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Collection #97

Peter Fisher Papers

Date:1955 - 2007
Size:14 feet


Papers of Peter Fisher and some for his lover Marc Rubin.

Scope and Content

These are the papers of Peter Fisher, including published works, manuscripts, journals, diaries, correspondence with editors, reviews, published works, personal correspondence, some Air Force and employment resume papers, music scores, birthday cards, artwork, photographs and other material. There are some organization documents (GAA, Gay Teachers Association, etc.) which are mostly background material for Peter’s writings. The collection is called “papers” because of the personal involvement.

Restriction were verbally removed in July 2009.


Peter Randolph Fisher was born in May 19, 1944 in Richmond, VA and graduated from high school in Eastchester, NY. He did two years at Amherst College, a short term in the Air Force then graduated from Columbia University in 1969. He joined Gay Activist Alliance (GAA) in 1970 and met his lover Marc Rubin – they were together until Marc’s death in 2007. He published 4 or 5 books, composed music, was an artist, was employed by Chemical Bank in the data center, had a software consulting business, Following is his own biographical statement of 1976. One of his manuscripts/journal was “The Story of the Gay rights Bill” 1970 to 1977 in new York City which will be of interest to reasearchers.

His biographical statement as of September 16, 1976 at age 32 (204 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn)”I graduated, with High Honors from Eastchester High School and did two years of study (on the Dean’s List) at Amherst College, College, majoring in psychology, before deciding to leave school in order to come to terms with being gay.

I worked as a laboratory technician for a year, and, when I was about to be drafted, enlisted in the Air Force, hoping to complete my education while in the service. While stationed in Texas as a psychiatric technician administering psychological tests and counseling basic trainees, I began attending night classes in political science at St. Mary’s University.

Getting out of the Air Force on a medical discharge, I began attending Columbia University in 1967, where I participated in the Political Science Department’s special Honors program. I received my B.A. Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa, in 1969, when I was awarded a full scholarship in the form, a Herbert H. Lehman Fellowship and began two years of graduate work at Columbia in political theory before resigning from the Ph.D. program to write The Gay Mystique.


I became involved in the Gay Activists Alliance in 1970 while still at Columbia, and I quickly moved to a leadership position, first chairing ‘The Harper’s Action Committee, which staged a take-over of Harper’s Magazine’s offices to gently chide them for running a viciously anti-gay article. Next I chaired GAA’s ‘Committee on Committees’ which wrote mandates for all the organization’s other committees and was responsible for its committee structure at the height of the organization’s power in the early seventies, I next chaired the National Gay Movement Committee which sent out field workers across the nation to organize gay groups in cities lacking them.

Since then, my lover Marc (a founder and leader of New York City’s Gay Teachers Association) helped found, the National Gay Task Force and served on its initial Board of Directors. Because of the response to The Gay Mystique, I have had the opportunity over the past several years to visit gay organizations on college campuses in many other states.


My first hook, The Gay Mystique, was published in hard cover by Stein & Day in 1972 and was promptly named co-winner of the American Library Association’s Gay Book of the Year Award (shared by Lesbian/Woman, by Lyons and Martin). Stein & Day brought out a paperback edition that fall, which is now in its second printing.Before getting my book contract, I had been writing as a reporter for the gay press, primarily GAY, New York [Lige Clark and Jack Nichol] based paper that has since folded.When I finished The Gay Mystique, I began works on a large political novel about the Nixon era and the Watergate scandal; a section of the book appeared in OUT magazine in 1974 under the title, NUMBNUTS. I finished the book, a truly massive work, at the end of 1975 and have been busy writing my next book, a novel about Star Trek, ever since. I expect to complete it this fall and have a list of at least half a dozen other books I am determined to write.”

Peter and Marc Rubin are in “Out of the Closet” film in 1971[photographs Box 14].His 1990s resume [box 10] shows he was employed by Chemical Bank, Jericho, LI, branch, data Center from 1983 to 1992. He also had a software business “Beyond Communications” in Chatham NY with his brother Randy Fisher. He has a sister named Lynne, his father is Andrew and mother Cornelia (Connie) (Vero Beach, FL).


