1. September 1992 vol. 1 issue 1
Network Q Premiers in Santa Fe
Interview: National Coming Out Day co-founders Jean O’Leary & Rob Eichberg
Classic Queer Archives: 1987 March on Washington
Out in America: Fighting in Southwest Louisiana
Cinema Homosexual: “Afterlife” – written and directed by Joel Ramon Mendiaz
On Being Gay – Brian McNaught
Minister Mike – Michael Morrow
The Dreaded Experimental Comedies of John Topping

2. October 1992 vol. 1 issue 2
Queer Holiday: Travel host Frank Butterfield in Palm Springs
Inside Look: David Surber talks with community leaders in Palm Springs
Caught From Behind: A gay gameshow parody
Theatre Homosexual: “Dear Diary” by James Lecense
Out In America – Gay Youth produced by Pamela Walton
Totally Queer Comedy by John Topping
Minister Mike by Mike Morrow
On Being Gay by Brian McNaught: Strategies for coping in a heterosexual world
HIV Update: Dr. Larry Waites answers questions on living with HIV

3. November 1992 vol. 1 issue 3
Queer Holiday: Travel host Frank Butterfield in Washington, D.C.
Interviews! Interviews! Interviews!: David Surber interviews Washington politicians, celebrities, and gay and lesbian activists (Rep. Gerry Studds, Sherri Belafonte, Carlos Cordero, Leanza Cornett, Lily Tomlin, Paul Kawata, Michael Petrelis, Terry Beswick, Urvashi Vaid, Derek Livingston, Billy Hileman)
Appearances by Sharon Pratt Kelly, Cleve Jones, Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Riley Temple, Liza Minnelli, and Patti Austin
Inside Look – Marvin Liebman: Dave Surber talks with gay conservative fundraiser Marvin Liebman.
Out in America – Out in Suburbia by producer Pam Walton: Eleven lesbian women discuss motherhood, discrimination, marriage, and stereotypes.
Totally Queer Comedy by John Topping and Out For Laughs (Justin Bond, Amy Boyd, Scott Capurro, Shan Carr, Richie Crippen, Mark Davis, Pamela Forrest, Kelly Kittel, Marilyn Pittman, Kaylynn Raschke)
On Being Gay by Brian McNaught: More strategies for coping in a heterosexual world.
HIV Update: Dr. Larry Waites answers questions on living with HIV

4. Hate on the Ballot – December 1992 vol. 1 issue 4
Hate On The Ballot: Statewide initiatives in Oregon and Colorado send a chilling signal.
(Featuring radio host Barbara Bernstein, Suzanne Pharr from No on 9, Attorney Jeanne Smith, Jeannette Pai, Georgia Wildfang, Pastor Paul LaRue, Rev. John Sandusky, Pastor Matt Hennessee, Donna Redwing of the Lesbian Community Project, Elise Self, Mimi Raskin, Karuna Neustadt, Minister Lois Van Leer, Myriam Coppens, LMFT; Kathleen Saadat, Jackie Mote, Pat Dirr, Rev. Rodney Page.)
And Jan Landis, Scott Lively, Lon Mabon, Phillip Ramsdell, from Oregon Community Alliance; Pat Buchanan
News reporters: Kim Singer, Peter Jennings, Tom Foreman
International Gay Rodeo Finals: Featuring International Gay Rodeo Association founder Wayne Jakino, Defending champion Gene Mikulenka, Director John King, Miss IGRA 1992 Roxy Heart, Miss IGRA Contestant Chilli Pepper.
Interview with Jim Toeves, the first openly gay man to run for a freshman term in the United States Congress.
Out In America – “Because This is About Love”: Gay marriage documentary produced and directed by Shulee Ong. Featuring Rev. Dina Bachelor, Rev. Jim Mitulski, Roberta Achtenberg, and couples Chuck Harnish & Bill Norton, Desiree Thompson & Trinity Ordona, Tristano Palermino & David Glassberg, Alice Heimsoth & Christmas Leubrie, Maureen Longworth & Lin Davis.
No on 9 Report featuring Barbara Bernstein, Holly Neal, Pastor Joe Smith, Dr. Darryl Tukufu, Marcie Westerly, Gail Shiboley (Oregon’s first lesbian state representative) Mika Smith of the Cascade AIDS Project, Pastor Gary Wilson
Queer Holiday in Portland
More of our Conversation with Marvin Liebman
Exclusively Queer Comedy by Lynda Montgomery and Out For Laughs

5. January 1993 vol.1 issue 5
Change In the Air – What Will Bill Clinton Do, and When Will He Do It?: Talking to David Mixner and other community leaders on the new president’s likely actions on the military ban, openly gay and lesbian appointees, and more. Featuring William Waybourn of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, Rep. Barney Frank, Matt Coles of ACLU Northern California, and Robin Kane of the NGLTF.
Colorado Update: News update on the situation in Colorado since the passing of Amendment 2. Featuring Ann Seidel, Terry Schleder of Boycott Colorado, Aline Goodchild, Tony Ogden of EPOC, Sue Anderson, Suzanne Goldberg of Lambda Legal Defense Fund.
Oregon Update: Featuring Lois Van Leer
Exclusively Queer Comedy – Funny Gay Males (Danny McWilliams, Jaffe Cohen, and Bob Smith): Interviews and performance recorded in Provincetown.
Inside Look – Keith Meinhold: His struggle to remain in the US Navy as an openly gay man.
Out In America – Filmmaker Pam Walton: Talking to Pam Walton about her experience coming out as a lesbian and switching careers after 19 years as a high school teacher, her films, and her plans for the future.
HIV Update with Larry Waites
Cinema Homosexual: Featuring Dykeotomy by Deborah Fort
Under One Roof: An innovative retail concept in San Francisco which benefits AIDS charities. Featuring Larry Dotz, Medardy Westrum, Bruce Torell, Carole Migden, Catherine Kellington, Linda Baldwin, Paul Herman, and Ed Swanson.
The Gay Porn Awards in LA with Melina Tremaglio: Featuring interviews with actors Joey Stefano, Ryan Idol, Codey James, Michael Brawn, Jamie Hendrix, Sharon Kane, and Gisell Climax as well as Walt Hanna of Aid For AIDS and Mark Berman of the Video Industry AIDS Action Committee.

