Whaton

56. For distribution to NYS L/G health Network (notebook for legal accounting prisoner’s rights project.)

57. GCN board of directors meetings. (Notes, ballots.)

58. Massachusetts lawyers weekly

59. Mass gay political caucus(newsletters, mailings, envelopes, greetings cards, raffle, tickets, flyers.)

60. Liaison (Correspondence, envelopes, memoranda.)

61. Personnel committee meetings (envelopes, mailings, flyers, notes.)

62. Job search (resumes, envelopes.)

63. Dead ends (correspondence.)

64. Writing samples (A Legal brief.)

65. Northeastern placement memos

66. Leads (notes.)

67. Resume Flats (Resume typesetting, Receipts)

68. Northeastern Evaluations (notes, correspondence.)

69. Guide Referral Applications national lawyers guide.

70. To be sent – resumes.

71. GLAD court decisions (photocopies of newspaper articles, photocopies of text books, legal briefs.)

72. GLAD Board of Directors minutes & agendas

73. GLAD financial reports.

74. GLAD 5th anniversary party (invitation, map.)

75. GLAD AIDS law project (notes, program, photocopies of newspaper articles.)

76. GLAD board elections, 1984 (notes, ballots, correspondence.)

77. GLAD space search (notes, correspondence, floorplan.)

78. Glad executive director search, 1984 (notes, correspondence, photocopies of newspapers ads.)

79. GLAD winter party 1985(Invitations, notes.)

80. GLAD evaluations

81. GLAD education Committee (Notes, mailing, flyers.)

82. GLAD news clippings

83. GLAD.

84. Rest stop forum -BL/GPA/GLAD

85. Glad Haymarket Proposal 1984.


Box 3

86. GLAD literature

87. GLAD attorney referral directory 1984

88. GLAD New York law notes.

89. GLAD Provincetown party

90. GLAD development committee.

91. BL/GLAD press release

92. BL/GLAD mail

93. Hamilton college

94. GLAD Benefit Invitation.

95. Notes.

96. Boston Bar Association

97. Human Rights Campaign Fund (Newsletters, photocopies of newspaper articles, photos, informational lit, HRCF mailing list.)

98. HRCF Letterheads.

99. GLAD 9-11-86 ( minutes of meeting, photocopies of newspaper articles.)

100. GLAD (notes, program from Provincetown Gala, correspondence, minutes of meetings.)

101. GLAD (minutes, letters, cash flow records.)

102. HRCF-Media (correspondence, notes, envelopes, mailing lists.)

103. HRCF ( notes correspondence, newsletters.)

104. MLGBA letterheads (mailing list, past up, stationery, envelopes.)

105. GLAD Letterheads

106. GCN (newsletters, photocopies of newspapers articles.)

107. HRCF (newsletter, photocopies of new art, flyers, Manhattan & Provincetown information, correspondence, envelopes.)

108. MLGBA (notes, ballots, envelopes, correspondence, newsletters.)

109. GLAD (notes, mailing list, envelopes, newsletters, programs, tax.)

110. HRCF 1986 (notes, correspondence, programs, mailing list.)

111. MLGBA Membership List (correspondence, notes, membership list, paste-ups.)

112. HRCF (membership list, notes, flyers, envelopes.)

113. GCN Bldg (correspondence, newsletters, flyers.)

114. GLAAD (special planning meeting)

115. Flyers, programs, correspondence, notes, envelopes

116. Envelopes, newsletters, flyers, photocopies of legal documents, notes, correspondence, postcards, photograph of Vic Basil, program

117. Flyers, envelopes, invitations, correspondence, receipts, newsletters, program, passbook, weekly minutes, postcards, greeting cards.

118. Correspondence, newsletters

119. Mailing list.

120. Correspondence, photocopies of newspaper articles, Prisoners and Aids by Urvashi Vaid, legal documents, postcards, receipts, San Francisco map, envelopes, flyers, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority map, checkbook

121. Program


122. Classroom notebook from law school, notes photocopies of text books.

123. HRCF notes, photocopies of articles, correspondence, flyers, invitations, mailing list, newsletters.

124. HRCF Human Rights Campaign Fund literature.

125. Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders

126. Barbri Correspondence and poster.

127. GLAD photocopies of newspapers articles, programs, newsletters

128. Gay Community News Lit Packets.

129. Correspondence, flyers, newsletters.

130. Correspondence, flyers, newsletters

131. GLAD Stationary, programs, newsletters

132. Gay Democrats (Papers of Boston Gay Democrats) Correspondence, flyers, newsletters, postcards.

133. MLGBA Membership Package. Correspondence, envelopes, newsletters.

134. MLGBA Flats. Paste-ups, photocopies of newspaper articles, flyers

135. MLGBA ( telephone bills, membership list, invitation, program, flyers, newsletters, correspondence, election results, envelopes, photocopies of contract, notes.

136. Correspondence, notes

137. Gay Civil Rights Legislation. Newsletters, receipts, Stationery, envelopes, correspondence, notes, invitations, flyers.

