1. Palladium

2. The Saint

3. Limelight

4. Tunnel

5. Union Club

6. River Club

7. Studio 54

8. Islanders Club

9. Tracks

10. Octagon

11. Moonshadow

12. Private Eyes/ Young Men’s Video Association

13. Spectrum

14. Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center

15. SAGE

16. Saturday Night Dance Club

17. Other night clubs and bars – Ice Palace, 10:18, Capital, Michael Todd Room, Club 4D, College Bar, Sanctuary, Torys, Latin Quarter, Cafe Sahara, Uncle Charlies, Savage, Higher Love Club, Cignal, Rock Hotel, Paradise Garage, Madison Square Garden.

18. Flyers from variety of organisations including Gay Mens Health Crisis, New York City Gay Mens Chorus, Fund for Human Dignity, Human Rights Campaign Fund, Fund for Open Information and Accountability (FOIA), New York Gay Film Festival, Lambda Legal Defense, Momentum, Pride, Hetrick-Martin Institute Inc, American Run for End of AIDS, Playwrights Against AIDS; personal notes, personal letters, flyers from private parties, Chelsea Gym flyers, Norton Lymans flyers