a:1:{i:0;a:2:{s:14:”section_header”;s:15:”VIDEO TAPE LIST”;s:15:”section_content”;s:39369:”1. The Heart of the Matter, African American women with AIDS discuss living HIV positive, speakers include Terri Bartlett of Planned Parenthood and Reverend Audrey Johnson a pediatric AIDS nurse, audio is intermittent at first; Charlie Rose – World AIDS Day program, panel of scientists, journalists, and activists discuss AIDS; And the Band Played On, only part of film (Runtime 1:58:01) (Mimi Plevin-Foust collection)

2. Understanding the Disease; Comprendamos la Enfermedad, A scientific explanation of how the HIV virus works made by Glaxo Wellcome (Runtime 26:25) (Mimi Plevin-Foust collection)

3. Positive: Life with HIV Part 1 and Part 2, about HIV positive people and family members and their experiences with intermittent performance art by groups or artists such as AIDS Theatre Group, Tonya Hill, Penny Arcade, and Tab Lloyd (Runtime 1:52:10) (Mimi Plevin-Foust collection)

4. Positive: Life with HIV Part 3 and Part 4, about HIV positive people and family members and their experiences such as Viviana Martinez and Patrick Mangan with intermittent performance art by groups or artists such as Nalty Killeen (Runtime 1:50:00) (Mimi Plevin-Foust collection)

5. Hopes and Fears: Rusti’s Story, this short film follows Russelle Miller-Hill, an HIV positive woman living happily with the support of her friends and family (Runtime 22:50) (Mimi Plevin-Foust collection)

6. The HIV + Survival Guide: Diet for Living in the Age of AIDS, a guide to the natural and nutritious diet needed for healthy and longer living while HIV positive, hosted by Steve Frankel and guest Dirk Benedict (Runtime 55:45) (Mimi Plevin-Foust collection)

7. Disk A: Heart of the Matter; The Charlie Rose Show, with Charlie Rose, Karen Orloff Kaplan, and Kay Kramer discussing the process of dying; The Merry Widow (film); Nature- tv show on PBS; 1989 football game, Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia; Documentary about George Méliès narrated by Gus Macdonald; showing of The Grapes of Wrath (film), no audio until 42:30 (Runtime 2:47:58); Disk B: The Grapes of Wrath (film) continues; Fox 5 WNYW- the 10 o’clock News segment, (Runtime 13:42) (Mimi Plevin-Foust collection)

8. (In)visible Women “English” a short film meant to raise awareness of the lives of women living with AIDS, featuring Jeannie Pejko, Marina Alvarez, Irma Mclara, and poetry by Carmen Reyes (Runtime 25:00) (Mimi Plevin-Foust collection)

9. “I’m You, You’re Me”: Women Surviving Prison, Living with AIDS, a documentary (Runtime 26:12) (Mimi Plevin-Foust collection)

10. HIV – Choices From the Other Side, a film made to showcase how alternative treatments such as acupuncture can be instrumental to living while HIV positive when added to traditional western treatments, with Dr. Franklin Gilbert, Noel George, Dr. Bernard Bihari, and Dr. Magnolia Goh (Runtime 1:00:20) (Mimi Plevin-Foust collection)

11. AIDS: A Second Opinion – A Gary Null Production, a film made to deny the existence of the AIDS epidemic and to suggest that HIV is a harmless virus that does not cause AIDS, with Peter Duesberg, Joan Shenton, Christine Johnson, and many other AIDS deniers (Runtime 1:59:10) (Mimi Plevin-Foust collection)

12. Dr. Gary Null: Living with AIDS Naturally, a film showcasing HIV positive people living healthfully without tradtional treatments (AZT) by eating healthfully and taking other natural treatments (Runtime 58:40) (Mimi Plevin-Foust collection)

13. A Time of AIDS: III. Fighting for Life, on the Discovery Channel, narrated by Alec Baldwin, about the beginings of the AIDS crisis, the unofficial drugs that people resorted to, the release of AZT, the founding of ACT UP by Larry Kramer, AIDS activist Peter Staley and the fight to lower the price of AZT, the discovery of AZT’s limitations, the rise of HIV positive women (Runtime 58:30) (Mimi Plevin-Foust collection)

14. A Time of AIDS: II. Hunting the Virus, on the Discovery Channel, narrated by Alec Baldwin, about the spread of AIDS in Africa, Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier and their research into retroviruses, the Blood Bank’s refusal to screen blood donors, and the creation of the HIV screening test (Runtime 1:02:00) (Mimi Plevin-Foust collection)

15. A Time of AIDS: I. The Zero Factor, on the Discovery Channel, narrated by Alec Baldwin, about the discovery of AIDS in gay men, Michael Callen interviewed, the treatment of gay men from the medical community, the GMHC, and the discovery that the disease is spread through blood (Runtime 59:00) (Mimi Plevin-Foust collection)

16. A Time of AIDS: IV. The End of the Beginning, on the Discovery Channel, narrated by Alec Baldwin, about the spread of AIDS across all demographics, the tracing of the origins of the virus, the scientific community’s handling of research, and the spread of HIV in the third world (Runtime 58:40) (Mimi Plevin-Foust collection)

17. HIV – Choices From the Other Side, a film made to showcase how alternative treatments such as acupuncture can be instrumental to living HIV positive when added to traditional western treatments, with Dr. Franklin Gilbert, Noel George, Dr. Bernard Bihari, and Dr. Magnolia Goh (Runtime 1:00:15) (Mimi Plevin-Foust collection)

18. WideTime: An HIV Odyssey, a film about long term HIV positive survivors including Jack Rosenberg, Barbara Capelli, Michael Callen, Ruselle Miller-Hill, Fred Bingham, Tonya Hall, and others (Runtime 55:10) (Mimi Plevin-Foust collection)