6. February 1993 vol. 1 issue 6
Military Ban: Andrew Coven reports from a San Francisco rally in support of Bill Clinton’s proposal to ban discrimination against lesbians and gays in the military. Featuring interviews with Keith Meinhold and other attendees.
Amendment 2 On Hold: David Surber reports from Colorado. Featuring Terry White of the Aspen Gay & Lesbian Community, Aspen Mayor John Bennett, Wayne Jakino of the International Gay Rodeo Association, and Aspen activist Herb Hamsher
David Surber reports on the 16th Annual Gay Ski Week in Aspen. Featuring Terry White, comedian Danny Williams, Ron Erickson of SAGA San Diego, author Dave Pallone, Sasha Alyson, Rob Eichberg, Killeen Russell, Rev. Linda Metcalf, Kevin Shancady Mr. Leather Colorado ’92, Jonathan Stoller
Cinema Homosexual – Filmmaker Greg Araki and The Living End
Exclusively Queer Comedy by Danny Williams: Taped live in Aspen for a fundraiser for the UnDo 2 campaign
Queer Holiday – Key West, Florida. Featuring Al Roberge of the Key West Business Guild, David Cline,
Inside Look – Torie Osborne, incoming Executive Director of NGLTF
A tour of the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Center. Featuring Executive Director Lori Jean
Jason Labatt interviews openly gay Lutheran minister Rev. Jeff Johnson. Also featuring congregation members Jo Ann Clayton and Gregory Hanson.
Clark Morris reports on the exoneration of San Francisco police officers on 1989 charges of brutality against AIDS activists.
The HIM catalog makes its debut: Featuring catalog director Tyler Henderson and Edward Hilmes.
Jeff Cowan reports on the San Francisco Board of Education’s decision to make condoms available to all public high school students. Featuring Board member Tom Ammiano.
Jeff Cowan reports on the California State Board of Education’s decision to introduce new health textbooks encouraging discussion of homosexuality. Featuring Al Kielwasser and Jessea Greenman of GLAAD
Andrew Coven reports on the closing of the Bank of America in the Castro district. Featuring Michael Bruno of the San Francisco Sentinel.
HIV Report with Dr. Larry Waites
Suggestions for Valentine’s Day with Aaron Litwin

7. March 1993 vol. 1 issue 7
Out Across America – April 14-22 1993: A cross-country, 12-city tour to benefit the March on Washington
Behind the Scenes on the Military Ban Controversy with David Surber: Featuring Congresswoman Pat Schroeder, David Mixner, Eric Schmit of the New York Times, and Lt. Colonel Chuck Magness.
Cinema Homosexual – Craig Chester, co-star of Swoon: Interviewed by Deborah Fort.
Exclusively Queer Comedy – The Second Annual Comedy Showcase: Benefit performance for GLAAD hosted by Lynda Montgomery in Long Beach, CA, featuring six professional and four amateur comedians (Lynda Montgomery,Vanessa Kauffman, Michael Dane, Bev Mickins, Ivy Battini, Robin Greenspan, Barry Steiger, Judy Carter, Marshall Feldman, Kim Sing, Myra Rydell, and Mark Rasky.
Theatre Homosexual – Straight from the Heart: Ron Robin reviews the 4th annual AIDS musical fundraiser in Atlanta. Featuring writer Jim Noel and producer Dave Willis.
HIV Update
Patti Austin’s Music Video “We’re All In This Together”
OUT Magazine: Reporting by Stacy Zemon. Featuring editor-in-chief Michael Goff.
Pink Panthers in Washington, DC
The Castro Pharmacy: Reporting by Clark Morris. Featuring Jeff Braff and pharmacist Greg Aspacher.
Skirted Dancing Boys, and the Drag Queen Renaissance: Reporting by Aaron Litwin and Tedd O’Neil.
10,000 AIDS Deaths in Bay Area: Reporting by Aaron Litwin. Featuring Dr. Mitchell Katz of the San Francisco AIDS Office and Daniel Goldstein of Under One Roof.
First Legal Test of New Gay Rights Bill in California: Reporting by Clark Morris. Featuring attorney Paul Wotman, litigant William Ballou.
Colorado Update: Reporting by Ann Seidl. Featuring Tim Gill of Quark, Inc., Tony Ogden of Equality Colorado, and civil rights attorney Lynn Palma of Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund.
A Special Report: Exclusive tape of the Religious Right’s “The Gay Agenda” (featuring David Llewellyn of the ‘Western Center for Law and Religious Freedom’, Dr. Stanley Monteith, John Smid and John Paulk of Love in Action, and Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, practitioner of ‘reparative therapy’) and “Hate, Lies, and Videotape,” the queer community’s response.

