1. [Christopher Street Liberation Day Committee – minutes dating from 11/11/82 to 05/29/84. Personal notes from the meetings accompany many of the minutes. Also included are various treasurers, co-ordinators and subcommittee reports. These are basically in chronological order.]
2. Current CSLDC Related Materials [01/09/84 minutes, float guidelines and 1 piece of misc. correspondence.]
3. [Various Loose Papers – minutes, reports and personal notes spanning 03/83 to 11/84, also contains a small isolated group of papers from 1980.]
4. San Diego Conference ’83 [Second Annual Pride Coordinators National Conference schedule and workshop listing. Also, the National Directory of Pride Committees and the text from the opening address by Harry Hay and keynote speech by Barbara Cameron.]
5. [Various Loose Papers – minutes, reports and personal notes spanning 10/82 to 05/84. A copy of the Christopher Street Liberation Day Committee Constitution as well as several pieces of CSLDC correspondence, the Christopher Street Book Shop City Guide, “Central Park Is…” map and the National Gay Task Force Guide Map of Manhattan.]