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The Pat Parker/Vito Russo Library Book Discussion
"Lost Boi" by Sassafras Lowrey

"Lost Boi," a queer punk reimagining of the classic Peter Pan, situates a children's fantasy within a subversive alternative reality. Told from the viewpoint of Tootles, Pan’s best boi, the story chronicles the lost bois, orphaned and abandoned, as they search for belonging and purpose while struggling against the biggest battle of all: growing up.

Sassafras Lowrey is a straight-edge queer punk who won the Lambda Literary Emerging Writer Award and was named to the inaugural Trans 100 list by We Be Trans. Sassafras's books, "Kicked Out," "Roving Pack" and "Leather Ever After," have been honored by organizations ranging from the National Leather Association to the American Library Association.

Made possible by a grant from The Kors Le Pere Foundation and support from the Rubin Foundation.



Tuesday, April 4
8 p.m.