Books: “The Gay Mystique: The Myth and reality of Male Homosexuality” ©1972, Stein and Day, New York, NY. In 1972 he received the Stonewall Book Award for “The Gay Mystique”.
“Dreamlovers” ©Pete Fisher 1980, The Sea Horse Press, New York, NY (edited by Felice Picano)
“Special Teachers/Special Boys” ©1979 by Pete Fisher and Marc Rubin, St. Martin’s Press Inc. New York, NY
“Black Star” Shoestring Press © 1983 by Inrepressed Press for Pete Fisher, 177 pages (story about Kirk, star trek) [Box 4].
Manuscripts that do not seem to be published (further descriptions are with the manuscripts):
“The Story of the Gay Civil Rights Bill”
“Buddy” (1981)
“DGTM” (Duke goes to Mars, Duke and Peterbilt truck)
“Duke Goes to Mars”
“The Story of the Gay Rights Bill”
“To Mars” (2004)
“The Joy of Gay Sex”

172 West 109th St., New York, NY (1970’s aluminum foil, on walls & woodwork)
204 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217 (about 1975, 1976, desk by window)
50 Plaza St. #6D [or 7D], Brooklyn, NY 11238 (1995 – 2008)

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Folder List

Box 1

1. Manuscript, “The Story of the Gay Civil Rights Bill” (We’ve waited too damn long) by Peter Fisher (unpublished manuscript). Includes chronology of the gay civil rights bill [in New York City] September 1970 to 1977. Includes personal reflections on the leadership of GAA, various articles (papers) about “the movement”, position papers by Peter and Marc [Rubin].Note: In 1977 CLGR (Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights) was founded as an umbrella organization of gay and non-gay groups to fight to outlaw discrimination based upon sexual preference in New York City. The Gay Rights Bill, Local Law 2, was passed by the City Council in 1986, 15 years later See Collection 061.
2. Manuscript, “The Story of Gay Civil Rights Bill” September 1970 copy #2.
3. Manuscript “Black Star” Science fiction (Star Trek) novel January 1977 459 pages
4. Journal short stories and notes 1985 – 1988
5. Journal “Four More Years” computer related short stories
6. Manuscript “Rockgod” no date 140 pages
7. Manuscript “Rockgod” May 19, 1980, 101 pages
8. Term papers, early writings 1968-1969
9. Bound volume Intro 475 Correspondence and flyers 1971-1972

Box 2


10. High School yearbook “Le Souvenir” 1959 East Chester High School, Eastchester, NY
11. Journal short stories
12. Manuscript “Numbnuts, what happened to America?”” © 1976 830 pages (about Richard Nixon era and Watergate scandal). Published in “OUT” Magazine [“Out”, New York Foreshadow Publications Inc. NY, NY 1973/1974?] Pages 35 to 47 © 1972.
13. Manuscript “Duke Goes to Mars”
14. Manuscript “Rockgod” 349 pages May 1980 7 short stories
15. Manuscript, box label “Numbnuts” excerpt “Rockgod” new material, “Phoenix”.
16. Manuscript “Numbnuts” notes 1972, correspondence 1976
17. Lincoln head pennies collection 1909 -1945 (not complete)
18. Manuscript “The Joy of Gay Sex” by Pete Fisher 1970s
19. Early writings “Jem Baker & Marc Robb” no date 147 pages

Box 3


20. Books reviews and royalty statement on “Dreamlovers” from Felice Picano, publisher.
21. “Pete’s Music” early writing
22. Manuscript “DGTM” (Duke Goes to Mars) original 416 pages [subject Duke driving Peterbilt truck]
23. Miscellaneous best gay material 1978 including manuscript “The Black Star” [subject devotion to Shatner, Star Trek]
24. Manuscript #I “Numbnuts what happened to America?” a brief novel of politics and personalities the year 1972, starts March 21, 1972, Pages 1-246
25. Manuscript Numbnuts #II, July 1972 Pages 247-473
26. Manuscript Numbnuts #III, October 1972, pages 474 – 675
27. Manuscript Numbnuts #IV, November 1972 pages 676 – 849
28. Brief version “Numbnuts, What Happened to America?”
29. Various typed journals 1975 – 1978

