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Collection #30

Paul Guilbert Papers

Date:1979 - 1989
Size:1 inch


Materials were donated by Paul Philippe, (formerly Paul Guilbert) in July 1994.

Scope and Content

The Guilbert Papers are comprised of correspondence from several individuals who wrote to Paul Guilbert or his school Superintendent in support of allowing him to attend the prom with a male escort. One letter is written to him from the Superintendent inviting him to a meeting of the Cumberland School Committee to hear his request for permission to attend the prom with a male escort. The rest of the papers are comprised of newspaper clippings in an album.

History or Bio

Paul Guilbert was a Junior in high school at the Cumberland School in 1979 who wished to be accompanied to his prom by a male escort. This caused a considerable amount of publicity for him, his school and his parents. The end result was his parents refused to allow him to attend the prom with a male escort and the School Commission backed them up. Because of all the publicity his parents sold their home, moved away. Later Paul changed his name to Paul Philippe.

Folder List

Box 1

1. [Correspondence]
2. [Newspaper articles]