1. Gay Games [Debt management, athlete registration book, income statement summaries, Executive Committee notes and memoranda]
2. HIV AIDS Youth GG [U.S. Non-immigration visa for HIV positive athletes, scholarship program & policy]
3. GG [Executive Committee notes and memoranda]
4. Gay Games [Removed from inside folder (3)]
5. Project Demonstrating Excellence
6. 1988 Youth [ Committee to Include Youth at Pride and Gay Games IV]
7. [Loose files in box 1]


8. [Loose files in box 1- Organizing Template and Board of Directors personal information files, resume’s]
9. [Gay Games Executive Committee and Board of Directors meeting minutes, notes, vote tally for co-president of Gay Games, board history, mock-up for athlete registration]
10. Press conference to announce economic impact of Gay Games IV
11. [Loose Executive Committee correspondence regarding public relations travel and organizing of Games and Festival]
12. Gay Games Scholarships
13. [Loose – correspondence, marketing notes]
14. HIV Exclusion


15. [Loose – Board of Directors meeting minutes regarding marketing, public relations and “transsexual” controversy]
16. Transportation Services
17. Dates of Gay Games IV
18. Gay Games – current
19. Cultural Festival
20. [Loose – Cultural festival, scholarships, Board of Directors and Executive Committee notes and minutes]


21. Gay Games Cultural Prospectus
22. GG Video [Board of Directors record – bankruptcy, financial statements, and fundraising efforts]
23. [Unity ’94 Shirt Program Proposal, Volunteer Organizing Committee]
24. Gay Games [Organizing Committee]
25. [Gay Games – Loose Files Board of Directors Executive Committee]
26. [Scheduling Survey – Gay Games IV] 1 of 2
27. [Scheduling Survey – Gay Games IV] 2 of 2


28. [Sponsorship, Gay Games IV marketing, pledge material, volunteer information, Gay Games IV ‘March on Washington’]
29. [IRS application for exemption, fundraising examples from previous unrelated events, budget material
30. [Request for proposal (RFP) submission to Federation of Gay Games for New York in ’94]
31. [Correspondence (letters, notes, and brochures) from Jay Hill to Ann Northrop regarding planning and organizing of New York in ’94, executive director search]
32. [Fundraising, South Africa trip, Executive Committee minutes, Executive Assistant search, culture festival, budget, graphic identity]


33. [Executive committee minutes, fundraising, Community Challenge race, internal correspondence, Press releases]
34. [Executive Committee minutes, operations report, culture festival RFP]
35. [Press coverage, internal correspondence, public relations, Mayor Dinkins press release, draft and final draft editorial NYQ, Magic Johnson correspondence, contacts]
36. [Commercial Lease, expense data, move plans, performance evaluations, organizing]