19. Legacy- Michael Callen, a short film about his music and battle with AIDS (Runtime 26:45) (Mimi Plevin-Foust collection)

20. Disk A: AIDS Community Television: Michael Callen travel footage; coverage of the Yokohama AIDS Conference; ACT UP New York General Meeting, Battle Over AIDS Drug Review; AIDS Expression and State of Mind, (Runtime 2:48:12); Disk B: AIDS Community Television: David B. Feinberg speaking at Lesbian and Gay Pride Rally on Jun 6 1993; Town Hall Meeting on Nov 6 1994 at the LGBT Community Center with, Anne Northrop, Michelangelo Signorille, Carmen Vazquez, Richard Elovich, and Michelle Santiago; Peer Education Not Fear Education, featuring Andrea Sanchez, Maisha Uzuri James, Kate Barnhart, Alicia Figueroa, Trevor Brown, Sharon Thompson, Carole Chervin, Erica Zurer, and John McIlven; Dec 1 1994 World AIDS Day, Jocelyn Elders fired for advocating sex education for children, and ACT-UP Live (Runtime 2:48:15) continuation of ACT-UP Live (Tape C Runtime 20:17) (Kathleen Conkey)

21. The X-Files episode “Never Again”; Bette Midler’s Diva Las Vegas performance containing singing, dance, and stand up comedy (Runtime 2:03:28) (Kathleen Conkey)

22. Disk A: 1992 Miami vs. San Diego football game on NBC Sports; 1992 NBC News Special Democratic Presidential Debate with Bill Clinton, Douglas Wilder, Bob Kerrey, Tom Harkin, Paul Tsongas, Jerry Brown, and moderated by Tom Brokaw of NBC News; Hot Country Nights with Marty Stuart, Travis Tritt, Tanya Tucker, Charlie Daniels, Shelby Lynne, Wayne Carter, Brian Halley, and Jeff Dunham, a program with live country music and stand up comedy. (Runtime 2:48:07); Disk B: Hot Country Nights continues; Channel 4 News; Who’s Harry Crumb on NBC; Channel 4 News coverage of Democratic Candidate debate, sports coverage, (Runtime 2:48:08); Disk C: Sports coverage continues; first twenty minutes of the Democratic Presidential Debate (Runtime 24:46) (Kathleen Conkey)

23. Disk A: New York City Council Hearing Gay Rights Testimony 1986, with City Council members Samuel Horwitz as Chairman, Robert J. Dryfoos, Ruth Messinger, and Peter Vallone, with Ken Auletta of WNYC TV reporting, no audio first 47 minutes (Runtime 2:48:18); Disk B: New York City Council Hearing coverage continues, brief cuts to other tv shows, testimony by Serphin Maltese, Virginia Apuzzo, Joseph Meehan, Herman Farrell, Bob Grant, Arthur Leonard, Robert Morganthau, Joy Somerset, Marilyn Flood, Rev. Plunkett, John Anderson; News 4 New York, Chuck Scarborough, Sue Simmons, Gabe Pressman, Mike Taibbi, and Marv Albert reporting on a blimp explosion, the imprisonment of Michael Franzese, the recovery of Marla Hanson after a violent attack, the death of a cop, protests over anti-sodomy law, the Homeless Vigil protest, and a sports segment; Advertisements for A&S store, Valvoline oil, BMW cars, Cotton Incorporated, Moussy beer, Shop Rite, Shearson Lehman Brothers an American Express company, Mazda cars, Amoco Ultimate gasoline, and The Meadowlands; Return to New York City Council Hearing, testimony by Dr. Damien Martin, Mary Goodhill, and Frederick A.O. Schwartz Jr., Joseph Friedman (Runtime 2:48:11); Disk C: New York City Council Hearing continues, repeats end of Disk B until 29:00, testimony by Rabbi Robert Goldberg, and others (Runtime 41:36) (Kathleen Conkey)

24. Physician Advisory- New Mandates for HIV Care, an advisory for physicians about the clinical responce to AZT, side effects, and when to initiate therapy, with Dr. Margaret Fischl, Constance Wofsy, Charles Ericsson, Henry Balfour, and Robert Schooley (Runtime 49:32) (Elinor Burkett)

25. The Cause of AIDS: Fact and Speculation, no audio (Runtime 1:23:00) (Elinor Burkett)

26. Dispatches- AZT: Cause for Concern, about the issues with AZT and Wellcome, with Gene Fedorko, Jim Pruitt, Dr. John Hamilton, Dr. Robert Hoffman, Christopher Babick, Celia Farber, and others (Runtime 41:10) (Elinor Burkett)

27. Dispatches – The Aids Catch, concerning Peter Duesberg’s claims that HIV is not the cause of AIDS (Runtime 41:45) (Elinor Burkett)

28. Straight For a Cure, footage from the event with representatives of organizations, speakers, and attendees (Runtime 1:18:45) (Elinor Burkett)

29. Disk A: Community Forum at the LGBT Community Center: Research Agenda “Manhattan Project” for AIDS, TAG, Project Inform, ACT UP, and Diva TV, with Ann Northrop and Mark Harrington (Runtime 2:47:58); Disk B: Community Forum continues with Ann Northrop facilitating, announcements at end of meeting; Liza Minelli singing The Day After That in multiple languages (Runtime 34:14) (Elinor Burkett)

30. The Geraldo Rivera Show, “10 Years of the AIDS Epidemic”, with Larry Kramer, Michael Callen, Genie White (mother of Ryan White), and others; Channel 7 News on Kimberly Bergalis (Runtime 1:08:10) (Elinor Burkett)

