The Lesbian and Gay People of Color Steering Committee, NYC. National/Regional Steering Committee.

Legal Information.

Video Project.

Video Scripts and Logsheets.

National Lawyers Guild, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Rights Committee.

Stonewall, related events and groups.

National Gay Lesbian Task Force Resources.

Mayor Koch, official business.

Heritage of Pride Meeting minutes, Permits from Central Park Conservancy. [Central Park Conservancy.]

Heritage of Pride Flyers and clippings for members, 1989, 1990.

Heritage of Pride Proposals to SW25 and related articles.

International Association of Lesbian and Gay Pride Coordinators.

Flyers, brochures, stickers, misc. Various events and years.


Contacts for International Association Lesbian and Gay Pride Coordinators/ North East Regional Pride Committee.

1991 Misc. Out Loud and Proud.

Open letter project 1990

Mark Lowe Fisher 1953-1992.

Photos of Pride event 1993.

Heritage of Pride, Flyers and Programmes.

Baltimore proclamation “Lesbian and Gay Month” June 1994.

Stonewall 20.

Stonewall 25 Planning Group.

Stonewall 25 Layouts, March Plans, fact sheets and orders.

Stonewall 25 Press packet.

Bound packet Stonewall 25.

Stonewall 25 1994 Flyers, Posters, Various articles on Stonewall 25.

Other events 1994.

Stonewall 25 Forms, some in Spanish, French, German, Mailings 1.


Stonewall 25 Forms in Spanish, French, German Mailings 2.

Flyers Brochures, misc. 1999.

March on Washington Correspondence etc. various years 1990’s.


Various papers, lectures.

Stonewall 25, award/plaque.

City folder – ­­­ meetings with city committees organisations, city government.

Austrailia – Flyers, Articles.

Brazil – Flyers, Documents, Articles, Stickers.


Global Calendar and other articles.

Stonewall 25 Correspondence, documents.

Latin America, South Africa, Southeast Asia, etc. Brochures/Stonewall 25

International Lesbian and Gay Association, European Brochures/Flyers, Stonewall 25.

Immigration HIV Ban.






Stonewall 25 Debt, Direct action working group.

Outreach Planning, Stonewall 25.

Media, Stonewall 25.