Box 4

Scrapbooks, journals, CDs

30. Presentation Portfolio with computer enhanced photographs by Peter Fischer 2003 and 2004. Also photograph of a friend from Thailand and Marc’s daughter Beth and statement on background of treatment 2004.
31. “Black Star” Shoestring Press © 1983 by Inrepressed Press for Pete Fisher, 177 pages (story about Kirk, star trek).
32. Scrapbook “Duke goes to Mars” pages from male pornographic magazines and Peterbilt trucks.
33. Journal January to June 2003 The book of Zac, a writer friend.
34. Journal Pete’s Idea book 1995.
35. Journal January to march 1992
36. Journal 1997
37. Scrapbook newspaper clippings Stones musical notes.
38. Manuscript “PS” Pete Fisher, 463 pages
39. Published book “Black Star” by Pete Fischer, printed by Shoestring Press, © 1983 by Inrepressed Press for Pete Fisher, 177 pages (story about Kirk, star trek)
40. Collection of vintage pornographic images
41. CDs Slide Shows
42. CDs (6) Fractals by Pete Fisher 2003 (Definitions of ‘fractal’ A geometric pattern that is repeated at ever smaller scales to produce irregular shapes and surfaces that cannot be represented by classical geometry. Fractals are used especially in computer modeling of irregular patterns and structures in nature.)
43. CDs (2) Journals 2004, Journal Zac 2003
44. CD Correspondence 2002
45. CD Art Work 2003
46. Reel to reel tape “Out of the Closet”
47. Memories from his mother 1998 (chlidhood photos, school papers)
48. Marc Rubin Bar Mitzvah 1945
49. Beth’s First Birthday, Marc’s Daughter 1956
50. Marc’s letter to Beth from jail Cleveland, Mississippi no date
51. March on Washington 1963
52. Award to Wm. Willard Wolfe 1985
53. Pete Fisher Business Cards
54. Correspondence to Andrew & Connie Fisher (parents) 1945-1981
55. Published book, “The Gay Mystique: The Myth and reality of Male homosexuality” ©1972 by Peter Fisher, Stein and Day, New York, NY, first published 1972 hardcover
56. Published book, “The Gay Mystique: The Myth and reality of Male homosexuality” ©1972 by Peter Fisher, day books by Stein and Day, New York, NY, first published 1978 paperback (2 copies)
57. Published book, “Dreamlovers” © by Pete Fisher 1980, The Sea Horse Press, New York, NY (edited by Felice Picano)
58. Published book, “Special Teachers/Special Boys” ©1979 by Pete Fisher and Marc Rubin, St. Martin’s Press Inc. New York, NY

Box 5


59. correspondence publishers 1984
60. Manuscript “Prequel” 1983 (Star Trek Story)
61. Scrapbook “Summer 1977” clippings, gay rights newsletter, correspondence (A. Evans, etc.) membership card Mineshaft.
62. Manuscript “Partners” diary type writing, February 2, 1988 to February 27, 1989
63. Journal “RockGod”
64. Journal “Early Material 1969-1971” Letter to father September 21, 1976 (38 pages), newspaper article about 1976 high school reunion (label four more years)
65. Journal 1978 “Still together the story of Pete and Marc 1976” Journal Summer 1978 “Special Teachers/Special Boys”.
66. Manuscript Rockgod” 25 chapters
67. Journal 1981, 1982 addressed “To Pete”.

Box 6


68. Manuscript “PS” by Pete Fisher pages 1 – 467, December 18, 1979 subject sexual fantasies.
69. “Duke Goes to Mars an Outrageous tale” by Pete Fisher, February 1979, Pages 1 – 476 [typed original with white out].
70. Galley proof: “The Gay Mystique” by Pete Fisher,
71. Typed manuscript “The Gay Mystique” carbon copy.
72. Typed manuscript “The Gay Mystique” chapters 2- 9 carbon copy.
73. Journal, contains letters, short stories 1972 – 1977
74. Manuscript “Numbnuts” volume 2, 438 – 834
75. Typed manuscript “The Gay Mystique” 14 chapters, annotated.
76. Correspondence 1973 “The Gay Mystique”.

