1. Gay Guides for 1949 Introduction by Hugh Hagius and reprint of Gaedicker’s “Sodom-on-Hudson; The Gay Girl’s Guide”, 1949, 1950; “Gay Girl’s Guide to the U.S. & The Western World”, Summer 1950, Mid – 50s

2. Lewdness by Rev. Ludovicus Maria Sinistrari de Ameno (seventeenth century), (The Mute Sin, Alias Sodomy) Translation by Hugh Hagius

3. Socrates, The Holy Pederast by Johann Matthias Gesner, (eighteenth century) Translation and Introduction by Hugh Hagius

4. Trying & Pilloring of the Vere Street Club by J. Brown, London 1810, reprint with Introduction by Hugh Hagius (it was the most sensational Sodomite scandal in England up to the Oscar Wilde case, they were convicted in trial and exposed in the pillory.) Together with “The Monstors” from Bell’s Weekly Messemger, London, 1810; “Seeing is Believing”, Thomas Rowlandson, 1812; “Brief Observations on the Punishment of Pillory,” pamphleteer, London, 1814.

5. Alberto Nin Frias: Vida y Obras: Published softcover book.

6. G.I. Hustlers Of World War II by Hugh Hagius, Bibliogay Publications, 2011.