8. April 1993 vol. 1 issue 8
The 1993 GLAAD Media Awards – Celebrating Queer Culture In Mainstream Media: Hosted by Judith Light. Featuring Sir Ian McKellen, author/activist Paul Monette, David Smith of GLAAAD LA, Bea Arthur, Tom and Roseanne Arnold, Doug Savant, Paul Lussier, Tony Kushner, Robert Desiderio, Jo Beth Williams, Stephen Semian. Dick Sergeant, Amanda Donhoe, Sgt. Perry Watkins, Rev. Dusty Pruitt, Staff Sgt. Tom Paniccia, Col. Margarethe Cammemeyer, and Della Reese.
Inside Look – Judith Light
Cinema Homosexual – Silverlake Life: The View From Here: At the LA theatrical premier of autobiographical piece begun by Tom Joslin and Mark Massi and finished by Peter Friedman
Exclusively Queer Comedy – Bohdan Zachary’s “Loverville”: Comedy short starring Scott Capurro.
Theatre Homosexual – The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me: Actor and playwright David Drake talks about his hit off-Broadway play with John Slater.
The Lifeguard Project and Genre Magazine throw a party: Reporting by Dave Surber. Featuring Julia Salizar and Lorri Jean of the LA Community Center, Rod & Bob Jackson-Paris, Chaz Martinez and Richard Settles of Genre magazine, Stanley Bennett Clay, Joel Tan of the Asian-Pacific AIDS Intervention Team, activist Phill Wilson, Marty McCombs, and Mark Winer.
AIDS! The Musical: Featuring writers David Stanley and Wendell Jones, actor David Holladay, and director/choreographer Antony Balcena.
Gym Fashion Trends: Reporting by Aaron Litwin.
Byron Lars Fashion Show: Benefiting the Shanti Project and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation: Reporting by HiC and Aaron Litwin. Featuring Byron Lars, and Lypsinka.
Installation Artist Michael Brown: Interview by Debra Fort.
The not-so-queer St. Patrick’s Day Parade: Reporting by John Slater. Featuring Andrea Dailey and Amy Bauer of ACT UP, and Paul O’Dwyer of the Irish Gay and Lesbian Association.
Anti-Gay Violence: Reporting by Clark Morris on a string of bashings and murders in the San Francisco Bay Area. Featuring Michael Thompson of Community United Against Violence, Michael Colbruno of the San Francisco Sentinel, and Officer Sandi Bargioni of the San Francisco Police Department Hate Crimes Unit.
Colorado Update with Ann Seidl: Featuring Robert Bray and Scott Nakagawa of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, and Suzanne Pharr of the Women’s Project.
Fighting the Right Wing: Reporting by Andrew Coven. Featuring James Woodvatt, Marta Van Loan, Carol Migden, and Jesse Greenman of GLAAD.
Made in Gay America: Reporting by Stacy Zemon. Featuring Michael Boone.

9. 1993 Special Edition vol. 1 issue 9
March On Washington Coverage: From the gala benefit to the wedding. Featuring Phil Donahue, Glen Magpanty of the SUNY Students Association, Rep. Barney Frank, Joyce Hunter of the Harvey Milk School and Hetrick Martin Institute, Canadian MP Svend Robinson, Guys & Dolls, Keith Meinhold, The Divas, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rob Eichberg, David Mixner, DC Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly, Melissa Etheridge, Judith Light, comedian Robin Tyler, March co-chair Billy Hileman, Sir Ian McKellen, Cesar Chavez of the United Farm Workers of America, Sen. Paul Wellstone, Dunn Stevens & The Out Band, comedian Kate Clinton, New York City mayor David Dinkens, Urvashi Vaid, actress Kathy Nagemee, Casselberry & Dupree, Martina Navritilova, Torie Osborn of the NGLTF, Apple Computers CEO John Sculley, Indigo Girls, actress Cybil Shepherd, Dorothy Hajdys, Patti Ausrin, Rev. Troy Perry of the MCC Fellowship, Craig Dean & Patrick Gill of the Equal Marriage Rights Foundation, Ken McPherson, Michael Geary, Tim Curren, Robin Kane of the NGLTF, comedian Danny Williams, Cris Williamson, Rep. Gerry Studds, March co-chair Nadine Smith, comedian Bob Smith, and comedian Lea DeLaria.
Gay Greeks: Featuring founder of Delta Lambda Phi fraternity Vern Strickland and fraternity members M. D. Calabro, Stephen Smith, and Scott Echard.
The Names Project at the MoW: Featuring co-founder Mike Smith and national chapter coordinator Marcel Miranda.
Exclusive Coverage – Out Across America Tour: Highlights from tour.
Exclusively Queer Comedy – Nalty: Comic With AIDS: Interview and tape of Nalty’s March on Washington performance.
Cinema Homosexual – “Sex Is…”: Preview of new documentary and interview with filmmakers Mark Huestis and Lawrence Helman at the US premier in Washington. Film excerpts featuring R. Wood Massi & Larry Brinkin, Castellow, and Lulu.

10. July 1993 vol. 2 issue 1
(First 12 minutes contains very poor quality video, no audio)
(Intro has poor quality video, no audio)
(Ad contains poor quality video, no audio)
Network Q Celebrates Pride Month: (Contains some poor quality video, no audio) At the 10th Pride celebration in Long Beach, CA., featuring performers Bronski Beat, Judy Tenuta, Sabrina Johnston, and others. Also featuring Mary Martinez of LBUCP, Inc.
Inside Look – Bronski Beat: Steve Bronski with John-John and David
Queer Comedy – The Goddess – Judy Tenuta
Cinema Homosexual – Chain of Desire by writer-director Temistocles Lopez
Destination: Long Beach: Presented by Frank Butterfield. Featuring comedian Kortney Kauffman.
What’s New – Boots, Boots, and More Boots: Reporting by Tedd O’Neil. Featuring Mauricio Ravera of shoe store the Taming of the Shoe.
Shattered Applause: Publication Party From New York. John Slater reports. Featuring author Robert Schanke, Anne Jackson & Tammy Grimes, Jonathan Katz of the Gay American Almanac, and footage of Eva Le Galliene.