Box 7

Manuscripts and Journals

77. Journals “PS” outtakes and letters
78. Typed manuscript “Dreamlovers” 357 pages
79. Typed manuscript, “PS” by Pete Fisher, February 1981 original with white out, pages 1 – 565 [subject after “Dream Lovers” & “Black Star”]
80. Manuscripts “Numbnuts” volume 1, pages 1 – 437, ©January 1, 1976
81. Journal manuscript 1972 – 1977, S & M fantasies [1 ream]
82. Journal & letters Autumn 1977, clippings on 8 ½ by 11 paper [Star Trek, etc}
83. Notebook about 1972 GAA label and early image

Box 8

Scrapbook, class papers, manuscripts

84.  Scrapbook (birthday cards (Star Trek) letters. Newspapers 1977) Research material “Numbnuts” (NY Times & other newspapers discarded.)
85. “Characters, Conversations. Events”. (Student protests 1968, Paper “Do Your Own Thing” May1968 30 pages, term paper “Individual and Races” May 1969 10 pages, term paper “On Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence” 7 pages, Resume” Peter R. Fisher BS from Columbia, 1969, major in Political Science, Air Force June 1966 – July 1967, paper “Freud and Homer” Jan 1970 39 pages, March on Washington 1969 [Vietnam moratorium], diary type story with friend Sandy sex and drugs (descriptions of experiences under influence the drug, acid (LSD). Also marijuana.). Paper “Trip to 2000” 50 pages.)
86. Scrapbook “Numbnuts”
87. Manuscript “Buddy” diary style notes 1981-1984 224 pagesManuscript “Buddy” pages 148-253.
88. Manuscript “PS for Buddy242 pages” February 1983 – Buddy 245 pages
89. Manuscript “PS” 1979 by Pete Fisher, 242 pages
90. Early writings Science Fiction “Harvey” no date
91. Correspondence 1973-1976
92. Correspondence to “Dad” 1976 38 pages
93. “Advocate” article on”Dreamlovers” March 31, 1983, Issue 364
94. “Variety” October 1971, article on Marc Rubin and Peter Fisher in film “Out of the Closet”.
95. “OUT” Magazine Preview literary issue December 1973 with Peter Fisher and Marc Rubin as contributing editors.

Box 9

Manuscripts, Correspondence

96. Box of Gay cards
97. Science Fiction images from calendars (7 oversize images from this folder removed to box 27, folder 97)
98. Micro recording tapes [All 14 tapes were blank or unplayable and were discarded]
99. 1971, June 27, CSLD announcement
100. 1973, June 24 CSLD announcement “assembles on West 64th, 63rd, 62nd and 61st streets between Broadway & Central Park West and proceeds down Central Park W. to 59th St., East to 7th Avenue, turns South thru Times Square to Sheridan Square, East on Christopher St., East on Waverly Place to Washington Square Park for a Gay Pride Gala.
101. 1977, June 26, CSLD announcement and “Gay Walk for Freedom” flyer
102. Proof sheets art work & country
103. Cover “GAA initiates the Lambda as a sign for the liberation of all Gay people” (orange ” “)
104. Comic “Homosexuality is a sin” Chick Publications, CA
105. Speech (Marc Rubin) at 1979 National March on Washington
106. “Voice of Bronx NOW Newsletter, 1977” (Marc)
107. Appeal to Alaska Supreme Court, homosexual entitled to marry 1976
108. Proposition 6 CA, Briggs’ Gay Teachers 1978 (CA R. State Senator John Briggs)
109. Gay Teacher Association 1976-1977
110. CLGR 1978
111. GAA 1970s
112. Gay Posters
113. Collage by Pete Fisher 1970s [Note: Folder 113 is in flat file A08 F02]
114. Manuscript “The Oppression of Homosexuals” by Arthur Evans 35 pages & appendixes; Constitution and bylaw of Gay Activist Alliance 1969-1972
115. Correspondence Shoestring Press 1982, 1983
116. Kinderbend Farm Chatham NY (Andrew Fisher)
117. Newsletters “Wheels!”, “Scimitar “9” plus club”
118. Article Gay Academic Union Vol 1, #2,by Marc Ruben 1977
119. Manuscript “Numbnuts” pages 1 – 424
120. Manuscript “Numbnuts II” pages 418-834