31. Your Turn: The AIDS Epidemic in Prisons, hosted by Reginald Roundtree with Lenny Kaplan discussing the plight of HIV positive inmates who are not given medical care or information (Runtime 28:35) (Elinor Burkett)

32. WLIW – The Great AIDS Debate May 26 1994, a debate panel hosted by Dara Welles of scientists, doctors, and AIDS deniers such as Peter Duesberg; ABC News Nightline Apr 4 1994 (Runtime 1:57:05) (Elinor Burkett)

33. AIDS What You Haven’t Been Told, provides information about AIDS and homophobically points to the gay lifestyle and gay activism as spreading immoral behaviors, spreading the HIV virus, and benefitting from the AIDS crisis, by using it to gain political power, advocates abstinence, interviews gays and lesbians, and calls on the bible for evidence against homosexuality, with Dr. Steven E. Larson, Michael Gebott, Dr. Harold Jaffe, Dr. Charles Schable, Dr. John Ward, Dr. Jacob Fleishman, Morgan Fairchild, Dr. Judith Reisman, Dr. Gregg Albers, Jim Johnson, Paul Kawata, Gerald Coates, Chris Glaser, William Dannemeyer, Michael Schwartz, Beverly Armstrong, Pat Norman, Rev. Thomas Bigalo, Duke Comedes, Harry Hay, H.B. Baldwin, Eleanor Smeal, Robin Tyler, and Ginny Apuzzo (Runtime 1:23:15) (Elinor Burkett)

34. Vital Signs- The Cuban Solution, news segment on the forced quarantining of HIV positive people in Cuba, with Robert Bazell reporting (Runtime 3:55) (Elinor Burkett)

35. Common Threads: Stories From the Quilt, the families of people who died from AIDS speak about those they lost, including the families of Tom Waddell, David Mandell Jr., David C. Campbell, David G. Meyer, and Jeff Sevcik, and traces the begining of the AIDS crisis and the Names Project (Runtime 1:15:00) (Elinor Burkett)

36. Arte 4 Calle- street art fair, in spanish (Runtime 1:04:45) (Elinor Burkett)

37. Disk A: Entertainment This Week- Steel magnolias; NBC News Decision 89- state, local, and congressional elections; ABC News; KMBC News 9- interview with Harold Karpman about his book ‘Preventing Silent Heart Disease’; Good Morning America- Andrew Lloyd Weber’s ‘Phantom of the Opera’; ABC news- report on political situation in East Germany; KMBC News, segment on gay people raising children; Good Morning America, Debate over abolishing the penny, Interview with Ed Koch; Claymation Christmas Carol- a Will Vinton Production; The Phil Donahue Show (Runtime 2:48:08); Disk B: The Phil Donahue Show continued, with Marcia Robinson Lowry, Joel Klein, Linda Brekke, Joyce Egginton, Myrna Struchen-Johnson; Advertisements for Centrum multivitamin, Lipton Family Favorites, Research Psychiatric Center, Kraft, Cy Rudnick’s Fabrics, Jenny Craig weightloss, Levitz, Pillsbury, LensCrafters, Hyundai Excel, JP Todds, Always (film), Metro Ford, ABC’s Famous January Sale, Texas Tom’s, Welch’s, Crusade for Coats for Salvation Army, Best Buy, John Wallace Dodge, The Drake (hotel), Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion (perfume), Ragu’s sauce, Therapuetic Mineral Ice, Jenkins Music company; 1989- A Year With Andy Rooney, a review of the major events, politics, and social issues of 1989; Advertisements for Nicorette gum, Sears, Chevrolet, Subaru, Comtrex cold medicine, Alpo cat food, The Kennedy Center Honors, Beauty and the Beast on KCTV, Sheer Elegance panty hose, Sears, Prego Spaghetti sauce, CBS, Toyota, Benchmark furniture, KCTV 5 News Break, Advil, Red Lobster, Murder, She Wrote (film), AT&T, Honda Accord, Bayer Aspirin, McDonalds; The Joan Rivers Show, on lesbian mothers, with Jane Weiler, Pam Schneider, Sandra Close, Terri Sabol, and Nathan Goldberg; Advertisements for Robitussin, White Cloud toilet paper, Concorde Career Institute, Kellogg’s, JC Penney, Oatmeal Raisin Crisp, Chef Boyardee, Sullivan Educational Centers, Physicians Weight Loss Center, Reynolds Sure-Seal bags; K.D. Lang at the Grammys; Andy Rooney back on air after suspension due to racist remark; Hard Copy, on missing and dead American tourists in Africa, with John Ward, Allen Sullivan, and Margaret Beale; Advertisements for Dole fruit juice, Rodney D. Young car insurance, Montgomery Ward, Price Chopper (Runtime 2:19:35); Disk C: Advertisement for Delta Airlines; Hard Copy, on Dave Moore a bicycle enthusiast; The Geraldo Rivera Show, with the cast of the broadway show A Chorus Line, Drew Geraci, Laurie Gamache, Roxanne Biggs, Matt Pederson, Priscilla Lopez, Donna McKechnie, Joseph Papp, Troy Garza, Fran Forchetti, Gary Tillman; Advertisments for National Education Center, Nordic Track, International Bartending Institute, Personal Injury Trial Lawyers Association (PITLA), LifeCall, Dickinson Business School, Action 4 News, Concorde Career Institute, Blue Star Ointment, DeVry Night School, Dole fruit juice; CBS News, Peter Van Sant reporting on catholicism in Soviet Lithuania, with Cardinal Vincentas Sladkevicius, Juozar Polikaitis; Advertisements for Nasal, Kellogg’s, and Norelco razors (Runtime 1:00:47) (Kathleen Conkey)