11. August 1993 vol. 2 issue 2
[Poor video quality and no audio for first 12 minutes (including intro)]
[Very low or missing audio from 12:00 to 16:50 (including film festival segment)]
The 17th Annual San Francisco Lesbian & Gay Film Festival: David Surber reports. Featuring Kristiene Clarke, Matt Ebert, Brian Sloan, author June Jordan, and filmmaker Pratibha Parmar.
Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center PSA
Interview – Gus Van Sant
Forbidden Love’s Lynne Fernie & Aerlyn Weissman
CK Does the Hollywood Bowl: Calvin Klein fashion show benefiting the APLA. Reporting by Karen Ocamb. Featuring Lara Flynn Boyle, Linda Grey, Kelly Lynch, director of AIDS Project LA Larry Bloom, Lysette Antony, Calvin Klein, and Mark Wahlberg.
Queer in America: Scott Robbie talks with activist and writer Michelangelo Signorile about his first book. Also featuring Mark Satterlee, Joel Rothschild, Kim Singh, and Josy Catoggio.
Queer Holiday: Exploring the queer resort Russian River with HiC. Featuring 1993 Pridefest Co-chair Chris Sloan, and Ziggurat club owner Bobby Young.
Gay & Lesbian Travel Expo: John Slater reporting in New York. Featuring travel expo organizer Thomas E. Roth, Barry Gruber of the Rainbow Mountain Resort, Edwin M. Andino of Harrington Travel, and Kevin Kailey of Above & Beyond Travel.
Queer Comedy – Marilyn Pittman: One of the stars of Bohdan Zachary’s All Out Comedy. Taped at Josie’s Cabaret and Juice Joint in San Francisco.
To Support & Defend: Gay and lesbian service members affected by President Clinton’s compromise on the military ban. Featuring Sgt. Justin Elzie and Sgt. Eliseo Martinez of the US Marine Corps, Capt. Pam Mindt and Sgt. Bruce Graner of the US National Guard, Capt. Michael Gray and Spec. E4 Jason Skerik of the US Army, Rev. Dr. Carolyn “Dusty” Pruitt of the US Army & Reserve, Staff Sgt. Thomas Paniccia of the US Air Force, Petty Officer V. Keith Meinhold and Lt. Maria Zoe Dunning of the US Navy, Richard & Heather Morgan, and Green Beret Gene Giannunzio.
Inside Look – The Leather Community: Including an interview with 1992 Mr. International Leather, Lenny Broberg, and a tour of Mr. S Leather. Featuring Garret Ball of Mr. S Leather.

12. September 1993 vol. 2 issue 3
Gay and Lesbian Sports: We visit Seattle’s Northwest Gay and Lesbian Summer Sports Festival and talk with representatives of the Gay Games. Featuring co-owner of club Cuff’sTim Franulovich, owner of elite II Alex Veltri, festival co-chair Jeanne Johnson, swim coach Marvel Shoen, Gail Britto of the Emerald City Softball Association, Ed Miesen, Tim Chan of the Seattle Rainer Cup Invitational, Matthew Roe, Carma Clark, Kris Johnson, Bill Etnyre, co-president of the Association of Gay Games Rick Peterson, Tom Cracovia of New York in ’94, Gay Games co-founder Paul Mart, and bodybuilders Donna Macey and Michael Fiumara.
Queer Comedy – Jason Stuart
Cinema Homosexual – Time Out: A short film by Rich Nobile.
Books – Stonewall by Martin Duberman: John Slater interviews the author in New York.
Theatre – Angels In America: Tony Kushern’s epic gay play. Reporting by Sandra Glorian. Featuring cast members Joe Mantello and Stephen Spinella.
Out In America – Swing Your Partner…: The 10th Annual Convention of the International Association of Gay & Lesbian Square Dance Clubs, held on the campus of the University of Washington. Featuring Seattle City Council Member Sherri Harris, Marney Reed, Stan Schure, Steve Parry, and event organizers Dan Bray Donna Brackiel, & John Paul.
Queer Holiday – Seattle: HiC reports. Featuring Chris Maltby, photographer Gregory Clark, and owner of the Gaslight Inn John Fox.
Out In America – Hands Off Washington: Talking strategy with the folks working to keep Lon Mabon & Co. at bay. Featuring Charlie Brydon of the Hands Off Washington Campaign and Washington State residents Spencer from Greenacres, Melba from Bellingham, Dave from Ephrata, John from Olympia, and Paul & Beverly from Colville.

13. October 1993 vol. 2 issue 4
Queer Holiday – Hotlanta River Expo: Hotlanta, a fifteen-year tradition that draws people from all over the country to party for four days and nights. Reporting by David Surber and Lisa Merrill. Featuring drag queen Amber Divine, Danny Williams, Sandy Thurman, and Peg of Etc. Magazine.
Lesbians And Breast Cancer: The quiet health crisis in our community is the epidemic rate of breast cancer among lesbians. Featuring Denne Doucher, Beverly Combs, Julie Carroll of the Feminist Women’s Health Center, founder of the Genesis Center Chad Kramer, and Mary McArthur.
Network Q’s First Year: A Look Back
Cinema Homosexual – Greetings From Out Here: A profile of Ellen Spiro and her tale of life among queers in the South.
The Phelps Factor: An illuminating peek into the mental processes of Baptist minister Fred Phelps and his family. Reporting by Jim Doblin. Featuring Fred Phelps, Sr., Margie Phelps, Biblical scholar Daniel Breslauer of the University of Kansas, Dotti Bird, Nate Phelps, Magie Phelps, Joshua Phelps-Roper, Sharon York, District Attorney Joan Hamilton, and Topeka City Council member Beth Mechler.
Recognizing Our Own: A look at gay and lesbian public officials around the country, produced by the Human Rights Campaign Fund. Featuring footage of Dianne Feinstein, Sen. Ted Kennedy, Jerry Fallwell, Ronald Reagen, Pat Buchanan, Maine State Sen. Dale McCormick, Oregon State Rep. Gail Shibley, San Francisco Board of Supervisors member Carole Migden, Harry Britt, Bill Clinton, Wisconsin State Rep. Tammy Baldwin, Laguna Beach Council Member Robert Gentry, Manhattan City Council member Tom Duane, Tim Mains, and David Mixner.
Roberta Achtenberg: A member of the Clinton Administration heads home to San Francisco for Pride. Lisa Geduldig reports from the 1993 San Francisco Gay & Lesbian Freedom Day Parade. Featuring Assistant Sec. of Housing & Urban Development Roberta Achtenberg and special advisor to the White House Bob Hattoy.
A Year of Queer Comedy
Dad Wants To Know… Viewer Mail

