1. [Album 1: Photos]   Personal snapshots.
2. [Album 1: Negatives Envelope #34947/No Number]   Negatives of personal snapshots.
3. [Album 1: Postcards – Nov 1973 – May 1983]   Personal postcards to Allan M. Noseworthy III. Brief mention of the gay party scene, working out, leather culture, and gay male sex.   Clipping of Thom Gunn’s poem “Bow Down” in The Threepenny Review Summer 1983.
4. [Album 1: Correspondence – Letters 1977 – 1979]   Personal letters to Allan M. Noseworthy III from Robert Currie. Currie was Noseworthy III’s friend and lover. Gay male dating and sex life in New York City. Parties, drugs, gay male dating and sex life at Fire Island. Passing mention of Currie’s work at Studio 54. Passing mention of bars and clubs Russian River, the Flamingo, and the Everhard. Currie’s job at Hanai Mari. One letter sent from Kyoto, Japan mentions Currie’s photograph styling job at the Kyoto Museum of Modern Art for an exhibit in April, 1970. Passing mention of the Power Company, i.e. the Creative Power Foundation.
5. [Album 2: STARS coverage]   Gay periodical clippings regarding Michael Maletta’s and the Creative Power Foundation’s San Francisco “disco-visual-entertainment” events: “Stars” and “Night Flight.” Some articles authored by Allan M. Noseworthy III. Michael Maletta’s memorial service pamphlet.
6. STARS artwork   “Stars” and “Night Flight” event promotional material
7. Noseworthy’s   Photos of  Noseworthy’s, Allan M. Noseworthy III’s Greenwich Village antique shop. Business card for Noseworthy’s.
8. [Etc.]   Personal photo contact sheet. Creative Power Foundation’s “Fantasyman” event promotional postcard. “The First Tea” event poster. The Saint’s Star Dust Vol. 1 No. 1 Spring 1982.