1. New York Jacks logbook of attendance figures and receipts, 1986-1990
2. By-laws, charter and informational brochure of the Cincinnati Jacks
3. Correspondence, contacts and business cards (various clubs), 1985-1988 (some undated)
4. Directories of JO clubs in the United States (compiled by various clubs)
5. Flyers, event announcements, etc. (various clubs)
6. Amsterdam Jacks newsletter (includes flyers and other information mailed with newsletter), 1986-1988 (Bulk 1988)
7. Atlanta Jacks newsletter, 1986
8. Chicago Jacks newsletter, 1984-1988
9. JOE (Cincinnati, OH) newsletter, 1983-1984 (club dissolved, reorganized as Cincinnati Jacks)
10. Cincinnati Jacks newsletter, 1984-1988
11. Everglades Rawhides (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) newsletter, undated
12. J.O.E./Houston (TX) newsletter, undated
13. K.C. Jacks (Kansas City, MO) newsletter, 1986-1988
14. The Fraternity Los Angeles (formerly: The Hand Job Frat) newsletter, 1987-1988
15. L.A. Jacks (Los Angeles, CA) newsletter, 1986-1988
16. Marseille Jacks (France) newsletter, 1988-1989
17. New York Jacks newsletter, 1982-1987 (some undated)
18. Paris Jacks newsletter, 1986-1989
19. Portland Jacks (Portland, OR) newsletter, undated
20. T.O.M. (The Organization Man) (Rochester, NY) newsletter, 1987-1988
21. S.F. Jacks (San Francisco, CA) newsletter, 1983-1989
22. Strokes, newsletter of the JO Buddies (San Francisco, CA), undated
23. J/OE (Washington, DC area) newsletter, 1983-1989
24. Publications, articles and informational material related to masturbation and JO clubs