38. Disk A: KMBC 9 News at 5; 48-hours “Driven to Extremes” about New York City drivers; Kansas City News at 10; Living with AIDS- AIDS in Houston examined through patients and healthcare workers, ABC Prime Time explores the making of the TV show Murphy Brown, KMBC 9 News; Entertainment Daily Journal, AIDS Silent Screen- about AIDS in Hollywood, segment about Public Enemy performing at Radio City Music Hall; The Phil Donahue Show (Runtime 2:48:0); Disk B: The Phil Donahue Show continued, clips; The Phil Donahue Show, with the cast of In Living Color (tv show) Keenen Ivory Wayans, David Alan Grier, Kelly Coffield, Tommy Davidson, T’keyah Crystal Keymah, James Carrey, Advertisements for American Dairy Farmers and Agree shampoo; The Phil Donahue Show with author Patti Davis; Advertisements for The Cosby Show, Mademoiselle Fitness Centers, Osco Drug, Ponderosa’s, Tucks Pads, Caladryl Clear, Jell-O, Ultra Bold detergent, Hartz Blockade, Sonic, LifeCall, LensCrafters, Era Plus detergent, Erase carpet spot eraser, KMBC TV, Fantastic Sam’s, Diet Coke, Jenny Craig weight loss, Cottman Transmission, Brown Mackie College, The Drake (hotel), Nitri/System; Hard Copy-on Hollywood look-a-likes bordello, with Terry Murphy, James Bacon, Mickey Rooney, Kenneth Anger, and Gordon Elliot; KMBC 9 News, on dairy cows, with Dave Eckert, John Eastland, and Brenda Washington (Runtime 1:48:26) (Kathleen Conkey)

39. Disk A: The Geraldo Rivera Show- Lesbian parents with guests Kathy Gage, Joy Schulenburg, Laura Esquivel, Susan Brace, Nancy Witherill, Carol Anderson; The Geraldo Rivera Show: Gays in the service and police force with guests Miriam Ben-Shalom, Perry J. Watkins, Sally DeHaven, Bob Miller, and Dean Gross; Short- I Married a Mouse, performed by Charlotte Cornwell and Richard O’Brien, written and directed by James Dearden; Dr. Ruth on AIDS with guest Mathilde Krim; Sally (talk show) with guests Harold Wallace, David Wallace, Jennifer Wallace, Mary Cochran; Dr. Ruth- talking about the clitoris, with guest Desmond Morris (Runtime 2:48:07); Disk B: Dr. Ruth continues; The Oprah Winfrey Show- Lesbians, a panel of lesbians educates and answers the questions about lesbian separatism; The Geraldo Rivera Show, about the rise of AIDS in women, with Dr. Theresa Crenshaw, Dr. Iris David, Chris Norwood, and others; The Phil Donahue Show- Lesbian Sorority, with Lauren Susman, Allison Adler, Debi, Krisi, Julie Westin, and Marci Kaye (Runtime 2:45:53); __Disk C: Democratic National Convention, Melba Moore performs, Rev. Jesse Jackson speech (Runtime 43:27) (Kathleen Conkey)

40. Questions of Equality, Part 1: Outrage, a look at early gay activists and organizations including the Gay Liberation Front, Gay Activists Alliance, lesbians in the women’s movement, with Kiyoshi Kuromiya, Jim Fouratt, Bob Kohler, Karla Jay, Ron Ballard, Marc Rubin, Rich Wandel, and Jean O’Leary; Part 2: Culture Wars, about hate crimes and homophobia, specifically the murder of Julio Rivera, the film Tounges Untied, and the 1992 ballot measure 9 in Oregon, with Jewelle Gomez, Donna Mikowitz, Alan Sack, Peggy Rivera, Matt Foreman, Robert Vasquez, Gerri Wells, Jill Bond, Essex Hemphill, Reggie Williams, Robert Bray, Brian Freeman, John Frohnmayer, Lon Mabon, Scott Seibert, Kathleen Saadat, and Donna Red Wing (Runtime 1:50:00) (Elinor Burkett)

41. Two Worlds- News segment on NBC about Cuba. Ed Rabel reports from Havana, and Maria Alonso, a Cuban American, and Teresa Trujillo, a Cuban, are interviewed (Runtime 4:00) (Elinor Burkett)

42. Disk A: K.D. Lang concert on VH1’s Country Countdown; Silver Lake Life, The View From Here, a video diary featuring Tom Joslin and Mark Massi, a couple documenting the end of their lives after testing HIV positive, Tom Joslin and Peter Friedman coproduced the film; In The Life (tv show), news coverage of the 1993 March on Washington, covers the programs and celebrity appearances; The MacNeil Lehrer News Hour, guest Carol Browner the Administrator of the EPA speaks about current environmental policy (Runtime 2:48:10); Disk B: The MacNeil Lehrer News Hour continues with Carol Browner; The MacNeil Lehrer News Hour on the impact of television violence on children, with Jack Valenti, Howard Stringer, George Vradenburg, and George Gerbner; In The Life, with Doug Stevens & The Outband; Zbigniew Brzezinski interview clip; Charles Busch Gay Film Festival episode of In The Life, with Mark Finch, Sande Zeig, Raoul O’Connel, Jeffrey Lunger, and Lillian Zabath; In The Life episode with producer John Scagliotti; Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr. (Runtime 1:32:22) (Elinor Burkett)

43. Diary of an AIDS Dissident, a film diary by Joan Shenton that claims that HIV is not the cause of AIDS, the film documents her and other AIDS deniers travel to different countries to speak with other AIDS deniers, spread misinformation, and cause disturbances at AIDS Conferences, with John Lauristen, Peter Duesberg, Elinor Burkett, Kawi Schneider, George Galloway, Ian Weller, Celia Farber, Frank Buianouckas, and others; H.E.A.L. This Week, with Michael Ellner and Frank Buianouckas hosting, the show promotes the idea that AIDS is not caused by HIV (Runtime 2:02:30) (Elinor Burkett)

