1. Journal March, 1975
2. Journal 1979-1980 [names, phone numbers, notes]
3. Sections of Memoirs with David Dalton
4. Transcription of Tapes [Susan, David, Jackie]
5. Misc. Notes & Ideas for Dialogue, Poems
6. The Wit & Wisdom of Jackie Curtis
7. Tomato Soup [synopsis, dialogue, lines, Ideas]
8. Poems & Song Lyrics
9. Poems by Jackie Curtis
10. Misc. Writing [unidentified dialogue]
11. Scrapbook Collages
12. Journal: Parousia S.O.M. The King of Fict.
13. Wild Orchids [Book of Poems by Jackie Curtis]
14. Red Movie, Projection Womb [2 stories, poem & misc. writing]
15. Misc. Writing by Jackie Curtis


16. Photo Diary [from Peter Groby 1979-1982]
17. Journal [undated, random notes, lists]
18. Diary 1985
19. Scrapbook
20. Scrapbook
21. Scrapbook
22. Scrapbook
23. Journal [about movies, actors]
24. Address book 1977
25. Misc. Personal Notes & Receipts
26. Jackie Curtis Resumes, Mailing List, Agent List
27. Letters & Postcards from Friends
28. Lawyer Letter to Landlord, Mark Upton IOU, Hospital release
29. Letter from Therapist, Medicaid Records, Hospital Card, Prescriptions


30. Family Letters
31. Misc. Notes & Letters to Jackie
32. Funeral Card, Ellen Stewart Memorial Poem
33. Eulogy by Glen Orr
34. Stars Fell in Alabama [poem for Jackie Curtis, unknown author]
35. Autograph book
36. Autographed Photos & Programs
37. Jackie Curtis Directors chair back
38. 45 RPM Record [inscribed to Debbie Kane]
39. WR: Mysteries of the Organism [book]
40. WR: Mysteries of the Organism [press information for film]
41. The Language of Flowers [book]
42. Ashes of Roses by Robert Perry [book, poetry]
43. Poetry Project [flyers, posters, programs]
44. Reviews and Interviews [newspaper clippings]
45. NYB Magazine “The Familiar Made Unfamiliar” by Jackie Curtis as told to Charles Austin
46. Details Magazine 1985 [article by Penny Arcade]
47. Selfish Lullaby: The Story of Jackie Curtis by David Dalton & Jackie Curtis
48. Tangerine #8 1/2 [Magazine: Tribute to Jackie]


49. inter/VIEW with Eric Emerson
50. “Jackie” by Gerald Dugan [Play Script & Letter]
51. Cabaret Show: Posters, Ads, Photos
52. Sheet Music
53. Yearbook: School of Art & Design 1964
54. 50th Anniversary Program
55. Press Releases, Publicity Clips
56. Jackie Curtis Nightclub Act 1984
57. Programs from Play/Script Readings
58. Metamorphemyth [play script]
59. Champagne by Jackie Curtis [original play script]
60. Champagne by Jackie Curtis [scripts with notations]
61. Champagne [script with collage cover, notes]
62. Poster & Program for Champagne
63. Cock Strong, Playhouse of the Ridiculous, Cafe La Mama [photo album]
64. Program for Cock Strong
65. Heaven Grand in Amber Orbit [promo flyer, ad]
66. Astral World by Jackie Curtis [play script 1976]
67. Blood Red Rose [P.R. photo & song lyrics]
68. Strangers When We Meet [script about Andy Warhol’s Factory]


69. Heaven Grand in Amber Orbit [script]
70. Born Too Late or the Cinema Du Mah Mind [script & music for cabaret act 1981]
71. Astral World [play script]
72. Copyright certificate, Astral World
73. Glamour, Glory and Gold by Jackie Curtis [play scripts w/ notes]
74. Glamour, Glory and Gold [promo material, reviews]
75. Glamour, Glory and Gold by Jackie Curtis [intro by Joey Preston]
76. Theodora: A new Musical Comedy by Jackie Curtis [script]
77. The World 38 [book of poetry including “The Star” by Jackie Curtis]
78. Andy Warhol presents Women In Revolt [screenplay]
79. Tyrone X by Nick Markovich [Jackie Curtis’ script]
80. The Francis Farmer Story by Nick Markovich [play script]


81. Lucky Wonderful: A Musical Comedy [Book by Jackie Curtis, Music & Lyrics by Paul Benedict]
82. Astral World [first draft script]
83. Heaven Grand in Amber Orbit [script, intro by Craig Highberger]
84. Vain Victory by Jackie Curtis [play script]
85. Vain Victory by Jackie Curtis [script, intro by Craig Highberger]
86. Vain Victory by Jackie Curtis [script]
87. Jackie by Gerald Dugan [play script 1986]
88. Photos of Friends
89. Contents of small Photo book
90. Lucky Wonderful Rehearsal Photos
91. Photos from Parties and Plays


92. Photos, Young Jackie Curtis [teenage]
93. Tyrone X [play program, P.R. clips, photos]
94. I Died Yesterday PR packet, Photos of Jackie as Frances Farmer
95. Vain Victory [photos, promo material, reviews]
96. Jackie Curtis Photos [slides]
97. Press Releases
98. The Trojan Women & Performance for Peace [programs]
99. Contact Proofs & Negatives
100. Jackie Curtis Photos [headshots & P.R. photos]
101. Family & Childhood Photos



102. Calendars 1983, 1984, 1985
103. Photos and Clippings [large portfolio]
104. Photos and Clippings [large portfolio]
105. Jackie in I Died Yesterday [large photo prints by photographer Gerry Vezzuso]