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May 6, 6:30 pm-8:00 pm

What does it take to be a star? This is the question that Pioneers Go East Collective invites their viewers to ask themselves on LUCKY STAR, a “meta creative journey” that is their most recent work. This hybrid performance and video art installation is inspired by icons of the performance art scene in the 1970s coming out of Club 57 and The Pyramid Club. Borrowing vaudeville fabulousness to celebrate queer bodies, the objectification, creative endurance, and pursuit of artistic stardom, it is queer, trippy irreverent, with performers cast as alternate-universe superstar versions of themselves. Join us as we speak to Daniel Diaz, Gian Marco Riccardo Lo Forte, Agosto Machado, and Philip Treviño about LUCKY STAR, which can be viewed here.

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LUCKY STAR: superstar. A meta creative conversation.

Episode 1 – “How can I be in control?” features Feminist and Latinx choreographer Anabella Lenzu. Anabella reflects on the struggle of wanting to be on stage, to be a star, the applause, and the adrenaline of being on stage. This episode deals with the sense of confinement during the lockdown, and with the feeling of not being able to control our life during this time.

Episode 2 – “Beautiful Spanish matador” Gay Latinx artist Daniel Diaz is cast as a supernatural, alternate-universe superstar version of himself. Daniel finds inspiration in his icons “beautiful, bleached blonde, and tuff as nails,” including his childhood icon Josephine Baker. The stage is the sacred space where Daniel reflects on family, identity, queerness, and the pursuit of happiness.

Episode 3 – “The emerald shiny green Pegasus” Lesbian performance artist Bree Breeden’s story explores intimacy and queer identity through the lens of dance. Playful and inventive, Bree describes how she is empowered by her female icons, including Missy Elliott. Bree channels her energy and can be both intense and dramatic when she performs on stage. Bree magically is transformed into her favorite being: the mythical Pegasus, half-human, half superhero. Like Pegasus, she learns to dance, to shift gravity, operating off of pure energy.

Pioneers Go East Collective (the collective) is a small-scale arts and cultural organization inspiring a lively exchange of queer art and culture by connecting people to ideas and experiences. They empower a collective of thought-provoking, adventurous, and proud LGBTQ artists, and are dedicated to Latinx, BIPOC, and immigrant artists and teaching artists and their communities in all 5 boroughs. Please visit: for more information.


May 6
6:30 pm-8:00 pm
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