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Collection #133

Philip Reed Papers

Date:1998 - 2005
Size:2 feet


This collection was donated by Philip Reed in December 2005 as he left the City Council due to term limits.

Scope and Content

This collection documents the public life of Philip Reed while he was a member of the New York City Council. Items include campaign materials–brochures, questionnaires, volunteer organizing information, get-out-the-vote strategies and logistics, and fundraising. The collection also includes information related to the business of running a city council district: TV appearances, official correspondence, reports and analysis, financial disclosures, and newsletters. The collection also offers insight into Reed’s achievements: photos with other city leaders, certificates of appreciation, thank you letters, and endorsements.

History or Bio

Born in 1949 in New York City and raised in Harlem and the Upper West Side, Phil Reed was named for A. Philip Randolph, a mentor of his father’s and a leader in the fight for workers’ rights. He studied in California and Ohio, and then began a long period of employment at the Otis Elevator Company, where he worked his way up to Senior Sales Representative. He earned a Master’s Degree in Non-Profit Management from the New School in 1988. A Democrat committed to community activism, Reed became a member of the 24th Precinct Community Council and was appointed to Community Board no. 7. He also held a number of public policy-related positions (at the East New York HIV/AIDS Project and the Hetrick-Martin Institute), before being elected to the New York City Council in 1998. As the first openly gay and openly HIV-positive African-American member of the City Council, he represented District 8, which encompassed parts of the Upper West Side, East Harlem, a section of the South Bronx, and Randalls and Wards Islands. He held office until 2005, and his work while there focused on civil rights, expanded access to public housing, childhood asthma prevention, and advocacy for public parks. He died in 2008 at the age of 59.

Folder List

Box 1

1. Biographical Materials
2. Campaign Literature and Message
3. Official Newsletters
4. Certificates of Appreciation
5. Achievements and Issues
6. Computer Lab: John S. Roberts Educational Complex
7. Press Releases, 1986-2005
8. Eagle Bar Incident
9. Harvard Government Leaders Program
10. Questionnaires
11. Endorsements
12. Debate Talking Points
13. Other People’s Campaign Literature
14. Fernando Ferrer Campaign
15. Felipe Luciano Campaign
16. Voter and District Analysis
17. 2001 Caucus
18. Campaign Office Personnel
19. Campaign, 2001
20. Information for and about Volunteers
21. Volunteer Sign-In Sheets
22. Petition Signatures
23. Voter Targeting Efforts
24. Public Housing Outreach Efforts
25. Hagen Moroney: Lists of Potential Voters
26. Campaign Poster Locations
27. Direct Mail Literature and Planning
28. Community Contact Information
29. Election Day
30. Election Results
31. Fundraising Efforts
32. Cash Flow Reports
33. Donor Responses
34. Donor Lists
35. Campaign/Fundraiser Correspondence
36. Campaign Receipts
37. Financial Disclosures: State
38. Financial Disclosures: City
39. Financial Disclosure Instructions
40. Official Correspondence: 1998
41. Official Correspondence: 1999 activities

Box 2

42. Official Correspondence: January to June, 2000
43. Official Correspondence: July to December, 2000
44. Official Correspondence: January to June, 2001
45. Official Correspondence: July to December, 2001
46. Official Correspondence: January to June, 2002
47. Official Correspondence: July to December, 2002
48. Official Correspondence: January to June, 2003
49. Official Correspondence: July to December, 2003
50. Official Correspondence: 2004
51. Official Correspondence: January to June, 2005
52. Official Correspondence: July to December, 2005
53. Photos (1 of 2)
54. Photos (2 of 2)
55. Photos on CD
56. Negatives
57. Headshot


1. Arrive Graduation, Cycle 59
2. NY1 Inside City Hall, 3/23/99
3. The Case for a Car-Free Central Park, by Clarence Eckerson, 2004
4. Asthma in Harlem, a Documentary in Progress
5. New York City Council Forum on Police-Community Relations, 3/30/99
6. Bette Midler, Simply Divine, on the Jane Pauley Show