Box 10

Scrapbooks, Journals, Photographs

121. Resume 1990’s
122. Chemical bank performance reviews 1983-1992
123. Chemical Bank, Management Support team by Peter Fisher and Bill Wolfe 1988
124. Job search (Address 50 Plaza St. Apt. 6D, Brooklyn, NY 11238)
125. Transcripts Amherst, Air Force, Columbia & NY University
126. Air Force honorable discharge July 1967
127. Scrapbook “the Air Force Experience” 1966-1967
128. Newsletter “Beyond Communications vol. 1, No. 1
129. Financial 1993
130. Correspondence Family 1993 – 1995
131. Correspondence President Bill Clinton 1993 – 1995
132. Sketches
133. Writings “Blood Bath 1994” 3 /12 inch floppy disk
134. Forum “Voices from The Stonewall Generation” June 1989
135. Cassette tapes early gay songs GAA, Firehouse [Tapes have been transferred to the center’s server]
136. GAA Cards “Vote Gay” in three languages
137. Journal “Rocky & the Rockets” [music scores]
138. Journal “Rocky Rough Stuff” 1979
139. Photographs Family
140. Photographs Staff Jericho Data Center Chemical Bank
141. Photographs ARC Studios
142. Photographs Dr. Clifton Howard
143. Photographs Beth, Marc’s Daughter
144. Desk name plate “P. Fisher”
145. Maine Vacation spot
146. High School Friends
147. apartment & cats, 50 Plaza Street, Brooklyn, NY
148. 50th Birthday & other cards
149. Photographs Childhood
150. Photographs Music, Tattoos
151. Photographs Family & Friends
152. Correspondence Youth
153. Correspondence From Amherst 1963
154. Correspondence Pete “my Marine” friend (also see photographs family, friends)
155. High School records
156. Art work
157. male nude photos 15 X 20 inches co-worker Chemical Bank, Jericho, LI branch (also see photographs Box 14) (oversize removed to box 27, folder 157)
158. list news clippings
159. USA flag with GAA patch (oversize removed to box 27, folder 159)
160. Reviews: “Gay Presses, The Seahorse Press, Calamus Books, The JH Press GPNY of New York” [no date] review “Dreamlovers” ‘Not exactly a novel, not entirely autobiography, Dreamlovers is a fusion of the two . . .” “The Empty Closet”, Issue #94, May 1979, Roundup review of “Special Teachers/Special Boys” by Pete Fisher/Marc Rubin, St. martin Press.
161. Intro #475, Civil Rights for Gay People (NYC) 1971 includes “Employment Discrimination Against Homosexuals by GAA”
162. Bulletin “The GAA Alternative” no date (preamble0
163. Other cities GAA groups
164. Correspondence 1979, 1982
165. Correspondence family 1970s, 1980s
166. Newsletters (Star Trek style), Songs by Pete Fisher “All together”
167. Publisher’s release “Black Star”

