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Collection #33

Terry Helbing Papers

Date:1960s - 1990s
Size:15 feet


Approximately 15 feet of records and personal papers received from the Estate of Terry Helbing on May 24, 1994. Rachel Green, executor of estate.

Scope and Content

Approximately 15 feet of materials housed in 15 boxes. The records relate mostly to Meridian Theatre and gay theatrical productions and spans the period from the 1960’s to the early 1990’s, focused primarily in the late 1970’s to the mid 1980’s. The collection consists primarily of scripts, articles, letters, press releases, programs, posters, financial information, reviews, mailing lists, photographs (headshots, stills, contact sheets), and audio cassettes. In addition, the collection contains personal papers, newspaper clippings of personal interest, mailing lists from a gay bowling league, and information about the Gay Presses of NY and JH Press. Before processing, the materials were placed in folders and organized by play or subject (e.g. “Invoices”); however, there was also haphazard placement. An effort has been made to retain Helbing’s arrangement, but most material not relating to gay and lesbian activity was removed, in accordance with the repository’s general policy. The collection will provide extensive information to researchers interested in records regarding gay theatre in NY during the 1970’s to early 1980’s; including productions of the Meridian Theater, the Gay Theatre Alliance, and the Gay Presses of New York.

History or Bio

Terry Helbing was born on May 21, 1951 and grew up in East Dubuque, Illinois. He began working and acting in Theater in 1966, and Gay Theater in 1973. He graduated from Emerson College in 1973 with a BA in Dramatic Arts and acted in Boston and New England with the touring company of Jonathan Ned Katz’s “Coming Out.” Mr. Helbing served as Managing Editor of The Drama Review for four years beginning in 1977 and contributed to many theatrical and gay and lesbian publications, including “The Advocate” and “TheaterWeek”. He was theater editor at “New York Native” from 1981 until his death, and he contributed a weekly theater news column at “Stonewall News”. In 1979, he was founder and publisher of the JH Press (named for his father, John Helbing), which became the drama division of the Gay Presses of NY. GPNY was also started by Helbing in conjunction with Felice Picano and Larry Mitchell in 1982 and they published Harvey Fierstein’s successful “Torch Song Trilogy”, among others. In addition, he cofounded the Gay Theatre Alliance, an international organization dedicated to the growth of gay theatre by connecting theater companies and playwrights through a quarterly newsletter. He served as President of the organization and edited the “Gay Theatre Alliance Directory of Gay Plays”. Helbing also played in a gay bowling league. Helbing co-founded the Meridian Gay Theatre Produciton Company in 1983 with Terry Miller and together they produced plays and musicals with gay and elsbian themes. The Meridian’s most immediate parent was The Glines (founded in 1976 by John Glines), which was an off-off Broadway theatre and Production Company. The Glines was turned over to Helbing and Miller and, through a generous grant, they started the Meridian which became the only continuously operating gay theatre with a homebase on the East Coast. Helbing became Artistic Director but was largely responsible in all areas. The Company moved into the Shandol Theatre at 137 W. 22nd Street and produced a number of plays including “Stray Dog Story” by Robert Chesley and “Last Summer at Bluefish Cove” by Jane Chambers. They initiated a Playwrights and Directors Series which featured staged readings of new plays nad they sponsored a national gay playwriting contest every year. Terry Helbing passed away from AIDS on March 28, 1994 in New York City.