14. November 1993 vol. 2 issue 5
Cover Story – PFLAG Gets Political: Parents & Friends of Lesbians and Gays is formally incorporating human rights activism into its agenda. Featuring PFLAG Toronto chairperson Carroll Lewitt, PFLAG New Orleans president Sandra Pailet, Larry Bagneris Jr. of No/AIDS Task Force, PFLAG members Jane & Rob Daroff, Lou & Bruce Kriete, PFLAG President Mitzi Henderson, Sandra Moore of PFLAG Fort Worth, Boris Oxman, and Massachusetts Rep. Gary E. Stubbs.
Queer Holiday – Southern Decadence: The gay Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Featuring attendees Gary Levine, Cam Mangham, and Grand Marshall Ms. Fly.
Theatre – Whoop Dee Do: Excerpts and interviews with the cast. Reporting by John Slater. Featuring creator Howard E. Crabtree and cast member Richard Stegman.
Queers In Media: Attending the 2nd annual convention of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association in New York. Featuring former US Army Staff Sgt. Jose Zuniga, NLGA President Leroy Aarons, attendees Karen Mitchell, Mark Chesnut, Ted Loos, Victoria Stagg Elliott, Michael Goff of OUT Magazine, job fair organizer Mark Calvey, Ethel C. S. Bothuel and Sean Collins of National Public Radio, New York City Mayor David J. Dinkins, New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, New York NLGJA president Charles Kaiser, news anchors Dan Rather, Robert MacNeil Tom Brokaw, and Judy Woodruff, authors Randy Shilts and James Stewart, and Bill Dobbs of The Front Page Project.
Comedy – Lynn Lawner: Performance and conversation with the songstress and comedienne
Out In America – Attorney Susan Hendricks: Reporting by Stacy Zemon.
Cinema Homosexual – Mi Hermano: Edgar Bravo’s story of a Latino family’s struggle with AIDS.
Project Face To Face: Jason Dilley’s interactive art exhibit.
The Wall Street Project
Dad Wants To Know…
Viewer Mail

15. December 1993 vol. 2 issue 6
(Poor quality video and missing audio during first 30 seconds of intro)
Sons & Daughters of America anti-suicide PSA.
Cover Story – Out On Campus: Students, counselors and faculty share their experiences being queer in high school and college. Reporting by Dave Surber. Featuring students Eric Bonds of University of New Mexico, David Valdes and Trent Vernon of Emerson College, Lisa Dewolf , Shane Garcia, and Chuck Mazer of Tufts University, author of Massachusetts Governor’s Report on Gay & Lesbian Students Warren Blumenfeld, Sarah Lonberg-Lew Rachel and Mazor of Brookline High School Gay/Straight Alliance, Heather Wishik of the Tufts University LGB Resource Center, Stephany Moore and Andrew Montano of the New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology, Professor Jeff Putnam and Dr. Gary Olsen of New Mexico Tech.
Queer Comedy – Georgia Ragsdale: The comedian in action on stage and shopping at the Provincetown A&P. Dolly shots courtesy of the Shopping Cart Cam.
Inside Look – Recruiting Gay Cops: Boston will begin recruiting openly gay and lesbian officers in ’94. Why the commissioner wants it and reactions from others on the force, including one of the two openly gay officers. Featuring BPD Commissioner William Bratton, Norman Hill and Denise Watson of the BPD, and Janice Platner of Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders.
Interview – The Monks: RV park living. Featuring Jim Crotty and Michael Lane.
Out In America – 1 Child, 5 Parents, No Problem: The first in a series of stories about gay and lesbian parents. Featuring Joyce and Rebecca Kauffman and Katherine Triantafillou.
Queer Holiday – Boston/Provincetown: Featuring Diane Ford of the Boston Brew Company and Provincetown Women’s Week organizer Mike Wright.
Feature – OutWrite ’93: At the annual queer writers’ confidence, thoughts on the future of gay and lesbian literature and media. Featuring Harold McNeil Robinson, Karen Job Willis, Minphay Chiou, John Preston, Pat Califia, Alison Bechdel, Diane Demassa, Jim Marks of Lambda Book Report, OutWrite ’93 coordinator Michael Bronski, Jeff Yarbrough of The Advocate, and Dell Richards.
Books – Flesh & The Word 2: More porn and essays edited by John Preston. Featuring John Preston and authors Will Leber, Dave Kinnick, Christopher Wittke, and Scott O’Hara.
Cinema Homosexual – Which Is Scary: Paula Gauthier’s short film, plus a brief interview with the director.
Homo Home Video
Viewer Mail

16. January 1994 vol. 2 issue 7
Cover Story – State Of The Movement ’94: At the Creating Change Conference, talk was of race, class, gender, and NAFTA. Featuring NGLTF Executive Director Peri Jude Radecic, former Executive Directors Urvashi Vaid and Torie Osborn, co-chairs of 1993 March on Washington Nadine Smith and Scout, Robin Kane of NGLTF, co-chair of Stonewall 25 Franklin Fry, Pat Hussain of the Atlanta Lambda Community Center, Marjorie Hill, Loraine Hutchins of BINET USA, former Exec. Dir. of National Coming Out Day Lynn Sheppod, activist Connie Norman, Ron Schlittler, Michael Petrelis of Gay & Lesbian Americans, Art Bain of Gay/Lesbian/Bi Corp. Letter, co-founders and chairs of Digital Queers Karen Wickre and Tom Rielly, and Brandon Clark.
AIDS Project Los Angeles PSA
Queer Comedy – Lea Delaria: On lesbian sex, men and women working together, keeping your goals in m ind, important political developments, and Andy Griffith
Queer Holiday – Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina: Featuring Scott Tilley of the King & Queen Bowling League, Jim Baxter of The Front Page and White Rabbit Books, and Brigner Milne.
Books – Tom Bianchi’s Extraordinary Friends: Featuring photographer Tom Bianchi,
Out In America – A Gay Dad: A gay father and teenage son in North Carolina: Featuring George Smith and Chris Smith-Naill.
Feature – Project Face To Face: Jason Dilley’s interactive art exhibit to help educate about people living with AIDS. With interviewer John Moore, featuring Jason Dilley and editor Thomas Avena.
Feature – Shocking Gray Stunning Success: Mail order queer shopping. Featuring president Cynthia Cesnalis and Jeffrey Green of Shocking Gray
Theatre – Ms. Kate Heads Off-Broadway: Kate Clinton previews her one-woman Off-Broadway show in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Homo Home Video
Dad Wants to Know: Featuring Christine Murphy.
Viewer Mail