44. Education for Health AIDS Program- Information on the spread and prevention of HIV/AIDS, in spanish, Concert for the World AIDS Day (Runtime 49:08) (Elinor Burkett)

45. Voices of Latin America- on Mexican history, culture, and great authors from the Spanish conquest to the present, looking at such authors as Elena Poniatowska, Gabriel García Márquez, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, José Martí, and Jorge Luis Borges; War on Nicaragua- on Front Line with Judy Woodruff, about US interference in Nicaragua and the Contras (Runtime 1:59:52) (Elinor Burkett)

46. The Phil Donahue Show, on AIDS, with Larry Kramer and Tom Stoddard; Sally (tv show), on the ethics of mandatory AIDS Testing, with J. E. McKinney, Rev. Ken South, Anthony Robertson, and Dr. Harold Katner (Runtime 1:36:05) (Kathleen Conkey)

47. Disk A: The Phil Donahue Show, with Carmen Reyes, Dena Kleiman, Debra Spicehandler, M.D., on AIDS and ARC; Sally (tv show), on Marriage later in life, with Lila Mukamel, Esther Margolis, and Lenore Schmidt; The National AIDS Awareness Test: What Do You Know About Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome? with Steve Bell and Morgan Fairchild (Runtime 2:48:03); Disk B: Advertisements for Edy’s Grand Light ice cream commercial, Payless Cashways, and Buffalo Bill Days; The Arsenio Hall show, with Edwin Hawkins, Nils Lofgen, and Peter DeLuise; Advertisements for General Foods and the National Enquirer; The Phil Donahue Show, about being 50 years and older, with David Brown, Peter Marshall, Dick Gregory, and Harold Evans; Advertisements for Pillsbury, Minute Rice, Folgers Coffee, Bloo toilet cleaner, South Western Bell Telephone, Every Maytag Sale, Toy Fair at Walmart, Bounce Detergent, Bayer Aspirin, Kmart, Sylvania Lightbulbs, Price Chopper, Folgers, Freedent gum, Nexus hair products, Heinz 57 sauce, Toy Fair at Walmart, Tuna Helper Tuna Pot Pie, The Eye Center of Kansas City, Weight Watchers, Prell; Sally (tv show), on safe sex with condoms with Patti Breitman, David Mayor, Virginia Reath; Advertisements for Total cereal and the California Raisins; Lily Tomlin, about her works in progress and comedy writing, with Lily Tomlin, Jane Wagner, Peggy Feury, and Cheryl Swannack (Runtime 2:48:18) (Kathleen Conkey)

48. Disk A: The Geraldo Rivera Show, Unconventional Families, with Tina Keely, Glen Keely, Gina Ogden, Joy Schulenburg, Geof Worcester, Lena Ford, Veronica Lacquement-Worcester, Burt Lacquement; Sky-Diving veteran amputees,with Rick Kirkham reporting, Dave Barr, Cliff Newman, Al Kruger; The Oprah Winfrey Show, about discrimination in the workplace against lesbians and gays, with James Pollard, Charles Waddell, George Frisbie, Cheryl Summerville, Abby Rubenfeld, and Lynn Cothren; 20/20 Boris Yeltsin; KMBC 9 News- AIDS Transmission Between Doctor and Patient, with Dr. Julie Gerberding, Dr. Ed Rozar, Dr. Wesley Carrion, Ben Schatz, Dr. Merle Sande, and Lynn Sherr; KMBC 9 News, on Stephen Wiltshire, an autistic artist, with Genova Wiltshire, Jean Lawler, Sir Hugh Casson, and Margaret Hewson (Runtime 2:48:05); Disk B: Growing Up In the Age of AIDS an ABC News Special, speakers include Krista Blake, Dr. James Curran, Dr, Paul Volbering, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Dr. Timothy Johnson, Dr. Antonia Novello, James Dobson PhD, Miles McPherson, Dr. Karen Hein, George Strait, Dr. David Barr of GMHC, Stephen Young, Yolanda Serrano, Ruby Hearn PhD, Adele Faber, Martha Roper, Dr. Jonathan Mann, Amy Dolf, Henry Nichols, and Salt n Pepa performing ‘Let’s Talk About AIDS’; Advertisements for One Life To Live on ABC tomorrow, Ford cars, Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom, Hot-Pockets, Lincoln cars, Contac cold pill, Lincoln cars, Grape-Nuts cereal, Promise Spread (butter), Day Inn, Lincoln cars, Roman Meal (bread), Therapy Bayer Enteric (aspirin), America’s Funniest Home Videos, Coca-Cola Olympics, McDonald’s, Charles Schwab, AT&T, Dexatrim, Efferdent, Drixoral, Primetime Live, Lincoln, TheraFlu, Poly Shades by Minwax, and Kelloggs Cornflakes; A Current Affair, on Nancy Lieberman, an athlete hoping to play in 1992 Olympics; Heart of Hollywood, Jeanna Wolf reporting, with Emma Samms, The Pointer Sisters, Jason Priestley, and Paula Abdul; Senator Ted Kennedy marriage rumors, with Harold Gonzalez and Sue Kennedy; The Arsenio Hall Show, with guests Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Sandra Bernhard; Advertisements for Roc, Married With Children, Herman’s Head, Wayne’s Wolrd, National Jeep sale, Little Ceaser’s, Harold Pener’s Suits, Gaines Furniture Outlet, Miller Lite, Hanes, Acutrim, Milk-Bone dog treats, World Pepe Jeans, Taco Bell, BestBuy, the Woodlands, Hotel Nikko; TNN USO Tour- K.T. Oslin performs for the troops in Honduras and Panama; Advertisements for Scotts, Dodge Truck, 23rd Annual Dove Awards, Austin Encore, Opryland USA, Anti-Abortion message, and American Music Shop (Runtime 2:48:08) (Kathleen Conkey)