Box 11

Notebooks, Diaries, Journals (“Time capsule early family material, very personal, special items. I have not gotten permission from people in the photographs – wait a few decades, personal notebooks, journals.”)Note: The diaries and journals report a relationship with a young Marine (in February of 1980 his age was 22). They met at a newsstand New Year’s 1979 when the Marine admired Pete’s tattoos. Pete got the Marine’s address and wrote to him at his base but did not see him again until May 1979. It was an infatuation for Pete even though he did not think the Marine was gay. Marc was “cool” about the relationship. There was correspondence and occasional visits in 1980 to 1982. Pete “my Marine” married a woman from Hawaii and eventually moved there and sent Christmas cards with his family photos up to at least 1992 (see folder “Photographs Friends”).
168. Notebook “Voltage” flow charts
169. Notebook notes on Rubik Cube (see box 14 for photographs)
170. Notebook “NUMBNUTS” Spring 1975
171. Journal 1973
172. Sketchbook
173. Notes “Starwander” 1978
174. Notebooks (3) “Black Star” 1976
175. Notebook “Phoenix, the Gay Civil Rights Bill” 1976
176. Notebook “Phoenix Special Teachers/Special Boys” 1977, 1978
177. Notebook “Duke Goes to Mars – I” 1978
178. Notebook “Duke Goes to Mars – II” 1978 (includes dried semen sample on paper dedicated to “my Marine”.
179. Notebook “Rocky/Duke” (Rockgod) May 1979 – 1980 jumps dates) Peter Fisher used nicknames of Rocky Obrien, Rocky Tye or Duke Delany, all in Brooklyn, Rocky may be a reference to Rocky Balboa (prize fighter) or to rock music.
180. Notebook “Capt. Rocky Tye Captain’s log” April to July 1981 diary (also has photos of Pete “my Marine” friend).
181. Notebook “Rocky Tye” Starwander with notes and photos of Pete “my Marine” with tattoos.
182. Notebook “Rocky” music scores?
183. Notebook “Starwander Rocky Tye” SF 1978
184. Notebook “Rocky Tighe” Duke Goes to Mars” 1977
185. Diary November 1980 – January 1981
186. Diary July 1981 –March 1982 (photos, cards, letters from Pete “my Marine”).
187. Diary November 1980 – January 1981 (photos, cards, letters from Pete “my Marine”).
188. Diary June 1980 – July 1980 (photos, cards, letters from Pete “my Marine”).
189. Diary January 1981 – April 1981 “it was wonderful to see my boy, my Marine my Pete waking from sleep, in bed in my house.” “Marc was so cool” (photos, cards, letters from Pete “my Marine”).
190. Journal “P. S.” (sequel to “DREAMLOVERS”) July 1980 – August 1980
191. Journal “DREAMLOVERS” May 1979 – July 1979 (thoughts about Star Trek and notes about meeting Pete “my Marine again.)
192. Journal November 1979 – April 1980 (Pete’s “my Marine” birthday was February 8, 1980, hi s age was 22. Pete was in LeJeune, NC December 1980
193. Journal notes on “Rockgod” Summer 1975 and “Plato”1978. (Plato starts with Apology, Socrates, Crito).
194. Journal notes on “Rockgod” 1977 skips to April 1980 Includes a photo to Pete “my Marine”. “Plot, Books I wanted to write: Black Star II, Duke Goes to Mars, Galactic Fellowship, Rockgod, Stradrive, 1978 the Story of the Gay Civil right Bill, 1979 10 years after the Gay Mystique, 1980 Pete & Marc Forever, 1972-1976 Out of Context.” (Includes dried on napkin blood sample with a note dated June 12, 1995 “Please feel free to use DNA for research or cloning purposes”.)
195. Journal “Rockgod” March 1979 – May 1979 Includes some original music scores. He must have met Pete “my Marine” New Year’s 1979. Pete (Fisher’s) tattoos were admired by the Marine, he sent his address & phone number twice. (Note dated March 20, 1979 And I love Pete ______. I don’t know why—he’s not even gay as far as I can see, and it seems a safe bet I’ll never see him again”, “April 5, 1979 note about dreaming of Pete ‘my Marine’”.
196. Journal “Rockgod!” July 1979 – April 1980.
197. “R” Journal August 1980 – October 1980
198. “Rockgod II” Journal, song ideas, Spring 1976- January 1980
199. Misc. music, writings, play “Sketches” 1976

Box 12

Manuscripts, journals

200. Manuscript “To Mars” part 1, 2004
201. Manuscript “To Mars” part 2, 2004
202. Research on Mars (scientific)
203. Manuscript “Black Star” 1983 190 pages
204. Manuscript “Replay”1983 5 pages
205. Manuscript “Wormhole” (Star Trek theme) 2004, 20 chapters
206. Manuscript “Partners” 2004, 36 pages
207. Short Stories
208. Manuscript “Partners” 1987 411 pages
209. Poetry by Marc Rubin 1960s
210. Diary 1999 EMS hospital visit
211. Journal Marc Rubin “For Beth” 1987
212. Journal Marc Rubin 2003
213. Travel diary 1955, Berth & David Rubin
214. Journal (2) Marc Rubin 1973?
215. Journal Thailand Marc Rubin 1993
216. Journal, correspondence, photos, Thailand Marc Rubin 1990-1991
217. Journal Thailand Marc Rubin 1994-1995
218. Journal Thailand Marc Rubin 1995
219. Journal, correspondence Thailand Marc Rubin 1990