17. February 1994 vol. 2 issue 8
Cover Story – Inside The Gay Porn Film Industry: Producers, directors, critics, and stars share their thoughts on the business, and where it fits into the larger gay picture. Clips included. Featuring critic Dave Kinnick, Gregg Ramirez of sex shop The Pleasure Chest, Bob Tremont, producer Faron Brindley, and Hans Siebenlist of Odessey Men Video, actors Zak Spears and Derek Cruise, Sabin of Gay Video Guide, and Sam Abdul of Forum Studios.
AIDS Project Los Angeles PSA
Queer Holiday – West Hollywood, California: Featuring Thomas Crail of the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, David Cooley of The Abbey and Sean Mahoy.
Feature – Van Ness Recovery House: One of only a handful of substance abuse programs in the U.S. catering specifically to the needs of queers. Now in its 21st year. Featuring executive director Kathy Watt, VNRH residents Chris Johnson, Allan Orosco, Anna Mejia, and Nico Lee, and former resident Jude Calamari.
Queer Comedy – Karen Williams: Taped in New York
Out In America – Amanda Bearce: Talking about life, work and parenting out of the closet
Cinema Homosexual – Philadelphia: Jonathan Demme’s AIDS drama, starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington
Inside Look – Gay & Lesbian Latinos: Talking to members of the Latino community about coming out, family, HIV and other issues
Stonewall 25 – Why The Big Deal?: With Morris Kight, LA Stonewall 25 Committee co-chairs Rodney Scott and Laura Young, and Tom Dennison.
On the Road to the Games – A Record-Breaking Coming Out Story: In the first of a series of athlete profiles, meeting record-winning Gay Games swimmer Michael Mealiffe.
Viewer Mail

18. March 1994 vol. 2 issue 9
AIDS Project Los Angeles PSA
Cover Story – Gays, Lesbuans and the Mormon Church: A conservative denomination stressing family above all else struggles with the reality of queers in its midst. Dave Surber Reports. Featuring Bob Mcintier, Lynn LaMaster, Ken Carlson of the Restoration Church of Jesus Christ, Joe McDaniels, co-editor of “Peculiar People” Marybeth Raynes, Duane Jennings of the Wasatch Affirmation Mormon Support Group, Dr. Gary Watts and Mildred Watts of the Family Fellowship, Harold Jones, Robert Rhoades, Michael Westley, Mike Fergason of Utah Gay & Lesbian Youth, Gerry Johnston of People Who Care, Brian Daley of The Pillar, and David Matheson of the Evergreen Mormon support group.
Queer Comedy – Suzanne Westenhoefer: What happens when a nice girl from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania comes out and takes to the stage.
Inside Look – Yes, Virginia, There Is Queer Life in Salt Lake City: Reported to be the third-largest per-capita concentration if gays, lesbians, and bisexuals in the United States, Salt Lake City’s community is tight-knit and becoming more visible. Featuring Dale Sorenson of Utah Gay & Lesbian Democrats, business owner Joe Redburn, Melissa Sillitoe of the Utah Stonewall Center, real estate broker Babs DeLay, singer/songwriter Megan Peters, Christopher Riese of the Community Council of Utah, Kim Russo of the Utah AIDS Foundation, high school students Dave Newkirk, Chris Singley, and Chris Gallagher, Mike LeBlanc and Michael Westley of Utah Gay & Lesbian Youth, Jose Neva and Peter Small of the University of Utah Lesbian & Gay Student Union, Jared Brown and Carrie Gayler of the Utah Anti-Violence Project, and Shane Jones of the Salt Lake City Police Department.
Queer Holiday – Winterfest ’94: Twenty-five hundred Friends of Dorothy land in Park City for a week of skiing. Reporting by Dave Surber. Featuring Winterfest participants Peter Siderius of the Club Travel athletic club, Robbie Beck, Shawn Stinson, Mike Bureyanek, Biran Earp, Alexius Gallegos and Carl Boyer of the Gay & Lesbian Professional & Business Alliance, and Chris Condit.
Cinema Homosexual – The Sundance Film Festuval: Robert Redford’s independent cinema incubator has become a cozy place for queer filmmakers. Featuring John Cooper of the Sundance Film Festival and filmmakers Richard Glatzer, Brian Sloan, Greg Bordowitz, and Rose Troche.
Out In America – Sold!: Openly lesbian Realtor Babs DeLay proves that even in Salt Lake City, it’s performance that counts.
Local Colors – Megan Peters: The talented singer/songwriter openned Suzanne Westenhoefer’s Salt Lake City show.
On The Road To The Games – Just Can’t Get Enough: Kris Justesen gets ready for her third Gay Games.
Gay Games.