Folder List

Box 1

1. [Agrama/Valentine’s Day]
2. [Alasa/Orphans]
3. [Alasa and Welch/Orphans]
4. [Arnold/Bookstore]
5. [Arnold/Delivery]
6. [Arnold/Pete & Charley]
7. [Arthur/…At The Bottom of our Garden]
8. [Banacki/The Nitty Gritty]
9. [Bateman/Kiss The Sky]
10. [Bateman/Lying In State]
11. [Bergersen/A Charm of Finches]
12. [Blasius/Before the Final Ring]
13. [Bommer/I Hear It Was Charged Against Me]
14. [Bourne, Shaw & Shaw, Weaver/Belle Reprieve]
15. [Brown/Newsboy]
16. [Brown/Newsboy]
17. [Bumbald/Kitchen Duty]
18. [Bumbalo/Tell]
19. [Buono/Forever Faithful]
20. [Burr/Exquisite]
21. [Busch/Times Square Angel]
22. [Busch/Vampire Lesbians of Sodom]
23. [Camicia/No Secrets, No Lies]
24. [Camicia/Oscar]
25. [Case/Jo: A Lesbian History Play]
26. [Cebulska/Dear John]
27. [Chambers/A Late Snow]

Box 2

28. [Chambers/Eye of the Gull]
29. [Chambers/Eye of the Gull]
30. [Chambers/Last Summer at Bluefish Cove]
31. [Chesley/Night Sweat]
32. [Chesley/Stray Dog Story]
33. [Chinn/Straight]
34. [Chum/Old Third Act]
35. [Colmar/Drink and Begone!]
36. [Coward/Bittersweet — Maybe Wrong Title Page to Script]
37. [Crabtree/Three One Act Plays]
38. [Curzon/Last Call]
39. [Lovers Score – Master]
40. [Del Valle and Sterner/ Lovers – Script and Score]
41. [Del Valle and Sterner/Lovers Score]
42. [Del Valle/Lovers]
43. [Delgado/Once Below a Lighthouse]
44. [Eddie Cox]
45. [Eliot/Data]
46. [Ensano/Castro Street]
47. The Three “F”s [Fierstein/Forget Him]
48. [Fierstein/Torch Song Trilogy]
49. [Foley/Summer Garden]

Box 3

50. [Frieden/Hare’s Breath]
51. [Gilbert/The Dressing Gown]
52. [Goldberger/Drag Queens From Outerspace]
53. [Graham/Sins of the Father]
54. [Grinstead/A Little Awhile Ago]
55. [Hagedorn/Should Have Been A Love Play]
56. [Hamilton/The Rain Barrel]
57. [Harris/Bar Dykes]
58. [Heide/Increased Occupancy]
59. [Heide/The Bed]
60. [Heide/West of the Moon]
61. [Herbert/Lovers]
62. [Hill, David/Dancing in the Chorus Out of Step]
63. [Hlibok/Where or When]
64. [Hogan & Kubran/The Soft-Core Kid]
65. [Hogan & Kubran/The Soft Core Kid]
66. [Holliday/The Calling]
67. [In The Life]
68. [Jones/A Monstrous Regiment]
69. [Jones/With Female Impersonator…]
70. [Kearns/Intimacies]
71. [Krauss/The Beast That Battered Boise]
72. [Lee/Paul and Michael]
73. [Lee/To The Tune of a Military Drummer]
74. [Lotman/Thanksgiving]
75. [Lowe/Writer’s Cramp]
76. [Lowry/To Move Wild Laughter]
77. [Lubin/Risin To The Luv That We Need]
78. [Lynch/The Old Glory Inn and Motor Hotel]
79. [Mark/Keep It Up]
80. [Miller/It’s Our Town Too]
81. [Miller/Patience & Sarah]
82. [Miller/Pines ’79]