Box 13

Journals, Correspondence, poetry

220. Journal 1976/1977 (newspaper articles about Star Trek; correspondence with grandmother; newsletter Capitol Area Coalition for Human Rights, Albany NY, 1977; membership card for The Mine Shaft, 835 Washington Street, NYC;
221. Correspondence with US Senators 1973-1974
222. “Writings” Poetry by Marc Rubin, Manuscripts by Peter Fisher, “Out, Preview Issue” December 1973 Foreshadow Publications, Inc.(column by Rubin/Fisher article “numbnuts by Peter Fisher), Out The Gay Perspective” Volume 1, Number 2, April 1974 (column by Rubin/Fisher,)
223. Scrapbook 1978

Box 14

224. 109th Street apartment Beth, Peter’s family & cats
225. 109th Street apartment GAA Meetings
226. 109th Street apartment Peter & Marc, moving day?
227. 109th Street apartment Peter’s Art
228. 1964 Southern Visit
229. 35 MM slides Family, crashed Austin Healey Sprite, nose bandage; Russia 1968;
230. Art work photographs by Peter 109th Street Apartment
231. Art work photographs by Peter Brooklyn apartment
232. Art Work photographs Rubik cubes (also see box 11 for notebook)
233. Aztec or Mayan ruins, [Mexico or Guatemala?]1972 & before
234. Baby photos (in album) Frances 1943, Peter 1944, Randolph 1945
235. Beth, Marc’s daughter photographs
236. Birth certificate, baptism, school graduations, Amerherst College,
237. Brooklyn Apartment [Lincoln Place] & guests
238. Brooklyn Apartment [Plaza St.]
239. Cats & dog
240. Christmas 1953
241. Co-worker Chemical bank Jericho Branch
242. Eagle Bar
243. Family Event (not date)
244. Farm Early
245. Farm, grandmother
246. Fire Island, Birthday cake
247. Fisher Family Photographs
248. Fisher family photographs 1967 (Air force photo?)
249. Fisher family photos, Peter at an early age
250. Grandmother 90th birthday
251. Kameny, Frank Congressional Campaign [1971]
252. Kennedy Space Center
253. Making movie “Out of the Closet”
254. Marc Rubin early photographs “teacher’s style suit & tie”
255. Marc Rubin’s Family
256. Marc’s sculpture of Peter, embroidery on jeans & weavings
257. Marc’s Thailand Friends
258. Marty Robinson, Tom Dorr, Arthur (no last name)
259. Memory book of with letter from mother “first-born child” Note: the previous says Peter was the “second-born child.”
260. Pete “my Marine” photographs (see diaries box 10 & 11)
261. Peter & Marc Rubin early years
262. Peter & Marc Rubin no date
263. Peter 2 years old
264. Peter Fisher, Jim Owles
265. Peter tattoos
266. Peter US Force jacket
267. Peter youth & high school friends
268. Peter, Marc, Rollerena
269. Peter’s 50th Birthday
270. Peter’s Graduation Columbia 1969
271. Peter’s parents & grandfather
272. Photograph Star trek Shatner
273. Photographs manuscripts several including “Numbnuts”
274. Photographs Poster “The Love That Dare Not Speak It’s Name” (see separation list)
275. Photographs trucks
276. Randy Fisher’s 5th grade play
277. Unidentified friend
278. Vacation Maine?
279. War is Over rally, The 1975 Photograph
280. Sketch book (109 th St. & Brooklyn, Lincoln Place
281. Photographs: Washington D.C. Gay Teacher’s Alliance. 1977
282. Photographs: Christopher Street Liberation Day March. 1977
283. Photographs: Christopher Street Liberation Day March. 1978
284. Photographs: Gay Activists Alliance Zaps, Pride Marches
285. Marches: GAA at Albany, Hartford, Intro 2 [1971, 1974, 1976]
286. Marches: GAA at CSLD [1972, 1974, 1976]
287. Marches: Christopher Street Liberation Day Parade, 1974
288. Marches: Christopher Street Liberation Day Parade, 1975
289. Marches: Christopher Street Liberation Day Parade, 1976