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Collection #167

Queer Nation Records

Date:1990 - 1992 (bulk 1990 - 1991)
Size:5 in.


This is an artificial collection bringing together a small donation in February 2022 from Queer Nation member Thomas Fortin as well as newsletters and other printed matter previously held in the archive’s vertical files.

Scope and Content

Administrative records include correspondence, contact lists, agendas, logs, etc. Promotional material such as flyers and cards. Press clippings featuring Queer Nation and related groups and issues. Materials relate to actions including Channel 13 boycott; “Take Back the Night” and the murder of Julio Rivera; Hollywood and “Basic Instinct”; and Senator Jesse Helms. Three tee-shirts were removed to the Ephemera Collection.

See also OutWeek Photographs Collection; ACT UP NY Records; Leonard Fink Photographs; Richard C. Wandel Photographs.

History or Bio

Queer Nation was founded at a meeting at The Center in 1990 to create a nonhierarchal direct action group to combat gay-bashing and homophobia in the media. Founding members included HIV/AIDS activists from ACT UP as well as contributors to OutWeek Magazine. Queer Nation was nonhierarchical in structure and known for its boycotts, early embrace of the reclaimed term “queer,” and confrontational approach. Chapters opened up across the country.

Folder List

Box 1

1. Administrative records, correspondence [1 of 2]
2. Administrative records, correspondence [2 of 2]
3. Flyers, calls to action [1 of 2]
4. Flyers, calls to action [2 of 2]
5. Press clippings
6. Newsletters
7. Channel 13 Boycott