49. Disk A: The Phil Donahue Show, with dancers from Lesbian-a-Go-Go, Camille Paglia, Catherine Wendricks, John Guggenmos, and Joan Nestle; Comedy Central Political Asylum with Will Durst; The Geraldo Rivera Show, Gay Hollywood, interviewing Dick Sargent on being out in Hollywood; Long Time Companion, 1990 film directed by Norman René (Runtime 2:48:10); Disk B: Larry King Live, Special Edition on CNN, interviewing Gov. Mario Cuomo, discussing the Democratic National Convention and the 1992 Presidential Race, CNN coverage of Cuomo’s speech endorsing Bill Clinton as the Democratic Candidate for the presidency, with Maxine Waters, Bill Moyers, Ken Bode, Ross Perot, PBC campaign video portraying Bill Clinton as a family man, with Virginia Kelley, Roger C. Clinton, Bill Clinton, Dorothy Rodham, and Hillary Clinton, then Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention (Runtime 2:44:23); Disk C: PBS speech analysts, Wendy Sherman, Richard Wirthlin, Jody Powell, Eddie Williams, and Peter Hart, then closing benediction and adjourning of the Democratic National Convention; KCPT News advertisement (Runtime 24:25) (Kathleen Conkey)

50. AIDS Community Television- ACT UP 10 Year Anniversary Storytelling (1997), with Virg Parks, Maxine Wolfe, Ron Goldberg, Michael Petrelis, Liz Tracey, Ann Northrop, Kate Barnhart, Tom Duane, Peter Cashman, Eric Sawyer; Part 2, with Michael Laurel, Virg Parks, Mark Milano, David Robinson, Ann Northrop, Maxine Wolfe, Ellen Bay, Karin Timour, Bob Lederer, and Linda Meredith (Runtime 59:10) (Tony Arena)

51. Meeting the Challenge of AIDS: Funding in the 1990s, with James Dumpson of the New York Community Trust, Debra Fraser-Howze of Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, Josephine Morales of New York Foundation, Elsa Rios of Hispanic AIDS Forum, and David Dinkins President of Borough of Manhattan recorded at an AIDS funding conference (Runtime 10:00) (Andy Humm)

52. AIDS: Changing the Rules, hosted by Ron Reagan, Jr., Beverly Johnson, and Ruben Blades, about AIDS affecting heterosexuals and safe sex practices (Runtime 27:00) (Andy Humm)

53. Sex & Drugs- a guide to safer drug use & safer sex, written, directed, and produced by Allen Therisa (Runtime 25:15) (Andy Humm)

54. “AIDS Wrap” Screener, KGO-TV, airdate 25 Jun 1990, about the protest and anger of ACT-UP and other audience members at the appearance of US Secretary of Health Louis Sullivan at the Sixth International Conference on AIDS (Runtime 2:40) (KGO-TV)

55. ABC News Liberty Weekend, 1986 coverage of the Fourth of July celebrations surrounding the Staute of Liberty (Runtime 40:50) (ABC News)

56. Disk A: The Oprah Winfrey Show, about hoarders; The Phil Donahue Show, about wedding day disasters with Felice Fishman, Andrew Fishman, Kelly Juliano, and Bob Juliano; Advertisments for Chex cereal, Purina Dog Chow, and Sears; The Oprah Winfrey Show, about credible Hollywood columnists, with Irv Kupcinet and George Christy; Advertisements for Lens Crafters, Electric Avenue, Timber Wolf, Grape-Nuts, Love My Carpet, Dead Calm (film), Berbiglia, Half price Store, Best Buy, Jell-O, KMBC 9 News, Oceanspray CranFruit, Ranch, Rustic Stain Davis Paint, Grape-Nuts, ADT Safewatch, KMBC 9 News, Price Chopper, Country Music Hall of Fame 20th Anniversary Collection, Wrigley’s Spearmint gum, Coca-Cola, The Cosby Show, Burrs Cafeterias, Fresh Feliners; KMBC 9 News with Larry Moore and Laurie Everett, drug seizures in Kansas City; Advertisments for Pepsi and Gerber; The Oprah Winfrey Show, about gay men married to women, with Jean Grochos PhD; Advertisments for Kmart, Dairy Quen, Kansas Lottery, Eggo, Stove-Top Microwave Stuffing, Weight Watchers, Godfather’s Pizza, Wrigley’s Spearmint gum, Lens Crafters, Pizza Hut, Ban Spray, Quaker Oats Squares, KFC, The Eye Center of Kansas City, Beauty Rest Mattress City, Ponderosa’s, Fresh Feliners (Runtime 2:48:08); Disk B: Oprah continues, with Ed Flovin; Advertisments for Eckrich, Lime-A-Way, Nutri System, Hyundai, Science Diet, Coca-Cola, Weight Watchers; The Phil Donahue Show, on what causes homosexuality, with Dick Dufour, Philip Dufour, Dr. Richard Green, Veneita Porter, Joanne Highley; Advertisments for Raisin Bran, Pepsi, Ivy’s, Pearle Vision Center, KMBC 9 News, See You In the Morning (film), Rancher’s Choice by Kraft, Hyundai, Kmart lawn fertilizers, Bob’s IGA, Edy’s Ice Cream, Sonic, McDonlads, Hills Bros Coffee, Jell-O, Baskins Robins, Minute Premium Rice, Big Red gum, Best Buy, KFC, Diet Pepsi, All Stain Lifter; The AIDS Quarterly with Peter Jennings, about IV drug users, scientific research on HIV, and healthcare workers treating AIDS patients, with Dr. Alex Stalcup, Jay Schadler, David Kerr, John Parker, Dr. Burton J. Lee, Dr. June E. Osborn, Dr. Jerome Groopman, Candace B. Pert PhD, Mathilde Krim PhD, Dr. Jonathan Mann, Dr. Calvin Cohen, Dr. Jennifer Daley, and Booker Bush; Ther Arsenio Hall Show with Boy George; Advertisement for Gerber; Weird Al Yankovic exploring Hollywood; World of Photography on A&E, about taking film and cameras through airport customs and set design with Walter Swarthout; Advertisements for Children’s Transplant Association, The Music Lovers (film), and the Life & Times of Lord Mountbatten (film) (Runtime 2:48:08); Disk C: Paula Abdul, Forever Your Girl (music video); Inside Edition- Foreign Real Estate Investors, with Ralph Nader, Bill O’Reilly, Helen Delich Bentley, Joel Loy, Bruce Stark, Maggie Parkes, Mary Anne Bruno, Tony Locricchio, Jenny Olinger, Mel Padrino; Inside Edition- on Redwood Tree Harvest, with Jon Scott, Don Winks, Joseph Cotchett, and Peter DeFazio; cuts of celebrity interviews including Bette Davis (Runtime 24:05) (Kathleen Conkey)

