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Collection #14

Records of the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights

Size:3 feet 3 inches


The records of the 1979 March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay rights were found in a closet at the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center in New York City. It is not clear how they got there. They were turned over to the National Archive for Lesbian and Gay History in 1990. An additional 2 feet were donated to the archive by Ron Alheim on October 20, 1999 and added to the collection.

Scope and Content

Organizational records, financial records, flyers, correspondence, press clippings, and press releases of the 1979 National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.

History or Bio

On October 14, 1979 thousands of people marched on Washington, D.C. to demand “an end to all social, economic, judicial, and legal oppression of Lesbians and Gay people.” The organizing of this public demonstration began in March 1979 when 300 Lesbians and Gay men, representing over 200 Lesbian, gay, Feminist, and political organizations, met in Philadelphia. June 1979 was the tenth anniversary of the Stonewall rebellion. In April, 1979 one hundred people began the process of organizing in New York City. Four committees were formed – Media, Logistics & Travel, Fundraising, and Transportation. Six delegates were elected to a National Steering Committee.

Folder List

Box 1

Box 1A
1. [Correspondence, envelopes, petition, notes, a map of Washington, flyers, statement of principles, mailing lists.]
2. G & L organizational list List of endorsement [Notes, mailing list, flyers, list of endorsements, Gay and Young Youth Advocacy.]
3. National Office Operation [mailing list, flyers, notes, correspondence, envelopes, photocopies of newspaper articles.]
4. Regional Information-West [flyers, correspondence, newsletters.]
5. Regional Information-Mid Atlantic [flyers, correspondence.]
6. [Fyers, mailing list, correspondence.]
7. To Be Copied [flyers, correspondence, mailing list.]
8. Info. CLGR [Coalition for Lesbian And Gay Rights correspondence, flyers, Lesbian Switchboard, unsigned letter from William F. Buckley, Jr.]
9. Regional Information-Rocky Mt [notes, telephone numbers, addresses, flyers.]
10. [Mailing list, flyers, notes, correspondence.]
11. Regional Information-Midwest [notes correspondence, envelopes, flyers, newsletters, mailing list, minutes of meetings.]
12. [Notes, correspondence, manual for typewriter, flyers, financial statement, minutes.]
13. Proxy letter replies [correspondence.]
14. [Correspondence, envelopes, flyers, newspaper articles, notes]
15. MOW Houston [March on Washington correspondence, notes, proposed constitution for coalition committee report.]
16. [Pasteups, notes, flyers, agenda, photocopies of telegrams, correspondence.]
17. [Notes, attendance sign in sheets for meetings, questionnaires, flyers, map of Washington, photocopies of newspaper articles.]
18. Endorsements [correspondence.]

Box 1B
19. Honorary [correspondence, flyers, newspapers, endorsements list.]
20. Committee Reports [correspondence, flyers, mailing list.]
21. National Promotions [correspondence, mailgrams, photocopies of newspaper articles, schedule of speakers & entertainers, copy of congressional resolution #166, map of Washington D.C., programs, flyers.]
22. General Correspondence [correspondence, addresses of international Gay contacts.]
23. Finance [correspondence, mailgrams.]
24. Personal File- Steve Ault [correspondence, newsletters. resumes, press releases, abortion handbook, photocopies of mailgram, report from conference on the Klan by Center for Constitutional Rights.]
25. Local outreach March on Washington [list of volunteers, correspondence.]
26. Personal File – Polly Powledge [mailing list, correspondence, mailgram, notes, flyers, postal applications.]
27. Endorsements [envelopes, correspondence, notes, flyers,]
28. National Conference – Philadelphia [mailing list, photocopies of delegates response mailing.]

Box 1C
29. Regional Information – South [correspondence, flyers,]
30. [Newsletters, canceled checks, receipt, flyers, notes, mailing list.]
31. Printing Original Copy [correspondence, flyers, press release.]
32. Bulletins Original Copy [flyers program.]
33. [clippings of newspaper articles.]
34. [mailing list, flyers, packing slips, Lesbian & Gay Songs.]
35. Endorsement file [pasteup, notes, flyers, mailgram.]
36. Press Release 8/22 toll free [press releases.]
37. Press Release: Draft Note [ draft of press release.]
38. Media Correspondence [correspondence.]
39. Mailing list: Houston Observer alternative press [mailing list.]
40. Mailing List: Houston Delegates [ mailing list.]
41. Mailing list: small press.[mailing list, ID of Roselyn L. Dickson.]
42. Mailing List: NYC mainstream media list [mailing list.]
43. Volunteer packet [information for volunteers.]
44. Work done [correspondence, call slips.]
45. Resumes [Brenda Deviers resume.]
46. March related events [flyers.]
47. [Pamphlet for Plymouth Mills.]
48. Sign in forms [blank forms.]
49. Transportation [correspondence, news release, mailgrams, newspapers ads for Gay Freedom Train.]