19. April 1994 vol. 3 issue 0
Cover Story – Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras: The largest and longest pride festival in the world. Reporting by Dave Surber. Featuring Susan Harben of the Mardi Gras board, business owners Ken Holmes and Michael Hannah, Jennifer Glass of the Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby, and choreographer Sammi Shalom.
Inside Look – Poofters In Oz: Locals talk about the community’s development. Reporting by Dave Surber. Featuring Cath Phillips of Burn Magazine, Greg Callahan of Campaign Magazine, Vaughn Hilton of the ABC Mardi Gras Broadcast, New South Wales M.P. Paul O’Grady.
Queer Holiday – Sydney and Cairns: With Men on Vacation. Featuring Bruce McNicol, Shawn Fitzgerald, Michael Acker of Men On Vacation.
Queer Comedy – The First International Gay & Lesbian Comedy Festival: Running for two weeks during Mardi Gras in Sydney, featuring American queer comics. Featuring Festival co-producers Robin Tyler and Barbara Bridges, and comedians Steve Moore, Lynda Montgomery, and Michael Greer.
On The Road To The Games – Bump, Set, Spike: Shane Parker and Team Sydney train for the volleyball competition
Out In Australia – Paul O’Grady: The only openly gay member of Parliament in New South Wales
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Homo Home Video: Featuring Professors Joy Morrison and Laura Milner of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

20. May 1994 vol. 3 issue 1
AIDS Project Los Angeles condom PSA
Cover Story – Homeless Queer Youth: Why they’re on the street, and how an innovative Austin program is helping to meet their needs. Featuring Michelle Burrows of Out Youth Austin, Oscar Lopez of AIDS Services of Austin, and teens Glenn Aupperle, Ariel, Kymm, Jeremy, and Connie.
Inside Look – Fighting The Right: In the first profile of local communities battling the Radical Right, Austin works to preserve domestic partner health benefits for city employees. Coverage includes two videos being used to educate voters about the larger Christian agenda. Featuring Rich Bailey and Mark Yznaga of the Mainstream Austin Coalition, Michael Brandes of Concerned Texans, Diane Hardy-Garcia of Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby of Texas, minister Jim Rigby, and Texas State Representative Glen Maxey.
Out In America – Grace Under Pressure: A high school student, her mom, and her basketball coach start a l/g/bi support group. Featuring Grace La Tour and her mother Renee Buck, Austin High School basketball coach Tammy Bradley, AHS counselor Steve Siefert.
The Road To The Games – Onward Into The Storm: Team Austin’s athletes and supporters. Featuring Team Austin co-chairs Charon Bolin and Gary Reese, artist Cameron Johnson, and athletes Clifford Ueltschey,
Cinema Homosexual – Eggplantasia by Heyd Fontenot and Threesome from Tri-Star films. Featuring filmmakers Beth Wishterich and and Heyd Fontenot, writer/director of Threesome Andrew Fleming, and actors Josh Charles, Stephen Baldwin, and Lara Flyn Boyle.
Local Color – Queer Austin Music (& Arts) Scene: Featuring Kay Longcope of The Texas Triangle, Stephen Yarbrough and Michael Deguzman of LGBA UT, Kerry O’Quinn of Club 404, Margaret Moser of Austin Chronicle, musicians Gretchen Phillips of the Gretchen Phillips Experience, Lynn Keller and Gigi Ladl of Cecilia Saint, and Kay Turner of Girls in the Nose.
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21. June 1994 vol. 3 issue 2
AIDS Project LA condom PSA
Cover Story – California AIDS Ride: Five hundred cyclists ride 500 miles from San Francisco to LA to raise funds for one the LA Gay & Lesbian Community Services Center’s AIDS programs. Featuring AIDS Ride producer Dan Pallotta, Lori Jean of the LA Gay & Lesbian Community Center, Larry Graifer of Tanqueray, Melissa Etheridge, actor Doug Savant, comedian Lea Delaria, and cyclists Joel Thurm, Brenda Kinoshita, Megan Asher, Jim Fleck, and Fox TV LA reporter Cristina Gonzalez.
Inside Look – Gay Greeks: Gay men in college fraternities. Featuring John Lee of the Gay Interfraternity Alliance, UCLA student Adam Ross San Diego State University students Russell Roybal, Jason Baker, Scott Echard, Budd Barmeyer, and Dougu Case of SDSU.
Queer Holiday – San Diego: Featuring Carla Coshow of The Flame, George Biagi and Jeri Dilno of the San Diego Gay & Lesbian Times, Christine Kehoe of the San Diego City Council, Jean Pierre Montagne of Obelisk Bookstore, Greg Wright of David’s Place.
Out In America – Hello, Neighbor!: Azalea Park in San Diego began publicly recruiting queers. Featuring Azalea Park residents Linda Pennington, Vicki Davis, Larry Kidd, and realtor Anne Christensen.
Cinema Homosexual – Salmonberries: Starring kd lang. Featuring filmmaker Percy Adlon, and Felix Adlon.
Theatre – The Ballad of Little Mikey: Subtitled “The Birth Of An Activist”. Featuring the writer/director Mark Savage and actors Mark Smith, William C. Lambrianides, Kevin Crafft, and Tobe Sexton.
Music: Gay music artist Karel.
Gay Games IV: Featuring George Biagi and Marty Blanco of America’s Finest City Softball League.
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22. July 1994 vol. 3 issue 3
AIDS Project LA condom PSA
Cover Story – Camp Sister Spirit – Under Siege in Ovett: Brenda and Wanda Henson’s feminist retreat in Mississippi threatened by prejudiced neighbors trying to run them out. Featuring Brenda and Wanda Henson, and attorneys David Daniels and Alison Gude.
Queer Holiday – Pensacola, Florida: Featuring Riley Hoggard of the Gulf Islands National Seashore group, Andy Anderson of Christopher St. South, event promoter Steve Berman, president of the White Heat AIDS Foundation Jim Goldman, and vacationers Kim Woodward, Mick Kaczorowski, and Prentice Satterfield.
The Fabulous Flirtations: The New York a capella group on the recent death of Michael Callen. Featuring band members Cliff Townsend, Jimmy Rutland, Aurelio Font, and Jon Arterton.
Inside Look – Naiad Press: The oldest and largest women’s publishing house. Featuring Naiad Press CEO Barbara Grier and Donna McBride.
Cinema Homosexual – Go Fish: Premiered at Sundance Film Festival. Now entering wide release. Featuring filmmaker Rose Troche and actor Guinevere Turner.
Out In America – Marty Huie & Jeff Wade: An out gay married couple in Tallahassee, Florida.
Country & Gay: Jeff Miller, the only openly gay act in Nashville looking for a major label deal.
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23. August 1994 vol. 3 issue 4
Special Edition – Gay Games IV & Stonewall 25: Highlights and interviews from the two New York City events.
Gay Games IV: David Surber and Judy Nelson report. Featuring Judy Nelson of “In the Life,” Dave Lohse and David Fazio of the Gay Games IV organization, co-president of the Federation of Gay Games Rick Peterson, and athletes Bruce Hayes. Rene Oldrich, Jack Hilovsky of the D.C. water polo team, John Breckenridge, Bruce Gallard-Grant of the Sydney Flag Football team, Lisa Meyer and Collette Francel of the Seattle flag football team, Gary Riese of the Austin cycling team, Maria Timiraos of the Denver cycling team, Sean Crowley of the San Francisco skating team, Paul Dessauru of D.C. powerlifting, Stefan Lynch of the San Francisco tennis team, Jennifer Ogle of the Seattle swimming team, Devin Shancady of the Denver wrestling team.
Gay Games Cultural Festival: Reporting by Greg Watt. Featuring choreographer/dancer Bill T. Jones, Sir Ian McKellen, Mathilde Krim of AMFAR, and comedians Kate Clinton, Sandra Bernhard, Suzy Berger, Bob Smith, Maggie Cassella
Stonewall 25 – Becoming More Visible: David Surber reports on an historical exhibit on gay history at the New York Public Library, featuring Rodney Phillips of the NYPL, and the Stonewall 25 March and Rally, featuring Molly Hart of the Castillo Cultural center, Stonewall veterans Allen Mendelson, Ivan Valentin, John Paul, & Mama Jean.
World’s Largest Rainbow Flag: The Stadtlanders Foundation created a mile-long rainbow flag to lead the Stonewall 25 march. Featuring Karen Jacobi of the Stadtlanders Foundation and creator of the rainbow flag Gilbert Baker.