Box 4

83. [Miller/Pines ’79]
84. [Mitchell/Weightroom]
85. [Morris/If This Isn’t Love]
86. [Morse/Annunciation & Fairy Fuck-In]
87. [Morse/Flesh & Blood in Cincinnati]
88. [Morse/Minimum Wage]
89. [Mushroom/Bar Dykes] Mss. received cause Robert Patrick told her about book
90. [Napolitano/Nicky’s Wedding]
91. [Patrick, Robert/Scripts]
92. [Patrick/Let Me Not Mar That Perfect Dream]
93. [Patrick/Michelangelo’s Models]
94. [Patrick/Odd Numbers]
95. [Patrick/The River Jordan]
96. [Peyton/Little Boy Blue]
97. [Pioton/Goodbye Sans Telephone]
98. [Prandini/A Safe Light]
99. [Puchall & Hagen/Miss Stanwyck Is Still In Hiding]
100. [Puliafito/Nightmares]
101. [Rawls/Earl, Ollie, Austin & Ralph]
102. [Risin’ To The Love That We Need]
103. [Robins/Gay Delightful Guise]
104. [Robinson/Chums — “Old Third Act”]
105. [Roome/Shroud]
106. [Rossett/Masquerade]
107. [Russell and Hood/Elegies for Angels, Punks, and Raging Queens]
108. [Russell and Melrose/Fourtune]
109. [Schaffer/If I Come Back, I’m Yours]
110. [Schwartz/Power Lines]
111. [Schwartz/Sketches of Women and Men]
112. [Scott/1 Samuel 18]
113. [Sherman/Passing By]
114. [Simones/A Place Called Morning]
115. [Somsen/Beyond the Bounds]
116. [Somsen/One Tit, A Dyke and Gin!]

Box 5

117. [Special Cases]
118. [Stafferi/The Queen – with cassette]
119. [Stephan/Private Passions]
120. [Stinnett/Killer Bangs] This Is The Version I Directed
121. [Stringer/Antiphon]
122. [Swados/A Quiet End]
123. [Tierney/Death in Bloom]
124. [Torres/Different People]
125. [Whitcomb/Wands, Cups, Swords…]
126. [Wilson/A Perfect Relationship]
127. [Wilson/Street Theatre]
128. [Wilson/The West Street Gang]
129. [Wilson/The West Street Gang]
130. [Late Snow Callback Photos w/Notes Not Cast]
131. [Musicals From the House of Plays – Catalogue]
132. [Exerpts from Scripts of Plays (1950’s-60’s)]
133. [Exerpts from Scripts & Audition Forms — Samples. For A Safe Light Callbacks]
134. “F” Misc [Unidentified Script]
135. [Wilson/A Perfect Relationship Program]
136. Press File
137. [Press Releases, Business Letters, 1993]
138. [Press Releases, Business Letters, Flyers, Postings, Calendars of Plays and Films, Newsletters 1992-93]
139. [Press Releases, Announcements, Business Letters, Calendar of Plays, Flyers, Business Cards, Newsletters, Award Listings 1991-93]
140. [Newsletters, Flyers, Press Releases, Award Listings, Business Letters, Play Calendars, 1991-93]
141. [Press Releases, Flyers, Reviews, Calendar of Plays, 1993]
142. [Tapes possibly of interviews and slides depicting publicity images for productions(?)]

Box 6

143. [Postcards and Letters]
144. [Payne/The Recent Positive Trend in Gay Theatre]
145. [Exerpts of Scripts with Poems]
146. [Certificates; Frames Removed]
147. [Press Releases, Paly Announcements, Letters, Editorial Guidelines, Late 1980’s]
148. [Letters, Business Cards, Address List – Bowling Numbers, Reviews, Letters, Press Releases, Subscription Flyers, mostly 1990’s]
149. [Christmas Cards, Rejection Cards, Personal Cards, Letters, and Reviews, 1970’s – 80]
150. [Papers, Rejection and Confirmation Letters, Articles (unpubl.?) Letters, Play Announcements 1970’s]
151. Anniversary Rep [Budget, Notes, Programs, Sex Symbols, If This Isn’t Love, Happy Birthday Daddy]
152. Street Theatre Prod [Invoices, Letters, Notes, Programs, Press Releases, Reviews, Letters, Photographs]
153. Stray Dog Story [Receipts, Letters, Press Releases, Various Notes, Budget, Reviews, Programs, Photos, Contracts, Face Shots, Bios of Actors]
154. Franny – Box Office Reports
155. Love Play – Paid Invoices and Reimb Vouchers
156. Meridian – Paid M.O. and Reimb Vouchers 1984
157. Lavendar Limelight – Paid M.O. and Receipts
158. Deposit Vouchers – 1984
159. Safe Light – Box Office Forms
160. Night Sweat Programme
161. Box Office Rafael Bio [Form Letters From Gay Theatre Alliance, Cut-Out Text For Programs]
162. [Flyers, Programs, Theatre Photos, – late 1980’s]
163. [Flyers, Programs, Newsletters, Play Listings, Late 1980’s]
164. [Programs, Flyers, Gay Theatre Alliance Newsletter, Play Listings, 1980’s]
165. [Flyers, Programs, Press Releases, early 1980’s?]
166. [Flyers, Programs, Press Releases, Letters, early 1980’s?]
167. [Programs, Flyers/Posters, News Releases, Theatre Photos, Late 1970’s & Early 1980’s]
168. [Theatre Related Photos, News Releases, Programs, Flyers, 1980’s]
169. [Theatre Related Photos, Programs, Press Releases, Flyers, Business Letters, late 1970’s – early 1980’s]
170. [Watson and Dobbins/Recollections of a Part-Time Lady]
171. Technical Staff Resumes
172. Harry Fay [Vouchers, Postcards, Contact Sheets, News Releases, Program Layout, Face Shots (of Terry Helbing), Reviews]