Box 2

50. Endorsements [list of endorsements, correspondence, flyers.]
51. Committee overview policy active file [list of members of policy committee
52. Less than $20 [application for hotel listing.]
53. Contacts-rosters [mailing list, correspondence.]
54. Originals-xeroxing [flyers, volunteer applications, newspaper articles.]
55. Committee logistics [notes, correspondence, data collection forms.]
56. Organizers handbook [information for organizers.]
57. Buttons, T-shirts, etc. [notes and information on buttons etc.]
58. Anti-march activities [notes.]
59. Artistic doodling [ Ad sketches.]
60. Volunteer schedule forms [blank forms.]
61. Forms [blank forms for housing, childcare, security volunteers.]
62. $20-$30 [applications for hotel listings.]
63. $30-$40 [applications for hotel listings.]
64. Committee housing- old to be kept [applications.]
65. [Flyers.]
66. Committee-media & PR [flyers, notes, mailing list.]
67. April 16th information [notes, envelopes, newsletters, proposed speakers list for discussion, flyers.]
68. Outreach [flyers, notes, envelopes, newsletters, instructions for selling & handling bus tickets, copy of proclamation from mayor of Washington DC.]
69. Stationery – letter heads
70. To be signed [letters.]
71. Committee-lobbying [flyers, notes, envelopes, open letter to members of congress about Reubin Askew.]
72. [Flyers, pasteups.]
73. Contacts-natl MOW including local regional offices [flyers, newsletters, notes, mailing list, envelopes, Metropolitan Guide Services for Lesbian & Gay Men.]
74. [Washington DC motel & hotel listings, mailing list, flyers, postcards, memo, envelopes.]

Box 3

75. Committee overview/policy old to be kept [copies of motions and proposals.]
76. Committee overview/policy-tours [flyers.]
77. Committee overview/policy correspondence [flyers.]
78. Letters for Roz [flyers, notes, logistics information.]
79. [Flyers, Chemical Bank statement.]
80. [Flyers, cultural budget, photocopies of Nation articles, envelopes, resolutions from Women’s Caucus. mailing list.]
81. Bills paid-printing
82. Vital information permits & regulations
83. Committee outreach Addresses Letters [correspondence, addresses.]
84. Committee outreach-speaker report [speakers info.]
85. Committee outreach [addresses, flyers.]
86. Committee fundraising [pasteups of posters or flyers.]
87. Committee-culture activities [committee members information.]
88. Committee childcare active file[forms.]
89. March route [map of Washington DC.]
90. General Information letter [letters.]
91. Medical [while you were out slips.]
92. Originals typesetting [pasteups].
93. Related march events [notes.]
94. Pending events [notes.]
95. Endorsements add to list new [letters, envelopes.]
96. Endorsements GAA related material [letters.]
97. [Flyers, programs.]
98. Steve Brown [constitution lobby core group.]
99. [Notes, flyers, addresses.]
100. [Notes, flyers.]
101. $60 [hotel listing.]
102. $50-60 [hotel listing.]
103. $40-50 [hotel listings.]
104. Miscellaneous [flyers.]
105. Regional Reports Conf., Etc. – Mid-West[flyers.]
106. Regional Reports Conf., Etc. – Mid-Atlantic [flyers, photocopies of newspaper article, telegrams, minutes of meetings.]
107. Regional Reports Conf., Etc. – Northeast [flyers.]
108. Regional reports Conf., Etc. – Southern [flyers.]
109. Regional Reports Conf., Etc. – Western [newsletters.]
110. Vital Info- Phone SP Communications [letters & Flyers from SP Communications.]
111. Correspondence.

Box 4

112. Committee- Women [flyers.]
113. Contacts-Labor Unions [flyers, notes, mailing list.]
114. Subversive Activities [pasteups, photocopies of newspaper and magazines articles.]
115. [Checking statements, canceled checks, receipts, flyers, envelopes, ballots.]
116. [Checking statements, canceled checks, receipts, flyers, envelopes, ballots.]
117. February 17th Fundraiser 1977 [pasteups, correspondence, envelopes.]
118. Ruth Kemper [notes, greeting cards, Flyers.]
119. Committee-Security [ notes, maps, flyers, information packets. ]
120. CLGR – Treasurer [bank statements, canceled checks, Receipts, mailing list.]
121. Support File-Labor [correspondence.]
122. Support File-Political [correspondence, photocopies of newspaper articles.]
123. May 6/77 Fundraiser [door list, correspondence.]
124. Letters to Council persons [correspondence.]
125. [Correspondence.]
126. [Pasteups, for posters.]

Box 5

127. [Receipts, check stubs.]
128. [Flyers, notes, photocopies of newspaper articles.]
129. Endorsements Letter Gay People [flyers, correspondence, notes.]
130. Dignity [flyers, correspondence.]
131. Council District Needed [petitions.]
132. Office Space Info [notes, checks, checking statement, flyers.]
133. Local Media March on Washington [correspondence, petitions.]

Box 6

134. Support file master copy #1 [correspondence, press releases, resolutions, photocopies of newspaper articles.]
135. [Pasteups, correspondence, flyers, mailing list, notes.]
136. Regional info-Northeast[photocopies of mailgrams, proposed conference rules, flyers, correspondence, newsletters.]
137. [Notes, flyers, correspondence, tickets.]
138. Local-logistics March on Washington [envelopes, correspondence, mailing list, list of bus companies, map of DC, telegrams, press releases.]
139. List Information [mailing list of National Lawyers Guild, Gayellow Pages, envelopes, mailing list.]

