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Chief Executive Officer

Ideal candidates for the CEO role will offer a broad set of leadership skills, with deep personal connection to the LGBTQ+ community and movement. The expected areas of leadership and associated key qualifications are listed below. We encourage the interest of candidates who hold a majority of these experiences and skills, even if not every requirement listed.

Director of Marketing

The Director of Marketing will manage the execution of The Center’s integrated marketing strategy. They will leverage all marketing technology to drive innovative, multi-platform marketing communications. This person will also manage the creation and maintenance of all brand assets, including website and social media content, email, advertisements, and event collateral, as well as event and program promotional assets.

Grants Manager

The Grants Manager will work closely with the Senior Director of Contracts and Finance Administration to manage the fiscal administration of a portfolio of public and private funding for The Center.

Group Facilitator
(Asexual/Aromantic Social Support Group)

The Oasis Group Facilitator will be responsible for conducting and delivering the Asexual/Aromantic Social Support Group.

Group Facilitator
(Transfeminine Social Support Group)

The Stories Group Facilitator will be responsible for co-conducting and co-delivering the Stories social support group.

Insurance Assistor/Navigator (Bilingual)

The Navigator will provide screening and enrollment of eligible individuals and small businesses into the New York State of Health (NYSOH) official health plan Marketplace.

Immigration Support Coordinator

The Immigration Services Coordinator helps address community members’ needs with a particular focus on immigrant, undocumented, and asylum-seeking LGB, trans and gender expansive communities.

LIFT Program and Family Counseling Coordinator

The LIFT Program and Family Counseling Coordinator will plan, implement, and coordinate The Center’s programming to increase family acceptance and permanency for all LGBTQ+ youth, with a particular emphasis on safe and affirming homes for youth in child welfare settings.

Youth Education and Workforce Developer

The Youth Education and Workforce Developer is responsible for the implementation and delivery of a range of educational support services for youth offered by The Center.

Youth Prevention Counselor (Spanish Speaking)

The Youth Prevention Counselor will implement The Center’s programming to reduce, cease and/or prevent substance use and/or relapse, as well as decrease substance-related health and social disparities including reducing emergency room and inpatient hospitalizations with a focus on LGBTQ+ youth and young adults through a racial equity lens.

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