Box 7

173. [Wilson/Street Theatre; Art For Publicity]
174. [Chambers/A Late Snow; Art For Publicity]
175. Winter Plays [Staged readings of new gay plays 1980’s; programs, letters, etc.]
176. [Chambers/A Late Snow; Art and Text for Program]
177. [Art and Text for Programs of Something More and A Late Snow]
178. [Chesley/Stray Dog Story; Art and Text for Program]
179. [Wilson/Street Theatre; Art and Text for Program]
180. [Wilson/Street Theatre; Program and Revisions]
181. For Terry Miller or Terry Helbing [Info on Illustrator Howard Cruse]
182. [Chesley/Stray Dog Story; Art and Text for Publicity]
183. [Something More and Late Snow Program Information]
184. [Various Press Clippings]
185. Switch (Kevin Koesel’s Revue) Portland, OR [Film Society Review]
186. Immortal! – Prod [Mailing Lists, Vouchers, Expenses, Photos, Agreements, Programs]
187. Retrospective [Expenses, Mailing Lists, Programs, Letters]
188. February Series [Expenses, Programs]
189. If This Isn’t Love – Box Office Forms
190. Franny [Mailing List, Budget, Voucher, Programs, Letters, Press Releases, Photos, Contact Sheets]
191. If This Isn’t Love – Prod [Contact Sheets, Vouchers, Reviews, Programs, Letters, Budget, Press Releases, Negatives, Photos, Contact Sheets]
192. Meridian – Illustrators
193. [Mailing Lists]
194. [Pines ’79 Program]
195. Love Play [Expenses, Vouchers, Budgets, Reviews, Programs, Photographs, Press Releases, Letters, Contracts]
196. Turnabout, Forms, Gen’l Info
197. Forever After [Letters, Programs, Contracts, etc.]
198. Pines ’79 [Folder 1 of 2; Letters, Photos, Programs, etc.]
199. Pines ’79 [Folder 2 of 2]
200. [Purchase Orders, Letters, Receipts] New Orders To Be Filed? 1980’s-90’s
201. Lovers [Letters, Receipts, Contracts, Reviews, Programs]
202. Dinosaurs [Letters, Expenses, etc.]