24. September 1994 vol. 3 issue 5
AIDS Project LA condom PSA
Inside Look – HIV & Youth: Interviews with young people about their relationship to HIV and safe sex practices. Featuring Jens Tobiasson, Stephanie Bender, Brendan Haymaker and Nick Mischel of Joy Luck Life, Joseph Huser, Dr. Elizabeth McFarland of the HIV program at Children’s Hospital, and Richard Barton of the Colorado AIDS Project.
Cinema Homosexual – The Life & Times of Allen Ginsberg: Jay Aronson’s film chronicles his life. Featuring director Jay Aronson,
Queer Holiday – Denver, Colorado: featuring local business owners Bill Burgess of Billie’s, Clyde Stephens of Victoria Oaks Inn, Denver residents Zac Hanson.
Boulder, CO: Talking to young people about being LGBT in Boulder. Featuring Naropa University students Brian Jacobs, Eliza Schwarz, Sheila Anderson, Gregory Munna, Jonathan Dharma, Pasq Wilson, and Zaki Kamandy. Also featuring local business owners Doug Courson and Chris McPeek.
Comedy – Out There II: Featuring producer Trevor Hopkins, comedians Amanda Bearse, Mark Davis, Maggie Cassella, and Frank Maya.
Project Angel Heart: A grass-roots AIDS service group serving meals and cleaning homes for home-bound people with AIDS. Featuring Project Angel Heart director Charles Robbins, workers Patte Henderson and Frankie Bruce, and client Steve Hoffman.
Out In America – Tim Gill: The founder of software company Quark, Inc. is one of two openly gay men on the Forbes 400.
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25. October 1994 vol. 3 issue 6
Cover Story – Kumbaya Music Festival: Canadian artists perform in Toronto to benefit AIDS services organization. Featuring festival organizer Molly Johnson, producer Mark Smith, and musician Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies.
Inside Look – Sex In Canda: A paradox of relative permissiveness and widespread censorship and criminal prosecution. Featuring activists Gail Mourant and Chris Burchell, Professors Jay Cassel, Thelma McCormack, & Brenda Cossman of York University, CBC producer Max Allen, Toshiya Kuwabara of Glad Gay Bookshop, Matthew McGowan, and artist Eli Langer.
Comedy – An All-Canadian Line-Up: Elvira Kurt and friends perform at Crews in Toronto. Featuring Elvira Kurt, Bedelia Bidet, Suzy Richter, Marla Lukofsky, and Jonathan Wilson.
Queer Holiday – Toronto: featuring Tim Jones of theater group Buddies in Bad Times, Alison Kemper of the 519 Church Street Community Center, and local business owner Peter Bochove.
Cinema Homosexual – Zero Patience: John Greyson’s AIDS Musical. Featuring writer/director John Greyson, cast members Norman Fauteux, John Robinson, and Michael Callen, Anna Stratton, co-producer Louise Garfield, choreographer Susan McKenzie, and composer Glen Schellenberg.
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26. November 1994 vol. 3 issue 6
Music – Disappear Fear: A concert at a small Midwestern college
Queer Holiday – Chicago: Featuring local residents and business ownersTony Klok, Jill Rosenthall, Bill Edlebeck, Garrison Clarke, Karen Sendziak, Tom Jevec, Kevin Boyer, Corbin Woodling, Mary Sherman, Laurie Jacobsen, and Michelle Fire.
Theatre – Party: Chicago’s longest-running gay play. Featuring writer David Dillon and cast members Ted Bales, Kellum Lewis, and Vince Gatton.
Out In America – Chicago’s First Openly Queer Police Sgt. Dorothy Knudson: Featuring Knudson and partner Ronda Rhoades.
Comedy – The Gay Comedy Jam: Scott Kennedy and Kevin Maye perform in Chicago.
Cinema – Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: Featuring writer/director Stephan Elliott and cast members Guy Pearce, Terence Stamp, and Hugo Weaving.
Merchandise – Network Q Direct: Network Q debuts its new mail-order service