57. Disk A: The AIDS Quarterly- Winter 1989, narrarted by Peter Jennings, The Education of Admiral Watkins, about James D. Watkins’ time as the Chairman of the Presidential Commission on the Human Immunideficiency Virus Epidemic, with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Mitchell Karp, Richard Yezzo, Dr. Margaret Haggerty, Terry Miles, Joseph Brewer, Gerald Hoff, James Curran, Peter Staley, and Charlie Stewart; The AIDS Quarterly- A Death In the Family, about the death of Malcolm Pace and the experience of his family; Advertisements for Promises To Keep on KCPT Public Television, Festival 89, Championship Ballroom Dancing, and Sing Out America! on KCPT Public Television, The Best Of Wild America: Great Escapes, United Telecome/US Sprint; Kansas City Illustrated- on Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses and the Islamic Faith, with Deborah Holmes, Zulfiqar Malik, Rushdy El-Ghussein, Abdul Rahman Raja, Rashid Abdul Salaam, Kareen Muhammed, Jim McKinley, and Thomas N. Thornton; Larry King Live on CNN with Mario Cuomo; Advertisements for ERA-Service Seller Protection, Rheem Heating and Air Conditioning, Spartan Money Market, Audi Melitta Pure Drip Water Filter, Van Heusen, The Christian Science Monitor, CNN Sports Tonight, Soloflex, Fidelity Asset manager, Turner Broadcasting System, Showbiz Today on CNN, Cutlass Cierra Sedan, Ruud Air Conditioning, Gillette, Equal Justice (tv show), Fidelity Investments, and CNN’s the World Today; Mario Cuomo interview on CBS this Morning; Advertisements for Sonny Hill and Super Food Barn; Entertainment Tonight, Inside Television, Bela Lugosi as Dracula and Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s Monster Legacy, quick news segments on celebrity life, with Jerry Seinfeld, Frankie Avalon, John Tesh, James Brown, Adrienne Brown, Anita baker, Denzel Washington, Daniel J. Travanti, Leeza Gibbons, Kevin Bacon, Ben Vereen, Harry Belafonte, Gregory Peck, and Lauren Bacall; Advertisements for The WDAF and Woodlands Race for the Money Giveaway, Weight Watchers, Q&A (film), Edy’s Frozen Yogurt, Hyundai Excel, Texaco, Miami Blues (film), McDonald’s, Adia- The Employment People, Edy’s Frozen yogurt, Ford cars, Wear Dated Carpet, and NBC News; The World’s Funniest, Cleverest, Most Creative Commercials tv special hosted by David Leisure; Advertisements for Chef Boyardee Hamburger Italiano, Sears, Lady Speed Stick, Red Lobster, Ripplins Chips, Westley’s, Selsun Blue shampoo, Falcon Crest (tv show), Knots Landing (tv show), Dallas (tv show), Wise Guy (tv show) (Runtime 2:48:09): Disk B: The World’s Funniest, Commercials continues; Advertisements for Oceanspray Cran-Rasberry drinks, Maytag Washer and Dryers, Pontiac Cars, the Untouchables (film), Face to Face with Connie Chung, KCTV’s Newsbreak, Simon & Simon on KCTV 5, Raisin Bran cereal, Sears, US Sprint, Weight Watchers, Advantage: Chrysler, Life Savers candy, walt Disney’s World Resort in Florida, Speed Stick, Small Talk (tv show), CBS Sports: The Basketball Show; KMBC 9 News, with Joel Nichols reporting on Sally Luttjohann, owner of “Order out of Chaos”; ABC News, Steve Sheperd reporting on Manuel Lujan’s views against the Endangered Species Act, with Robert Irvin and John Chafee; ABC News on racial violence in New York with Mayor David Dinkins and Bryant Gumbel; KCTV 5 with Stan Carmack reporting on the deaths of Sammy Davis Jr. and Jim Henson, as well as the cancer of Robert Polhill, with Dr. Russ Zajtchuk; The AIDS Quarterly- The Crisis in Texas and Prisoners of AIDS, Spring 1990, hosted by Peter Jennings, with Chet Brooks, Sarana Savage, Stephen Brown, Jean Richey, Dr. Thomas Cate, Virginia Scott, Dr. Robert Awe, and Thomas A. Coughlin III; Upcoming on KCPT Public Television; A Current Affair news, about French in Action, a language learning course video tape, with Tracy Blackmer critiquing; 1 Jun 1990 Wellesley Commencement Speech by Barbara Bush, and speech by Raisa Gorbachev, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reporting after speeches (Runtime 2:22:49) (Kathleen Conkey)

