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9. [Flyers/Misc Newspaper Clippings] 1986-1991. “Debbie Does Dams” flyer, “Heaven or Hell” flyer, “La Ronde” pamphlet, ‘Art + Heart” invitation, “Free Condoms” clipping, “Mod Madness” poster, Worls AIDS Day” flyer, ACT UP/WNY Fundraising flyer, Letter-Craig Klose, The Record 2/15/91, Intnl Women’s Day flyer, “Crisis in WNY” Craig Klose, Generation Magazine 4/16/91, Volume Vol. 4 No. 7, Buffalo News clipping 7/2/86, “Insects” clipping, “Love is Latex” poster, “AIDS Activism Made Easy!”, “Equity Fights AIDS” benefit flyer, The Sque[…]ealer! Winter 1990/1991.

10. [Meeting Minutes/Agendas] 1990. 12/2/90 agenda w/ attachements, “Committee Contacts” photocopy, 12/16/90 w/ 12/2/90 minutes and attachments, 3/27/92 minutes, 4/22/91 CDC Working Group Handout.

ACT UP/Western NY was active in the area surrounding Buffalo and Niagara in New York State. The organization’s history, determined from the collection, spans between 1989–1993. ACT UP/WNY was a major actor in local debates surrounding sex education in public school systems. Actions included condom distribution at high school campuses. These actions sparked widespread community debate as is evident in the local periodical clippings from the collection. In addition to local action, ACT UP/WNY showed initiative on the national level of AIDS activism.