138. Elections ’85 (Ballots)

139. MLGBA (Newsletters, notes.)

140. MLGBA ( mailing list, correspondences, notes, flyers, envelopes, newsletter: October Term of 1985 Supreme Court, canceled checks.)

141. Massachusetts Lesbian and Gay Bar Association By Laws.

142. Gay Bar Associations Notes, correspondences, flyers, newsletters, envelopes, receipts, stationery.

143. MLGBA (photocopies of article from Advocate on Gay Lawyers).

144. Notes, correspondence, photocopies of newspaper articles, envelopes, newsletters

145. Correspondence, stationery

146. MLGBA Membership Forms. Correspondence, Membership Applications

147. Murder Most Ironic manuscript by Greg Howe

148. Notes, play manuscript.


Box 5

149. Notes, envelopes, manuscript.

150. Envelopes, correspondence, ballots for GLAD, notes, poster, photocopies of newspaper articles, Gay Clips.

151. 14th National Conference on Women and the Law program. ( flyers, newsletters, envelopes, correspondence, legal briefs, blue cross bills, poster of Boston marathon, greeting cards, Harvard Law School applications.)

152. Phone books, appointment calendars.

153. BMA [Black Men’s Assoociation] “Operation Open Door” mailer and related notes

154. GLAD

155. Notes Related to GLAD meetings

156. Newspaper articles related to GLAD

157. Donation solicitation letters from various organizations

158. Lesbian and Gay Law Notes

159. “Gay Clips” & Supreme Court brief Bowers V. Hardwick

160. MLGBA


162. AAC [AIDS Action Committee]

163. Harvard Law School

164. Lambda Legal

165. HRCF [Human Rights Campaign Fund]

166. Gay and Lesbian Democratic Club of Massachusetts

167. Catalogs and mailings

168. [Boston Lesbian and Gay Political – mid-1983 – mid-1984]

169. BL/GPA [Boston Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance – late 1984]

170. BL/GPA [Boston Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance folder 1]

171. BL/GPA [Boston Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance folder 2]

172. BL/GPA [Boston Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance folder 3]

173. [Boston Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance pocket folder]

174. Buddies newsletter

175. AIDS

176. Gay Speakers Bureau

177. [Misc. National Educational Foundation for Individual Rights, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund documents]

178. GCN [Gay Community News] racism workshop

179. GCN [Gay Community News] membership list

180. GCN [Gay Community News] by-laws

181. GCN [Gay Community News] staff health insurance

182. GCN [Gay Community News] statement of principles

183. NF Resources [Gay Community News gift subscription mailing]

184. Personnel policy 1985 draft [Gay Community News]

185. GCN [Gay Community News] staff mtg [meeting] papers


Box 6

186. Promo photo file [Gay Community News]
Includes two black and white photos of the 1982 Gay Community News fire.

187. GCN [Gay Community News] membership newsletter

188. GCN [Gay Community News] financial reports

189. GCN [Gay Community News] New York

190. GCN [Gay Community News] computer search

191. G.C.N. [Gay Community News] birthday

192. Board of Directors /memos [Gay Community News]

193. Gay alumni groups [Gay Community News]

194. G.C.N. [Gay Community News] financial statements

195. G.C.N. [Gay Community News] Personnel Committee

196. GCN [Gay Community News] policy and by-laws

197. G.C.N. [Gay Community News] special projects current

198. GCN [Gay Community News sustainers list]

199. GLAD [Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders] 10/16/86

200. GLAD BD MtG [Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders board meeting] 4/10/85

201. /Richard Burns / G.L.A.D. [Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders] Education Committee / Box 218

202. GLAD [Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders] Development Committee

203. GLAD [Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders]

204. Human Rights Campaign Fund

205. [Gay Cable Network]

206. [Misc. Lambda, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, Boston Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance, Gay Community News, and National Educational Foundation for Individual Rights documents]

207. Index to the Files of Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund, Inc.

208. [Anti-Gay Legislation: An Attempt to Sanction Inequality?: Report of the Litigation Project on Anti-Gay Legislation] Lambda Roe Report

209. Lambda [Legal Defense and Education Fund 1981 – 1983]

210. Lambda [Legal Defense and Education Fund bulk 1982]

211. Lambda [Legal Defense and Education Fund 1980 -1981]

212. [Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund 1981 – 1982]

213. Lambda Legal Defense [and Education Fund bulk 1983]

214. [Massachusetts Lesbian and Gay Bar Association folder 1]

215. MLGPA [Massachusetts Lesbian and Gay Bar Association folder 2]

216. MLGPA [Massachusetts Lesbian and Gay Bar Association folder 3]

217. MLGPA [Massachusetts Lesbian and Gay Bar Association] 86 membership forms

218. N.E.F.I.R. [National Educational Foundation for Individual Rights]

219. [National Gay Task Force]

220. Summary of lesbian/gay rts ordinances, statutes and executive orders in USA


Box 7

221. [Richard Burns resumes]

222. Reference letters

223. [Socrates, Plato and Guys Like Me book manuscript]

224. [Miscellaneous loose materials folder 1]

225. [Miscellaneous loose materials folder 2]