Box 7

140. [Mailing list, flyers.]
141. [Press release NGTF info, flyers.]
142. March on Washington Newspapers[photocopies of newspapers articles.]
143. [Correspondence, flyers.]
144. [Lesbian and gay rights statement]
145. Volunteer application
146. [Misc. correspondence, notes, flyers, etc.]
147. [Mailing list.]
148. [Phone & communication log, work projects log.]
149. Speakers Biographical Data (NMOW)

Box 8

150. GLIB – Gay and Lesbian Indepenent Democrats – Decision 1980
151. NMOW Finacial documents
152. Buttons and Tee-Shirt order forms
153. Post March related material
154. Permit to March
155. Socialists./Communists/Radicals
156. Philadelphia Conference
157. National March on Washington Meeting notes, memos, and proposals
158. NMOW Correspondence
159. Endorsements
160. Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights (CLGR) material
161. Regional – San Francisco, Denver, North Texas
162. Regional – New York Metro Area
163. Regional – Los Angeles, Chicago, Southeast
164. Travel, Transportation, Accommodations, Logistics
165. Media, Press Releases

Box 9

166. Flyers, Stickers, Posters, Pamphlets
167. Miscellaneous Gay writings, articles, progay-antigay
168. Stonewall 10 years
169. Gay and Lesbian Art
170. Robert L. Livingstone Community Center Management Group [New York City]
172. Petition to President Carter to pass Gay Rights Bill H.R.2074
173. H.R. 2074 (a bill)
174. Organizational Handbook {NMOW produced}
175. [3rd World Conference / 3rd World Committee]
176. [Abrams, Tom — Kidnapping]
177. [Budget]
178. [CLGR / Juanita Ramos]
179. [Committee for the MOW (Interim Steering Committee)]
180. [Constituent Lobbying]
181. [Contact Lists]
182. [Coordinating Committee & Policy Committee]
183. [Cultural Committee]
184. [Demands represented in the March proposals by various groups / Position Papers]
185. [Endorsements / Non-Endorsements]
186. [Financial Records]
187. [“Freedom Flags”]
188. [Fundraising]
189. [Housing & food (at MOW)]
190. [Hunter, Joyce — correspondence & other personal]
191. [LAGPONY / March on Albany]
192. [Logistics committee]

Box 10

193. [March organizers — correspondence to]
194. [Media committee]
195. [Mid Atlantic Regional Conference]
196. [Misc. phone messages, receipts, handwritten notes]
197. [National Logistics Office (New York)]
198. [National Steering Committee meeting — Houston]
199. [Newspaper articles]
200. [NMOW Articles of Incorporation]
201. [NMOW Letterhead]
202. [NMOW — programs, calendars, other]
203. [NMOW — Regional Office — Denver]
204. [NMOW — Regional Offices — Massachusetts]
205. [NMOW — Regional Offices — Mid-Atlantic]
206. [NMOW — Regional Office — New York]
207. [NMOW — Regional Offices — San Francisco — (outreach & fundraising)]
208. [NMOW — Regional Offices — Southern CA / LA]
209. [NMOW — Regional Offices — Southern Region]
210. [“Organizers Handbook” — History & Structure of March Planning]
211. [Outreach Committee]
212. [Philadelphia Conference (aka National Conference) — Feb 1979]
213. [Post March Policy Conference — Oberlin]
214. [Posters, Stickers, etc.]
215. [Security Committee]
216. [Speeches made at MOW 79]
217. [Steve Ault / Joyce Hunter / New York Office — Correspondence]
218. [Transportation]
219. [Volunteer Coordination]
220. [Women’s Caucus]
221. Pay Book & Expenses of Office
222. National March on Washington Payroll Book & Journal

Box 11

223. [Check stubs]
224. 101 – 140 [Canceled checks, some with receipts and various notes attached]
225. 141 – 180 [Canceled checks, some with receipts and various notes attached]
226. 181 – 220 [Canceled checks, some with receipts and various notes attached]
227. 221 – 260 [Canceled checks, some with receipts and various notes attached]
228. 261 – 300 [Canceled checks, some with receipts and various notes attached]
229. 301 – 340 [Canceled checks, some with receipts and various notes attached]
230. 341 – 380 [Canceled checks, some with receipts and various notes attached]
231. 381 – 403 [Canceled checks, some with receipts and various notes attached]
232. Financial Reports 2/29/80 and 8/14/80

Box 12

233. Bank Statements
234. M.O.W. 1982 [Financial summaries submitted for audit]
235. Bills Payable
236. Third World Gays
237. [Misc. correspondence, reports, flyers etc.]
238. March 79 [Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights]
239. National Organization of Lesbians and Gays
240. M.O.W. Committee Reports
241. [Contact Lists]

Box 13

242. [Committee reports, correspondence, notes, flyers etc.]
243. Articles of Incorp. / Unrelated to March 79 [misc. material]