58. Disk A: AIDS related news segments- Channel Two The People; The Editor’s Desk with Richard D. Heffner, Lewis Lapham, Dr. Mathilde Krim, and Diane Camper; Kids With AIDS in the public school system, Frank Grimes, Barbara Laskin, and Jim Ryan reporting, speakers include Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, Doris Williams, Marvin Aaron, and Vincent Roman; People protesting students with AIDS, with Sam Granirer, Al Shanker, David Schulman, and Dr. Joesph Sonnabend; Excerpts from Press Conference announcing the discovery of the cause of AIDS, with Margaret Heckler, Dr. Edward Brandt, Dr. Robert Gallo, Dr. Frederick Seagel, Dan Rutz, Rodger McFarlane, Richard Berkowitz, Kristen Lindquist, Dan Turner, Greg Lefevre, Paul Castro, Patrick Buchanan, Larry Woelich, Bobbi Campbell, Rev. Jerry Falwell, Dr. James Curran, Jerry Weller, Jim Geary, and Dennis Altman; Interview with Dennis Altman, footage of Michael Quadland of GMHC and William Wedin speaking about sex compulsivity; NBC- Eagles Farewell 1 Live concert; Advertisements for GMC Trucks, Bewitched, Wendy’s, Nike, NBC’s Hit Me Baby 1 More Time, NBC’s I Want To Be A Hilton, Verizon (Runtime about 1:30:00); Disk B: AIDS Related News Segments continued- Richard Berkowitz introducing Lesbian and Gay Health Conference coverage and interview with Dennis Altman, at conference speakers include Michael Quadland, William Wedlin, Dr. Roger Enlow, James D’Eramo, and Michael Callen, quick cuts between AIDS related talkshows and news segments, Children with AIDS, CNN Los Angeles with Anne McDermott, Anti-Reagan commercial, CNN segment on bath house closures, Dr. Ruth talk show with Harvey Fierstein, PFLAG production, a male dancer, LGBT Youth speaking at the LGBT Community Center, interview with gay men porn stars, Gay Rights Dinner coverage on News 4 Manhattan, Dr. Mathilde Krim interview, porn segment, questions about AIDS with Dr. Joseph Sonnabend (Runtime about 1:08:00) (Andy Humm)

59. Gay News Network, 28 Mar 1989-ACT UP Target City Hall 1989 protest footage, Out in the 80s, with Vivian Shapiro, Marc D’Allesio, Dian Hamilton, and Nat Nevis; Gay Cable Network coverage of the ACT UP Target City Hall 1989 demonstration, protesters including Larry Kramer interviewed; Thomas Stoddard interviewed on the Gay Weekend Review; 1986 production of the play The House of Blue Leaves, starring John Mahoney, Christine Baranski, Swoosie Kurtz, Ben Stiller, and Julie Hagerty (Runtime 2:00:36) (Andy Humm)

60. Part 1: AIDS: A Priest’s Testament, Fr. Bernard Lynch talks about his work providing ministry, therapy, and companionship to those with AIDS as well as those he has personally lost to AIDS. Lynch, Rusty Hollister, and Nora Garcia talk about Stewart Garcia who died of AIDS, and what they went through during and after his death, with a focus on spirituality (Runtime 28:13) Part 2: (will not play) Part 3-Soul Survivor- Bernard Lynch (will not play) all parts on single DVD (Andy Humm)

61. Disk A: Voices from the Front – Part 1, AIDS Activists and People With AIDS interviewed about their experiences and AIDS activism history, and footage of speakers at events and demonstrations, including Bree Scott-Hartland, Phyllis Sharpe, Carmen Royster, Keith Cylar, Michael Hirsch, Tim McCaskell, Vito Russo, Phil Zwickler, Roger Pettyjohn, Kendall Thomas, Douglas Crimp, David Summers, Ortez Alderson, Griffin Gold, Peter Staley, Kathryn Ritter, John Hatchett, Robert Garcia, Ray Navarro, Marion Banzhaf, Tom Hannon, Ken Fornataro, Luis Hernandez, Michael Callen, Derek Hodel, Mark Muchnik, Mark Kostopoulos, John James, Mark Harrington, Maria Maggenti, Rebecca Smith, Garance Franke-Ruta, Jeff Gates, Gilbert Martinez, Jon Greenberg, Maxine Wolfe, Risa Denenberg, Suzanne Phillips, Michaelangelo Signorile, Bob Lederer, Iris Davis, Vernice Miller, Cliff Goodman, Brent Nicholson-Earle, Natasha Gray, Charles Stimson, Marion Bonzaff, Iris Long, Yolanda Serrano, Michael Sehested, Richard Elovich, Joe Ferraro (Runtime 1:03:00) __Disk B: Voices From the Front continues, with Larry Kramer, Ferd Eggan, Sondra Johnson, Ingrid Nelson, Aldyn McKean, Telia Virgin, Juan Mendez, David Falcone, Bill Monaghan, and Herb Spires (Runtime 30:10) __(Disk C: Clips used in Voices From the Front) (Testing the Limits).”;}}

How to Survive a Plague is a film documentary released in 2012 that was directed by David France. The film covers the beginning of the AIDS Epidemic, the origins and actions of ACT UP and TAG (Treatment Action Group), and their role in the eventual release of effective treatment. The tapes in this collection were used in the making of the film.