Box 8

203. Love Match/Happy B’Day, Daddy [Letters, Reviews, Programs]
204. Press List Materials [Letters, Mailing Lists; 1980’s]
205. Burning [Jane Chambers Novel; Letters, etc.]
206. Playwriting Contest [Addresses, Letters, Ballots, etc. 1980]
207. Last Summer at Bluefish Cove [Expenses, Reviews, etc. for Jane Chambers’ Play]
208. [Programs, Play Listings, Photographs]
209. News Boy [Letters, Expenses, Programs, Reviews, Photos, etc.]
210. Playwright’s Addresses
211. [Miscellaneous – Bio, Returned Letter from GTA, West Street Gang Card]
212. [From Envelope Titled “Foto-Ready Production”]
213. [Letters, Contracts, Receipts, Articles, Bills 1992-93]
214. GTA Archive [Programs, Flyers, Letters, News Releases, etc. 1980’s]
215. GTA Membership Lists [1980’s]
216. GTA – Letters of Inquiry
217. Newspaper Articles [Photos, Mag. Articles]
218. Newspaper Articles [1970’s-90’s]
219. Body Politic [Review by T.H., 1979]
220. Unpublished Articles
221. [Misc. Notes; Listing of Periodicals?]
222. Theatre Rental Info [Handwritten notes]
223. The Puppet Booth [Script: At Saint Judas’s]
224. Soft-Core Kid [Production]
225. Now She Dances! [Production]
226. The West Street Gang [Playbills, Letters, Scripts, etc.]
227. Slide Program [On History of Gay Theatre]
228. TH Clippings [Folder 1; Letters, Reviews, Articles, etc. 1980’s, Interview with T.H. and Resume]
229. TH Clippings [Folder 2; Newspaper and Magazine Articles]

Box 9

230. Street Theater [Folder 1 of 2; Budgets, Letters, Programs, Reviews]
231. Street Theater [Folder 2 of 2]
232. If This Isn’t Love [Letters, Reviews, Programs]
233. My Blue Heaven [Reviews, Letters, Photos, etc.]
234. Other Stages – Caffe Cino [Press Clippings]
235. [Sheet Music]
236. [Mechanical for Newsboy Program]
237. [Letters, Schedules, Photographs, Articles, Programs, Flyers, 1986]
238. [Newspaper Articles 1970’s – 80’s]
239. [Programs, Flyers, Announcements, Articles, Photographs, 1970’s]
240. [Photographs, Articles, Flyers, Correspondence, Tickets, 1980’s]
241. [Dramatist’s Guild Newsletter, Articles, Programs, Letters, Flyers, Photo of Jane Chambers, 1980’s]
242. Old Programs for Terry Helbing
243. Directory of Gay Plays [Folder 1 of 3, Mailing Lists, Letters, etc.]
244. Directory of Gay Plays [Folder 2 of 3]
245. Directory of Gay Plays [Folder 3 of 3]

Box 10

246. GTA Clippings, Programs, etc. [Incl. Photos, Folder 1 of 2]
247. GTA Clippings, Programs, etc. [Folder 2 of 2]
248. Newsletter – GTA [Letters, Articles, etc. 1980’s]
249. [Newspaper Articles/Clippings]
250. [Programs, Emerson College Alumni Mag.]
251. Street – Material for JH Press
252. [Articles, Flyers, Programs, Photos, Press Releases, early 1980’s]
253. A Late Snow [Receipts, Lists, Photos, Correspondences, etc. 1983]
254. [Info on Playwrights & Directors Series 1982-83]
255. [Info on Playwrights & Directors Series IV 1983]
256. [Info on Playwrights & Directors Series 1984?]
257. [Info on Playwrights & Directors Series, Flyers, Correspondence, Resumes]
258. [Info on Playwrights & Directors Series, Correspondence, Flyers, Resumes, Mailing Lists, Notes, Articles]
259. [Info from Meridian Theatre, Notes, Flyers, Programs]
260. Meridian Theatre [1983-86?]
261. [Records of Meridian Theatre, Minutes 1980’s]
262. [Records of Meridian Theatre, Correspondence mid-1980’s]
263. [Records of Meridian Theatre, Notes, Flyers, Articles 1980’s]
264. [Records of Meridian Theatre, Correspondence, Flyers, Tickets, Notes 1982-83?]
265. Earplay 1980 Season on National Public Radio [Binder]

