1. Mission statement, rules and procedures

2. By-laws (with 1999 petition to amend by-laws)
3. Meeting agendas and minutes, 1991-1999
4. Financial statements, 1991-1999
5. Membership lists, rosters, “phone-tag” lists, etc., 1991-1996
6. Membership package, including FAQs, application form, membership card, etc.
7. Member bulletins and letters, 1992-1999
8. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1992-1999
9. Certificate of appointment of Vicountess Viveca Fairfax to the Imperial Court System, 1995
10. Applications, resumes, letters of recommendation, campaign flyers, etc. for Empress, Emperor and other board member elections, 1993-1999 (Note: videotape included with one application is at end of file)
11. Night of a Thousand Gowns (annual ball) schedules, forms, invitations, flyers, etc.
12. Miscellaneous events: flyers, schedules, etc.
13. Calendars of events for International and New York Imperial Courts, 1994-1996
14. Brief history and description of the Imperial Court
15. Miscellaneous articles, reprints, publications, etc.