1. General Correspondence, including permission to publish appeal to Felicity Chandell’s conviction

2. Events Brochures

3. Tri-Ess Directories: 1987 with supplements

4. Transvestite newsletters, annual reports, Chi Delta Mu Chapter Library, shopping guides.

5. Product catalogs – Fem Fashions, West 57th St., NYC

6. Receipts, including gun shop license 1978

7. Society for the Scientific Study of Sex (1963), an appeal document related to arrest of Felicity Chandell

8. General Newspaper Clippings, Comics

9. Author – Hume Bentley


10. An Exotique Publication

11. Abbe de Choisy Press, N.Y., N.Y.

12. Chi Tribune – newsletter – Wood Dale, IL – late 1980s to early 1990s

13. FLAG Publications, Los Angeles, CA

14. Haldeman – Julius Pubications, Girard, Kansas

15. La Femme – le Carrousel Press, Paris, France

16. Femme Mimics: a pictorial record of female impersonation, and other titles.

17. Our Special Joy – newsletter 1981-1988


18. S-K Books, New York, N.Y.

19. Transvestia Publications – Chevalier Publications, Los Angeles, CA

20. Vestian Publishers, Seattle, WA

21. Bibliography of books donated by Felicity Chandell