Box 11

266. [Records of Meridian Theatre, Correspondence, Flyers, 1983-85?]
267. [Records of Meridian Theatre, Mailing Lists, Correspondence, 1980’s]
268. [Meridian Theatre Administrative Records, Notes, Mailing Lists, Receipts, 1980’s]
269. [Flyers, Programs, Photos, Posters, 1980’s]
270. Lilith A Women’s Theatre [Promotional Materials]
271. [Programs, Flyers, Bylaws of Gay/Lesbian Arts Alliance, Articles, Photos]
272. [Programs, Articles, Flyers, Correspondence, early 1980’s]
273. [Scripts, Articles, Flyers, Photos, Programs, May 10, 1982 Dinner for the Fund for Human Dignity]
274. [Photographs, Programs, Flyers, Articles, Correspondence 1980’s]
275. [Gay Theatre Alliance Newsletter, Programs, Correspondence, Press Releases – Primarily Meridian]
276. [Flyers, Correspondence, Articles, Programs]
277. [Articles, Programs, Newsletter, Letters, 1980’s]
278. JH Press [Folder 1 of 3, Agreements, Notes, Corres., Admin. Materials, etc.]
279. JH Press [Folder 2 of 3]
280. JH Press [Folder 3 of 3]
281. The West Street Gang & APR [Folder 1 of 2, Corres., Flyers, etc. 1980’s]
282. The West Street Gang & APR [Folder 2 of 2]
283. A Perfect Relationship [Folder 1 of 3, Correspondence, Articles, Flyers, etc. early – mid 1980’s]
284. A Perfect Relationship [Folder 2 of 3]
285. A Perfect Relationship [Folder 3 of 3]
286. Stray Dog Story [Reviews, Letters, 1980’s]
287. Warrior At Rest [Reviews, Letters, etc. 1984?]
288. A Late Snow [Reviews, photos, etc. 1980’s]
289. Chasin’ Jason [Reviews, etc. 1980’s]
290. [Various Articles, Letters 1980’s]
291. [Lists, Applications, Correspondence – mid 1980’s]
292. [Postcards, Cards, Photos, Correspondence – mid 1980’s]

Box 12

293. GPNY – Reviews and Articles [Gay Presses of New York]
294. GPNY – Reviews and Articles [Newspaper]
295. GPNY – Receipts
296. GPNY [Folder 1; Corresp., Budgets, Agreements, Admin. Material, etc. 1980’s]
297. GPNY [Folder 2]
298. GPNY [Folder 3]
299. GPNY [Folder 4]
300. Safe Light [Mailing Lists, Budget, Articles, etc. 1985]
301. One O’Clock Jump/Killer Bangs – Prod [1986]
302. Something More [Mailing Lists, Receipts, Budgets, Photos, etc. 1983]
303. Charles Busch [Expenses, Receipts, Lists, Corr., Articles, Slides, Photos, 1981-84?]
304. Night Sweat [Articles, Correspondence, Lists, etc.]
305. Immortal – Box Office Reports
306. Jump/Bangs – Box Office Reports
307. Franny – Paid MO and Rem. Vouchers
308. Structuralist Workshop [Programs, Articles, Script, etc. 1982?]
309. [Correspondence, Cards, Gay Theatre Alliance Newsletter, early 1980’s]
310. Gay Theatre Alliance [Folder 1; Corres., Notes, Budget, etc.]
311. Gay Theatre Alliance [Folder 2]
312. Gay Theatre Alliance [Folder 3]
313. Gay Theatre Alliance [Folder 4]

