Derek and Romaine Internship Program

Following a generous start grant from the Susanne Marcus Collins Foundation in the fall of 2016, the Derek and Romaine show created a digital media internship program for at risk LGBTQ youth in connection with the LGBT Center and the Ali Forney LEAP Program. This paid internship is designed to train the next generation of content creators in the basics of 21st century video and radio broadcasting including, editing, sound/video board operations, call screening, social media, audio/video software programs, and live show production through both a basic and an advanced internship at the DNR Studios location.

At its core the DNR internship teaches practical work experience for individuals who may never have had prior job training or professional responsibility. The DNR staff are dedicated to providing intensive support, a meaningful work environment, space to take initiative, and individualized attention to maximize the experience for each LEAPer. We foster expression while guiding the new work force regarding appropriate professional behavior, proper ways to communicate, dress, and interact at work.

The DNR Studios workplace is especially valuable as an environment for young people interested in the fields of digital media, computer science and technology. In the new location, not only do we have all of the audio/video equipment, software and technology but we also now have an in-house server environment and a video broadcast studio space. Interns will be able to apply what they have learned in a live environment that allows them to see how what they have learned has practical applications. Whether it is seeing how XML code they updated looks and works within new and existing smartphone apps or learning how signal flow takes a human voice from microphone to mixing board to software to server to internet and finally to end users at their computer, tablet or smartphone, these students will gain valuable work experience that can help them get great jobs in the future.

This program is funded entirely by generous donations from people like you. When you make a donation, you are helping these young LGBTQ interns build their resume and build their self-confidence and they prepare to enter the work world often for the first time. Everyone at the DNR Studios wants to thank you for your support because we are the lucky ones who get to watch these interns grow and learn. We couldn’t do this program without you and we appreciate every single donation that we receive.

Just a reminder: we receive many matching donations from companies so please check if your employer will match your donation to make it go even further.

Thank You!

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