Box 1

1. Board minutes, correspondence, photos, [2000s]

2. Grants, [1996]

3. 10th Anniversary Journal, 1990/1993

Unfoldered Items

Four proclamations from the New York Mayor’s Office, Office of the Manhattan Borough President in oversize flat file.

The New York chapter began as Black and White Men Together under the initial leadership of Henry Wiemhoff who attracted a number of like-minded Black and white men to start the group in 1980. A similar organization began in San Francisco, and within a few years chapters had developed in many of the major U.S cities. An initial National Convention took place in San Francisco and has continued every year since then in different cities.

In the effort to combat racism, homophobia, and sexism, the New York chapter had three foci: 1) consciousness raising sessions to uncover our own internalized racism and provide a safe space for interracial relating; 2) political action to combat racism in the gay community; and 3) social activities to have fun together.

–From MACT/NY final newsletter, June 2018