Box 13

314. Miscellaneous Articles [By T.H., etc.]
315. Soho Weekly News [Reviews Written by T.H., etc.]
316. Theatre Week 1989-90/91-92 [Reviews by T.H., etc.]
317. Theatre Week 1988 [Reviews by T.H., etc.]
318. Theatre Week 1987 [Reviews by T.H., etc.]
319. Stonewall News 1993 [Folder 1; Theatre Column by T.H.]
320. Stonewall News 1993 [Folder 2]
321. Stonewall News 1993 [Folder 3]
322. [Sample of Cancelled Checks, Statements, Check Register]
323. A Late Snow – Paid Invoices and Reimb. Vouchers
324. Street [Reimb. Vouchers and Receipts]
325. SDS [Stray Dog Story] Reimb Vouchers
326. Street Theatre – Reimb Forms and Paid Invoices
327. Something More – Paid Invoices & Reimb. Vouchers
328. Meridian – Reimb. Vouchers
329. Deposit Vouchers
330. Harry Fay – Reimb. Vouchers & Paid Inv.
331. Night Sweat – Paid Inv. & Reimb. Vouchers
332. Meridian – Paid Inv. & Reimb. Vouchers 1986
333. Deposit Vouchers 1986-87
334. Immortal – Paid Inv. & Reimb. Vouchers
335. Jump/Bangs – Paid Inv. & Reimb. Vouchers
336. Theatre Design and Technology [Article by T.H., etc.]
337. Outweek [Articles by T.H. etc.]

Box 14

338. [NY] Native, 1992 Stonewall News [Folder 1; Articles by T.H. etc.]
339. [NY] Native, 1992 Stonewall News [Folder 2]
340. [NY] Native, 1992 Stonewall News [Folder 3]
341. [NY] Native 1991 [Folder 1; Articles by T.H. etc.]
342. [NY] Native 1991 [Folder 2]
343. [NY] Native 1991 [Folder 3]
344. [NY] Native 1990 [Articles by T.H. etc.]
345. NY Native 1989 [Articles by T.H. etc.]
346. [NY] Native, 1988 [Articles by T.H. etc.]
347. [NY] Native, 1987 [Articles by T.H. etc.]
348. NY Native 1986 [Folder 1, Articles by T.H., etc.]
349. NY Native 1986 [Folder 2]
350. NY Native, 1985 [Articles by T.H. etc.]
351. New York Native, 1984 [Articles by T.H. etc.]
352. New York Native, 1983 [Articles by T.H. etc.]
353. New York Native 1982 [Articles by T.H., etc.]
354. New York Native 1981 [Articles by T.H., etc.]
355. Seven Days, Genre Metro Source, American Theatre [Articles by T.H., etc.]
356. Photograph Album
357. TDR [The Drama Review – Article by T.H., etc.]
358. GCN Article [By T.H.]

Box 15

359. Villager, 1983 [Articles by T.H. etc.]
360. Villager, 1982 [Articles by T.H. etc.]
361. The Villager, 1981 [Articles by T.H. etc.]
362. Villager, 1980 [Articles by T.H. etc.]
363. Villager 1979 [Articles by T.H. etc.]
364. Villager Articles 1977-78 [Articles by T.H. etc.]
365. [Articles, Cartoons, Pictures, etc.]
366. Tacky Wall [Assorted Cards, Photos, etc.]
367. [Assorted Postcards, Photos, etc.]
368. Tacky Wall [Assorted Cards, Photos, etc.]
369. Archives – Terry Helbing Ass’td Files [Photos, Letters, Articles, etc.]
370. The Advocate 1980-81 84-85-86 [Articles by T.H.]
371. The Advocate 1979 [Articles by T.H. etc.]
372. Omega One [Articles by T.H. etc.]
373. Other Stages [Articles by T.H. etc.]
374. American Gay Life [Articles by T.H. etc.]
375. Chaikin [Article by T.H.]
376. New York City News [Articles by T.H. etc.]
377. Where It’s At [Articles by T.H. etc.]
378. Gay Sweatshop [Articles by T.H. etc.]
379. Gaysweek [Articles by T.H. etc.]
380. Glines Play Committee
381. [Letters, Cards, etc.]
382. [Letters, Cards, etc.]
383. [Letters, Cards, etc.]
384. [Letters, Cards, Programs, etc.]
385. [Letters, Cards, etc.]
386. [Photos, Cards, Articles, Correspondences, etc.]
387. [Script, Cards, Correspondence, etc.]
388. Bowling – Sept. ’88 – May ’89
389. Bowling – Summer ’89
390. Bowling Sept. ’89 – May ’90
391. Bowling – 1990 – ’91 – ’92
392. Gotham Open – Misc. [Bowling Tournament]