1. Letters From George Haimsohn
2. Letters to Mom And Dad, Photos
3. Emails to Landis, Last days
4. Misc. Correspondence re. work
5. Short Stories
6. Stories
7. Writing On Fire Island
8. Poetry
9. Poetry
10. Limericks
11. Namerology [word games with names]
12. Various Writing-Stories, Poems, Limericks
13. Various Writing – Play, Stories, Poems
14. Various Writing – Plays, Novel, Poems
15. Gay Stories
16. Porn Books Written as Alexander Goodman
17. Journal [personal/random notes, 1991-1992]
18. Ideas for Children’s Books/Book Synopsis
19. Various Writing, Drawings
20. Original Drawings and Photocopies
21. Carmen Confidential [original sketches]
22. Inside Romeo and Juliet [preliminary sketches]
23. Inside Romeo and Juliet [original sketches used for publication]
24. The Saga of Zondra Zing [original sketches]
25. Modern Fairy Tales – Autobiography of a Camp [original sketches]
26. The Fowl Story of Swan Lake [original sketches and photocopies]
27. Drawing – In the Strange Land of Musical Comedy
28. Cupid and Psyche [Hand made book]
29. Cupid & Psyche Unexpurgated [original sketches and copies]
30. Millionaire, Art Love, Philanthropist… [original sketches]
31. Modern Fairy Tales – The Gay Little Prince [original sketches]
32. Not Quite Taming of the Shrew [original sketches]
33. Silly Shakespeare: The Othello Coloring Book [copies]
34. The Battle Between Poets & Painters [pages 47-109 from “Carnal Matters” as Alexander Goodman]
35. Macbeth [sketches, numbered]
36. Macbeth [sketches, un-numbered]
37. Gay Book, Presenting the Beasley Boys [sketches and text]
38. Camille, Camille Wherever You Are [sketches]
39. Books – The Bedside Faust, Inside Romeo & Juliet, The Portable Hamlet
40. Handmade Book [no title, pages missing]
41. Night & Day – Pictorial Analysis
42. Television, Its Origin… Decline and Fall [handbound book]
43. Women I have Known [hand made book]
44. Hamlets Soliloquy [handbound book]
45. Zing [script & program]
46. Zing [bound script]
47. Big Broadcast of 1944 [script]
48. Dames At Sea [reviews, programs, photos, publicity]
49. Dames At Sea TV Production [rehearsal & production photos]
50. Candy Darling B&W Photos by George Haimsohn
51. Bio & Memoriam by sister, Dolores Fox
52. Dolores Fox research
53. Lists of Borrowed Videos
54. H&R Block [financial advisor statements]
55. Coward McCann, Publishers [letters re: Faust & Hamlet]
56. Correspondence re: Publishing Rights [Dolores Fox]
57. Faxes & Memos from Robin Miller
58. Postcards & Letters from Friends
59. Letter from Randolph Carson Caton
60. Male Nudes [unknown origin]
61. Portraits of two Women [unmarked]
62. Photo Collage Color Prints
63. Vintage Porn Drawings [some original drawings possible by Haimsohn]
64. Porn [purchased celebrity nudes]
65. Dames At Sea, poster, large print TV production photo
66. Large Print, Candy Darling