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Collection #152

Steven Ault Papers

Date:1969 - 2007 (Bulk 1975 - 1993)
Size:1 foot


The Collection was given by Steve Ault and dropped off by Seth Weine.

Scope and Content

Letters, articles, drafts, flyers, brochures, stickers, legal papers, handbooks, newsprint, and materials related to or belonging to various LGBT and Anti-War organizations. For the 1987 National March on Washington there are meeting minutes, financial records, correspondence, contact lists, hand drawn maps, logistical papers, materials related to transportation, housing, related events, rally organization, and other materials related to the march. For the 1979 National March on Washington there are financial records, promotional materials, correspondence, and other related materials. There are also three Audio Tapes available on the Archive server.

History or Bio

Steve Ault has worked as an activist since the early 1970s. He was a co-coordinator of the 1979 National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, as well as co-chair for the 1987 National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. He was involved with and known to countless LGBT organizations such as the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights and the LGBT Community Center for which he was a Founding Board member. Ault was also involved with the Anti-War Movement, organizing against U.S. nuclear build up, and U.S. involvement in Central and South America, Vietnam, and elsewhere.

Folder List

Box 1

Box 1

1. [Articles and Writings of Steve Ault]
2. [Legal Papers]
3. [Letters]
4. [National March on Washington 1979]
5. [National March on Washington 1979 Finances]
6. [National March on Washington 1987]
7. Minutes [National March on Washington 1987]
8. Logistics [National March on Washington 1987]
9. Contact Lists [New York Organizing Committee, National March on Washington 1987]
10. Communications [National March on Washington 1987]
11. Finance [National March on Washington 1987]
12. Endorsements [National March on Washington 1987]
13. Transportation and Housing [National March on Washington 1987]
14. [Maps- National March on Washington 1987]
15. Outreach [National March on Washington 1987]
16. Civil Disobedience [National March on Washington 1987]
17. Souvenir [National March on Washington 1987]

Box 2
18. Related Events [National March on Washington 1987]
19. Lobby [National March on Washington 1987]
20. Rally – PM [National March on Washington 1987]
21. Assembly + AM Rally [National March on Washington 1987]
22. [Anti-War Movement]
23. [Coalition for Lesbian & Gay Rights]
24. [Stonewall 25]
25. [People’s Anti-War Mobilization (PAM)]
26. New Alliance Party
27. [The Socialist Workers Party Article]
28. [Lesbian and Gay Network Mobilization for Survival]
29. [National Organization of Lesbians and Gays (NOLAG)]
30. [National Committee for Independent Political Action]
31. [International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA)]
32. [Occupy the LGBT Community Center; Queers Against Israeli Apartheid]
33. [Millenium March on Washington]
34. [Printed Materials of Various Organizations 1970s]
35. [Printed Materials of Various Organizations 1980s]

Box 3
36. [Printed Materials of Various Organizations 1990s-2000s]
37. [Articles and Writings of Others]
38. [Newsprint of Activist organizations]


1. Ault I – March on Washington (Side A); Gay Freedom Train (Side B)
2. Ault II – Boise Meeting, Stonewall 25
3. Ault III – Boise Meeting, Stonewall 25